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Guest Bathroom Update & Budget Check In

Hey, ya'll!

Happy Hump Day. Seriously, it was high-time for me to share what's been happening in our guest bath! I have been totally snap-happy with all of the progress, but haven't done much to update you over here on the blog since sharing the Mood board a few weeks back.

For real-time updates, be sure to follow along on snap @absolutelykylie but in the meantime, lets break it down!

We are so close to finished I can practically taste it! I seriously underestimated how much I would detest either walking up or down stairs to use the restroom. It's the only bathroom we have on the main floor of the house, so it's been a pain in the booty (literally. stairs make your rear sore) to have to go up and down a million times a day.

We have been lucky to face minimal issues along the way. Demo day went easy, we were a little bummed because we wanted to save the cabinetry to donate to Habitat for Humanity Restore, but they were literally glued onto the walls (wtf?) so we had to take a sledgehammer to them. Which was a little fun, I can't lie ;)

We ripped up tile and backer board, scraped popcorn ceiling, and patched and repaired walls, and finally it was time to get to work.

Our tile came in (which I love so much I could lick it! but I won't because its a bathroom floor, and ..gross) and Jake installed it all in a weekend. We painted with leftover paint from our Master Bedroom (Ben Moore Greystone) and last weekend we got started on installing the beadboard.

This was really our only issue of the project so far. We had planned to do board and batten with cheap hardboard, but the after spending an hour at Lowes we found out they did not have the thickness we would need and it would have to be special ordered. I really didn't want to special order something that would set us behind 2-3 weeks, so we changed the game plan and purchased some 1/4th inch thick breadboard instead. It is almost completely installed, and tonight we'll go ahead and slap on the trim pieces, fill and caulk, and hopefully get the toilet installed tomorrow! HOORAY FOR A PLACE TO PEE!

As for the budget, we've gone a little of course, I won't lie. Our original budget was $1000.00 for the entire room, which is pretty conservative when you figure we took that room down to the drywall. I did my best to find deals for most of our finishes and decor, but we did splurge a little in some areas because this is our forever house and the only remodel we can afford this year, so lets make it exactly how we want. As it stands this is where we're at:

Tile: 150
Tile Supplies (grout, quickset etc.): 100
Beadboard & Supplies: 130
Mirror: 90
Light Fixture: 180 (eek this was a major splurge but it's PERFECT!)
Sink: 90
Toilet: 200 (on sale!)
Faucet: 40

Total Spent So Far: $980.00

I already went decor shopping and fixture shopping and spent a bit there as well, but i'll save that for the reveal post. Don't forget to check Snap for real-time fixer upper action!

Until Next Time,

The Struggle Is So Real

Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly down it helps to write it out- isn’t that the whole purpose of a blog? Sort of like an online diary that you can share your feelings in?

I guess blogging has become a bit more of a “look at this cute outfit I had professional pictures taken of and my perfect kid who is hitting all of his milestones and my perfectly decorated house.”

I love that part of blogging, I really do, but today, I just need to get out some feelings.

Taken after my very first day back at work after maternity leave

I’m really riding the struggle bus lately. I was having lunch with one of my great working-mom friends the other day, and I just had to ask her, “will I ever stop wondering if being a working mom is the right choice?” But here is the thing, it really isn’t a choice. Mama stops working, the mortgage stops getting paid. So that means missing out on a lot of stuff that you really hate missing out on.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful. Jake and I have a situation far more fortunate than most. We both make great salaries at jobs that are very flexible to working parents. We live down the street from BOTH of our parents who care for our son during the week along with a nanny who loves him to death. We have help. It’s not like we’re struggling through this alone, but I gotta tell you, it’s not the late nights or early mornings that make being a working mom difficult, it’s all of the little things you don’t get to experience through the day.

My dad and I were chatting over gyros the other day and I broke down crying trying to explain to him how heartbreaking it is to me that every Sawyer smile that happens during the day isn’t a smile for me. And every time he learns something new, if we’re being honest, it wasn’t me who taught it to him. My mom texts me tons of pictures through the day, and as much as I love them, more times than not I have to run off to the bathroom to dab my tears because the feeling of missing out is so strong.

