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Third Trimester is HERE! And i'm giving away a giftcard to celebrate ;)

Cardigan: Pink Blush c/o

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. 

Neither can my belly button, because it's literally trying to escape it's way off of my body right now!! We officially made it to the third trimester, and I can't even handle my excitement to almost be done. It's insane how fast the second pregnancy moves, but I can't say i'm complaining. Pregnancy is not my jam.

What is, however, is this super cute maternity cardigan that I can't stop wearing with everything! You all know from my last pregnancy, PinkBlush Maternity is my go to for the cutest Maternity Clothes and not much has changed this time around.

I love how light this cardi is, and how it can easily be warn after this little lady is born! 

I wanted to pop in for a 28 week bumpdate, but because i'm so excited to be inching closer to our May due date, i'm giving away a $75.00 gift card to PinkBlush and all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter after my bumpdate! This isn't just for you expectant mamas, either, PinkBlush has an adorable clothes for anyone, expecting or not! 

How far along? 28 weeks + a few days

Total weight gain: I'm not totally sure, but I know i'm packing on the pounds lately. I won't lie, i've sort of been stuffing my face, and there have been a few pictures of me lately that I see and say "NO. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT" So i'm going to do my best to reel that in in these remaining weeks. Fingers crossed breastfeeding is the best exercise this time around like it was with Sawyer!

Maternity clothes? Duh, PinkBlush to be exact ;)

Stretch marks? I'm not sure if I have any new ones, but my belly has been crazy itchy lately so i'm guessing I have some on the way. I'm more convinced than ever that stretch marks are genetic, because i've used every oil and butter in the book this time around, yet I still see a few forming. 

Sleep:I just turned the corner this week of having a hard time sleeping. This includes waking 5 times a night to pee, and it taking me forever to switch from side to side to get comfortable. Oh the joys of no core and a giant belly ;)

Best moment this week: We have been enjoying the best weekends. The weather has been fantastic, we're all FINALLY healthy after what felt like months of colds and sickness, and this last weekend we had all of the windows open, and it felt like Spring. I am loving all of our outside time with Sawyer, and welcoming the warm, comforting weather.

Miss Anything? I'm feeling pretty good right now, although I do miss better bladder control. ;) Walking is getting a little bit more painful, and she has dropped pretty low in the last few weeks, so I already feel like I have a baby hanging out of my lady parts, but for the most part, we're hanging in there. :)

Movement: Little lady on the move! Lots of movement every day, which is my favorite part of pregnancy. Jake loves to feel her rock and roll and after her 4D ultrasound last week,  it's interesting to see where she actually is in my belly. 

Food cravings: Chips and Salsa has sounded good to me every single day lately, but other than that no real strong cravings. I always have a sweet tooth so unfortunately I can't blame my overindulging on our little one. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: My one year old has some diapers that really rock my world, but other than that, i'm good ;) I have had horrible acid reflux this pregnancy, so I live off tums and if I don't take them I start to feel pretty queasy, but for now, most of that has passed.

Gender: Our first little gal! Triple confirmed at last week's ultrasound. ;) I still can't even believe we're having a girl, so every time we have a sonogram I make them check. 

Labor Signs: Last week I was having crazy braxton hicks. Like, I was almost afraid I was going into labor. At one point we timed them and I was at 7 in an hour. They weren't really painful, just incredibly tight and uncomfortable and I felt like I was having them constantly! I went to sleep and they never returned, though, so for at least the next 10 weeks this gal is locked down.

Symptoms: I seriously feel so blessed that I haven't had any rib pain this time around. That was probably the most brutal part of my last pregnancy. I'm knocking on wood as we speak because i'm terrified of having it again! I carry babies pretty low, and it already feels like her head is on my cervix so that makes walking sore and uncomfortable, but i'm feeling pretty great other than that. I had to travel for work last week and it about wiped me out. I forget how exhausting being on your feet all day is! 

Belly Button in or out? As you can see in the pictures above, my belly button wants off of my body. Sawyer loves it. In fact, it's how we taught him where his button was and he now loves to lift everyone's shirt up to take a peek at their button! My umbilical hernia seems to be getting much more extreme as the weeks go on, but luckily, isn't really painful so i'm ignoring it for now.

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: So, so moody. It's exactly the opposite of how I felt with Sawyer, really. The other night, Jake came home and I was just pissed off. Who knows why. He asked what was wrong and I said "i'm just SO hungry and there is nothing to eat here" poor guy literally named every restaurant in the county and I shot everything down. So he made me some roasted potatoes and I went to bed. He really is a pregnant husband trooper!!

