14 July 2017

Isla's Newborn Photos

Ya'll, i've been terrible. AWFUL!

There are so many posts i've got saved in draft mode that just need a little editing, but this whole 2 under 2 business is fo' real. I definitely took a maternity leave of sorts from this blog to really get our schedules down and figure out how to mom these two babies. I finally feel like my head is above water (and I head back to work in 6 weeks, so i'm fully prepared to drown again soon!) Before then, though, I have so many updates i'm dying to bust out!

I wanted to start with Isla's newborn photos-I seriously can't believe I haven't shared these yet! As usual, my friend Jessica at Jessica Robinson Photography nailed it. She has been taking pictures of our family since it was just the two of us + Axl, and oooh how times have changed :)

This one cracks me up-so much real life in one photo!

My favorite photo of all time! Love his sweet little hand on her. We used this for her birth announcement.

I will forever cherish these photos as they're some of our first as a family of 4. It was absolute chaos that morning, as I was just getting an awful case of mastitis, and my kiddos just wouldn't cooperate, but they turned out so wonderful and I can't wait until I get my act together enough to frame them!

I said it all the time with Sawyer, but it truly is heartbreaking how fast the time goes. I feel like Isla already looks completely different from her newborn photos, and it was just a few weeks ago that we took them. Babies are tiny time machines!

Thanks so much for checking in and baring with the radio silence as of late. Make sure to follow me on social media (@roseandcoblog everywhere!) to keep up with us.

You can see more of Jessica's work and our family over the years here: Isla's Maternity PhotosSpring Family PhotosSawyer's newborn photosSawyer's Maternity photos.

Until Next Time,


  1. These are absolutely beautiful and have my ovaries exploding! Also, loveee your lemon wreath!
    XO Elisebeth

    1. You're so sweet! I said from the minute Isla was born that she already gave me baby fever for the next one! ;)

      Lemon wreath is from Target! Unfortunately, we had some gross birds lay eggs in it and it got completely covered in bird doo-doo, so we had to take it down to disinfect it, ick!


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