17 July 2017

Kitchen Update

You know you've been the worlds worst DIY blogger when your kitchen is 90% complete, and you haven't given a single update on the progress!

Ya'll, I took these progress photos about 3 weeks ago and never got around to uploading them,  so our kitchen has already made leaps and bounds, but I wanted to check in to share where we are at!

If you remember from our first home tour last year, our kitchen was plenty functional, but the exact opposite of our style. So we saved our pennies and finally began the DIY remodel in February of this year. I know what you're thinking-it's freaking July. 5 months later and you're not done?!

To be fair, that was the day we paid for the countertops, and it was a whole host of little things before we could get those in. We had to have a sink retrofitted and installed, our countertops templated, we needed to go through about 3 different contractors before Lowes finally got their act together and sent out the installation team.

If we had to do it again, we would never go through Lowes as we had an absolute nightmare of a time, but we did end up saving quite a bit of money so I guess you could call it a wash.

Other than the installation of the countertops and our 200 pound farm sink, this remodel has been 100% DIY, so it's been pretty slow going. I was heavily pregnant, and then we had a baby, so the only real work has been on weekends and some very late nights, but i'm happy to say it is soooo close to complete now! I'm aiming to share the finally reveal by the end of the month if all goes well.

Because none of my decorations are up, the kitchen looks pretty white and sterile, but with some of the finishes we've chosen it should start to actually look like people live in it soon.

I should mention that I didn't clean up at all for these photos, so you're really getting the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with a DIY remodel- dust pans and all ;)

As of today, we've officially painted all of the cabinets, installed all of the hardware, completed the backsplash, and purchased the paint + trim for our kitchen island. It's come a long way from the olive green countertops of yesteryear ;)

I don't think i'll have another update until I post the reveal (which I promise not to drag out another 5 months!) but follow me on instagram (@roseandcoblog) and you'll be sure to see all of the real-time progress on my story. If you have any questions on sources or materials used, just comment them down below and ill be sure to get back to you.

Until Next Time,


  1. It looks awesome! I love how bright everything is!

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