Looking forward to: SPRING! Because our little girl will be here, and also because the weather is amazing and I can open up all the windows and enjoy living at the lake. Maternity leave starts in like 75 days and not that i'm counting down (i'm totally counting down) but i'm really looking forward to some time off. Even though maternity leave is far from a vacation, work has been so insane lately that I can't wait to take a mental break from it. We're also taking a long weekend to take our little guy up to the Tulsa Aquarium this weekend and I can't wait to see his face light up at all the colors and fish! 

This pregnancy is just flying by, and I know I will blink and we'll be in labor. (at least I hope that's how it happens) 

I've been meaning to blog some nursery progress for weeks now, but haven't gotten around to it, so make sure you're following along on snapchat @absolutelykylie  to see how far we've come!

Now for the giveaway ;) Just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win! The giveaway will run until Friday, and i'll announce the winner then! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

25 Week Bumpdate Round Two

Sorry for the late post today! I didn't get around to pulling my 25 week bump picture off of my camera until after work, so everything is a little delayed. :) Before we get into this, let me just say...a winter pregnancy is the WORST. Cold and Flu season can burn in flames as far as i'm concerned, cause the last few weeks have been rough. Let's get into it shall we?

How far along? 25 weeks and a few days

Total weight gain: 10ish pounds. I think I really will gain the same amount as I did with Sawyer, but it just feels a little scarier because I never lost those last 5 pounds after he was born, so the number on the scale is creeping into uncharted territory!

Maternity clothes? Dressing yourself for a winter pregnancy is so much harder than a summer pregnancy! When I was pregnant with Sawyer, I lived in maxi dresses and skirts, but this time around I actually have the cold to worry about so its all about the layers. I live in leggings and cardis. 

Stretch marks? No new ones, but plenty of old ones!

Sleep: eh. I have had a headcold all week, and before then, I came down with a stomach bug, and before that I had a terrible cough, so sleep has not been great, but I can't blame it on the little lady. Like I said, cold and flu season can burn!

Best moment this week: These last few weeks have been sort of crappy! It's like sickness is running rampant through our house. Sawyer has been catching everything I have (i'm not sure who is giving it to who at this point) so he is jus as miserable. I think the best moment was getting into the 99 day countdown of when our gal will be here. It's coming so fast! We also finally painted the nursery (you can catch a sneak on snapchat!) and i'm so excited that we're finally getting to work in there!

Miss Anything? Cold medicine. Nasal decongestant. Non-natural remedies. ;)

Movement: Oh yes! This girl is finally on the move! I've mentioned it in previous weeks, she took a little longer to feel than Sawyer, but now she is officially moving and grooving. Jake can feel her from the outside every day now, and now and then you can even see the movements. She is almost 2 pounds at this point, so the big ones are still coming!

Food cravings: Ice! I constantly want to chew on ice or have a nice glass of ice water. Also, reeses puffs cereal. I bought a family size box the other day. It said the first ingredient was whole grain so that makes it healthy, right? ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not much! I still have a sensitive gag reflex, but that tends to last with me throughout pregnancy. My congestion has helped the past few days though, because I can't smell a thing. Without a nose I haven't been gagging much at all.

Gender: Little Lady Rose. And for those asking, we think we have her name picked out. It's like 99% certain at this point. However, I think we're going to wait until we meet her just to make SURE it feels right. I still don't know if we're going to share, just because I love the freedom to be able to change our minds!

Labor Signs: I mentioned I had the stomach flu a few weeks ago (how sick are you of me complaining of being sick?) and I wasn't even able to keep down water. It made me pretty darn dehydrated and in turn I had lots of cramping and braxton hicks. But as soon as I got some gatorade down they slowed down, and my cervix has remained locked down since.

Symptoms: As far as pregnancy symptoms go, i'm still feeling pretty good! I get out of breath very easily, but I still really feel like we're in the sweet spot. A little tossing and turning when I try to get comfortable at night, and I dread going up stairs because I almost always need a breather afterwards, but other than that no real aches or pains and i'm actually able to enjoy this part of the pregnancy!

Belly Button in or out? Umbilical hernia means scary protruding belly button that Sawyer is just obsessed with. He pulls my shirt up and pokes it and says "button" at least 5 times a day.

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody. :) With Sawyer I was seriously walking on air the entire pregnancy. This time I feel like everything sets me off. I'm grumpy, sad, tired, crying, hormonal, or frustrated all within the same hour! It's madness. My poor husband doesn't know which wife he will get today. He practices deep breathing and chanting to himself "this too shall pass" on the daily. ;)

Looking forward to: We have our 3D ultrasound next week and i'm so excited for that!! I remember Sawyer's like it was yesterday. That was when we discovered he has a pointy chin like me and all of my siblings, and has Jakes pouty lips. I can't wait to get our first peek at her pretty little face! I'm also looking forward to more nursery progress, we're officially working on it in all our off hours, and I think it's going to be a show stopper. My mom and mother in law also started discussing a little baby sprinkle for this little girl, and i'm so excited for all things floral, pink, and girly. Such a change from Sawyer! 