I struggle daily worrying that Sawyer will start to prefer his caretakers during the day to me. I worry that I am missing precious days and moments and years that I’m never going to get back and the anxiety it causes is downright awful. Honestly, Monday-Friday are just days we’re trying to survive. I wake up at 5:30 and go to bed around 11:30 and there isn’t a moment that isn’t go go go go in that 19 awake hours. Everyone tells you that children make the years fly by, and it’s exaggerated even moreso in this stage of life because we’re literally living for the weekend.

Lately I feel even worse because I have such a deep-seeded jealousy for my stay at home mama friends, that I am starting to feel like I can’t relate to them in the slightest. This isn’t to say that I don’t think being a stay at home mom is hard, I know that struggle is just as real! It’s just a struggle so very different from a working mother. When I hear fellow bloggers snapchatting about how busy their day is going to be going to the park and music class and waking up at 9:00 with the baby, I have to practice slow-breathing to keep from completely losing my shit ;)

I’d love to tell you that my job is so fulfilling and I’m being a super-mom feminist by having a career and raising our baby at the same time, but the truth of the matter is, my job helps to pay our mortgage and allows us a bit of financial freedom, but nothing fills up my tank like hours spent with my son.

There are some perks to being a working mom, I’ll say that for sure. I eat breakfast and lunch in peace 5 days a week. With a fork, and it’s warm too. Sometimes, I treat myself to a middle-of-the-week pedicure, and now and again I get to go  to homegoods and browse for an hour in between meetings. It’s not a bad gig, ya’ll. I recognize that. But in a world where it takes so little to be considered a shitty mom, it’s easy to get down on yourself and down on your life decisions when you see such a picture-perfect morning of cuddles on the couch and walks around the neighborhood on Instagram, while you’re staring at a computer screen and your kid is having fun with someone who isn’t you.

To my stay at home mom friends, I know you have more struggles than I can even begin to understand. I completely, completely  get that the grass is always greener. Please know that I think you’re amazing for doing what you do and in no way do I believe the hardships of being a working mother outweigh the hardships of staying home. I just don’t know what it’s like to stay home full-time so they’re hardships I can’t speak to.

To my working mom friends, please just know, you aren’t alone. Know that Instagram is a highlight reel and no one is quite as happy as they like to pretend they are. You’re good enough, you’re an amazing mom, and your baby will always love you most. Repeat this to yourself daily if you have to, even if it starts to sound like you're trying to convince yourself more than anything ;)

Hang in there, mamas. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, raising tiny humans is hard work. The day you bring a child into this world it leaves an open wound in your heart so huge and raw that sometimes you feel like you might just die from all of the love you feel, and we’re all just doing our very best.

Thanks for reading my long-winded rant, I feel better already.  Happy Monday!

Until Next Time,

9 months in, 9 months out

I am pretty certain no one loves these posts as much as I do, but I absolutely love going back in time to read about the milestones in Sawyers life and the new things he has started doing and loving each month. I accidentally missed 8 months with how crazy June was, but I’m here to make up for it in one doozy of a 9 month update.

This sweet kid has been out as long as he was in. Can you believe that? We could have grown another Sawyer in the amount of time we’ve loved him! He is hands down the happiest baby I’ve ever met. Everyone and I mean everyone tells us that. We started having a nanny come to the house once a week to give my mom a break, and she even said that she has worked with a lot of babies, and never met one as happy and silly as our little guy!

I believe it too. He literally wakes up clapping and laughing. The only time this child is unhappy is when he gets his nose wiped or face cleaned off after dinner. Then he screams like you’re torturing him ;)

This month he started crawling and holy cow, parenting definitely just got real. I have to lock him with me in the closet while I get ready in the morning or he will crawl himself right down the stairs! He finds himself in highchair-jail quite often so I can keep an eye on his busy little body ;) I think his favorite thing ever is trying to keep up with Axl. He will see him across the room and try with all of his might to crawl over before Axl hides! We also finally have 2 teeth! They haven’t grown in completely yet, but he did cut 2 teeth on the bottom just last week and that little goofy grin just kills me! Although I am now terrified for my nipples every time he eats.

let me at 'em! let me at 'em!

Speaking of eating, he eats everything. It’s like all of a sudden he just became the hungriest little hippo! If he shows interest in something, we let him try it. His favorites are cheese, scrambled eggs, chicken, and his #1 peas and carrots. I still make all of his baby food and he usually gets a puree at lunch and dinner and then I try to pair it with a protein and some finger food to fill him up! When my breastmilk supply dropped drastically, I knew I had to keep up with other calories if he was going to stay full! Good news is, I don't think he is hungry...little man is 23 pounds and in the 94th percentile for weight and 96 for height!

I shared more in my breastfeeding journey post, but we’re still going strong with no plans to stop until he reaches a year. I pump 3 times a day at work, and he nurses in the morning when he wakes up, before dinner, when he goes to bed, and then I recently added a 4th pump time around 10:00 when I go to bed. I absolutely detest pumping at 10:00 but it has helped increase my supply and if I’m really serious about not formula feeding I think it’s our only option. Only a few more months, I can do it!

He is in to everything these days. I don’t even know where to start. He loves musical toys, water bottles (his #1 favorite toy), and these little toy marracas he plays with at Grandma’s house. Lately I’ve noticed him loving being sung to. I was singing Jeremy Riddle’s “More than a friend” to him the other day trying to get him down for a nap, and he had his eyes absolutely locked on mine the entire time with the biggest grin. This morning I was singing “I love you a bushel and a peck” and every time I’d stop he’d let out a little yell to say “keep singing!” It melts me.

Sawyer recently started making this "sour face" and it absolutely KILLS US! Whenever we do something he doesn't like or if he sees the face is making us laugh he goes right to it, and it's hilarious.

He is sleeping like a champ! I am so grateful for it. We usually put him down between 7:00-7:30 and he’ll sleep until about 6:00 occasionally waking up in the middle of the night for a feeding. Try as I might to get him to sleep on his back, it’s not happening. The first thing he does when we set him in his crib is flip over onto his tummy. He puts his little booty in the air and sleeps like a stink bug and it might be the cutest thing ever.

Last weekend we survived our first tummy bug which was pretty much hell on earth. I heard him coughing on the monitor, followed by hysterical screams and I went down to check on him and there was vomit everywhere.  Like, his stomach is the size of a clementine. How could one tiny tummy make so much vomit?! It was up the walls, dripping down his crib, in his eyes and ears and hair. I yelled for Jake and we quickly got him into the sink (which resulted in my all-time favorite picture of him ever) and I bathed him while Jake cleaned up the carnage in his bedroom.

I was far too paranoid after that fiasco to put him back in his room, so we laid towels down and decided he would sleep with us. After he ruined his third set of Jammies with puke, we decided we’d just let him sleep naked for faster clean up. I had a total first-time-mom panic attack after watching him throw up (Its terrible, you guys. He had no idea what was happening and he would just cry and there was nothing I could do to help!) and I called his pediatrician who is incredible and answered her phone at 11:00 PM on a Saturday and walked me through what to look for and how to best care for him. Luckily his tummy settled and he slept the rest of the night after about 1:00 and was right as rain the next day!

I guess I’ll wrap this up by thinking of a few things I never want to forget. Truth be told, I don’t want to forget a single thing, but I know it’s inevitable. I love his smiles in the morning. How playful and excited he is for a new day. I never want to forget the way he kicks excitedly when I pick him up after work and when his dad walks in the door. The way he locks eyes with me while I rock him almost like “it’s me and you mama” is my favorite time of the day and I hope the image lasts in my head forever. I always want to remember every ounce of baby chub and he determination in his eye when he sees something he wants and crawls on over to get it.

I know it goes without saying, but there is no way to understand the depth of love for someone until you have a child. I’ve never been so deeply in love with anything or anyone in my life, and he has made it so much more wonderful in every single way. I love you Sawyer Bear! 9 months in, 9 months out. :)

Thanks so much for reading, friends, you can read all about Sawyer Rose Grows: here!

Until Next Time,