Overall I have to say this pregnancy is flying by at lightning speed. I love it though, i'm so excited to meet her and see the bond that she and Sawyer have! We're still undecided if we'll be done after this baby, so i'm trying to savor up all of the pregnancy moments because I don't know if we'll experience them again. This is an interesting stage of life where i'm wishing it would go quick, and holding on to it at the same time. All in all, I can't complain. I know without a doubt, this summer will be one for the record books!

aaaand for a more accurate photo of how trying to get a bump photo goes :)

Thanks for reading friends, keep an eye out this week for a nusery update!

Until Next Time, 

Welcome to the Club!

Well happy Monday to you!

Oh wait, it's Tuesday. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but in true I can't get my shit together didn't get scheduled properly!!

This weekend was one for the books, and I just wanted to pop in with a little life lately update and share what's been going on in the Rose household.

Friday, I came down with one of the worst stomach bugs I think I have ever had. I thought I would die! It was just a 24 hour thing but I was quarantined the entire time in hopes it didn't spread to Jake or Sawyer, and luckily, no one is showing any signs of being sick. Jake mentioned to me on Monday that he was feeling pretty queasy, but I think we'll just chalk that up to being overserved on football Sunday ;)

Saturday I was super weak and tired from being so sick the day before, but we had an appointment with a minivan and I was not going to miss it! Yeah, you read that right. Aint no shame in my mini van game! We are officially those parents and I couldn't be more proud. You guys, I don't care what people say about minivans, this thing is like first class inside. From the powersliding doors that I can control from the drivers seat, to the leg room and ease of putting babies in carseats, it literally doesn't get any more practical. I'll have to give you a full tour of the van sometime in the future, but let me just tell you, it doesn't suck.

On Sunday, we took my mother in law out to lunch and then my heart broke into 1000 pieces when Sawyer got his first hair cut!! I don't know what it is about a baby getting their first cut, but he is like 5 years old overnight. Not only does he look like such a big boy, but he is just acting like a totally different toddler. It's truly like he grew up in a blink. The haircut didn't go quite like we hoped...he screamed bloody murder the entire time. Until we got him a lollipop which turned into a blue, sticky, drooly mess that hair was sticking too. Glamorous day at the salon, ya'll.

But I can't even stop oversharing the pictures of him since his haircut. He is just too darn cute for words. I honestly think that sometimes my heart is going to break in half I love him so much.

Always has a stick in his hand. Such a boy!

In baby girl news, this pregnancy is just flying right on by. I'm going to post a full update for you on Friday, but we're almost 25 weeks, and heading right into the 99 day countdown. Other than an insane amount of clothes, we haven't purchased a thing, or even started fixing up the nursery, so we better get our acts together pretty soon here. It is so true what they say, when you're becoming a second time parent, everything feels like less of an emergency. I feel like it's all going to work itself out one way or another, and as long as we have some diapers and a carseat by her arrival we're golden!

We've been trying to teach Sawyer about baby sister, and he is very fascinated by my "button" so whenever he wants to see it we tell him baby sister is in there and ask him where his baby sissy is at. He couldn't give two flying you know whats, but hey, we're trying. I think we're both in denial that another baby is going to be here so soon. Since Sawyer is still so young, we vividly remember the first few weeks home (also known as hell-month in the world of parenting) and so we're trying to block out those memories and live in some ignorant bliss that we'll fall right into a routine and everything will be peachy!

As far as home updates, we had planned on completely remodeling our kitchen before the baby comes, but have decided to put that on hold until later in the year. The hospital bill that comes with birthing a child is no joke, and we're really practicing being debt free in 2017. So we've decided to take all we saved for the kitchen to pay that off and start from scratch. Bummer, I know, but we're going to fit in lots of "phase one" mini projects throughout the house to hold us over. First on the list is decorating this nursery and making it functional for 2 babies 18 months and younger, and then we'll move outside to do some sprucing up of our backyard and garden and some major toddler proofing of our deck before Spring comes and we spend every waking second outside or on the water. I also plan on a phase one mini-update of our master bathroom that is going to make me love it up there SO much more!

I can't believe this time last year we were just weeks away from putting an offer in on our dream house. We've almost lived there a year! I'm aching for warmer weather and celebrating our second summer on the water, nothing compares!

I guess I better wrap up this Sunday night word vomit, thanks for popping in as always :)

Until Next Time,