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Peace of Mind with Owlet

Hello, friends!

Happy Monday to you. Things have been REAL in the Rose household, i'll tell you what. Our sweet baby has decided he doesn't like sleep...which has meant Mom & Dad don't get much either!

We couldn't go one more night without at least one uninterrupted hour of rest, so this weekend we decided to transition him into his big boy crib. *tears* Seriously, one minute they're keeping you up all night, the next they're off to college. #realtalk

From the day we brought him home, i've felt that I would never sleep without worry again. On the few occasions our darling boy decides to rest, I find myself in some sort of half-sleep, worried that he is still breathing! I know i'm not alone here, mamas of the world. Is there anything more beautiful than seeing your sleeping infant's chest rise and fall?!

When we moved him into his crib, I couldn't just roll over and check to make sure he was okay, but I still slept like a baby husband thanks to my Owlet Monitor. My savior! The Owlet Monitor is a sweet little sock that slips easily onto your baby's foot, and even fits perfectly under precious footie pajamas. (PS...any moms to be out there...ALWAYS buy the zip-up PJ''ll thank me later)

Owlet monitors the oxygen level and heart rate of your baby using pulse oximetry (the same technology used in hospitals!)  and tracks it on a free App on your iPhone. Now, when I wake up in a panic and my son is out of sight, I can quickly check my phone to see that Sawyer is snoozing peacefully, and I can finally do the same! If their heart rate or oxygen levels drop below or above normal, an alarm will sound on the Owlet base.

The Owlet Smart sock is a game changer in my opinion. Parenting new babies is hard enough, Owlet helps remove one more worry, so we can sleep a little better, even if it's just an hour or two at a time!

I'm seriously so passionate about how helpful this has been to us, and my friends at Owlet have been kind enough to offer $20.00 off any monitor you choose to purchase! With Christmas coming up, any new mom or mom-to-be will be eternally grateful to see this under the tree! To receive your discount, click any of the links in this post, or use THIS LINK to snag one of your own!

I hope this helps at least one of your sweet mama's out there to get a little more rest!

Until Next Time,

Thank you, Owlet for sponsoring this post.

The Best Day of My Life: Sawyer's Birth Story

I've been working on this post for 2 weeks now. Okay, maybe more like a week and half, those first few days were mostly spent snuggling the newest member of our family. As I finish this up, i'm currently running on about 2 hours of sleep, (cluster feeding might actually do me in) and i'm recovering from the most horrible case of mastitis. If you've never had it, thank your lucky stars! It was like the flu x1000. I have to thank you all so much for all of your sweet comments on this post. This community of moms is something special! I've never felt so much love and support as I have in the past 2 weeks. You ladies are the best.

Okay, onto the birth story.

I guess I can begin this story Last February when we took 5 pregnancy tests within an hour, and much to our disbelief, they were all positive. We had been trying for months to get pregnant, and after a visit to the doctor and a round of progesterone, we finally were! It's hard to know if it was the hormones, God's timing, or just a mix of the both, all we knew is that we were insanely excited to start a family, and we were being blessed with our first Rosebud.

Through the weeks of pregnancy, we both grew more and more excited, I grew more and more uncomfortable, and well, I just grew in general. At our 39 week appointment, I was 95% effaced, and 3.5 cm dilated, and so we made the decision that if he hadn't come on his own, we would induce labor the following week on October 27th, 2015. We were ecstatic! I know people have mixed feelings about induction, which I understand, but we had complete trust in our doctor and knew it wouldn't be an option unless it was safe for our little man, and I was in such an incredible amount of pain every day, I was just ready to meet him!

Every day became a waiting game, both of us hoping that I would go into labor on my own, but every day passed and this little guy wasn't budging. The week went surprisingly fast, and before you know it, we were waking up on the day before our induction date, wondering what to do with our last 24 hours child-free. Jake went into the office in the morning to wrap some things up before he took a few weeks off, and for the first time in months, I slept! It was a blessing straight from the Lord himself, and I slept until almost 10:00 AM, and spent the rest of the morning catching up on shows, lounging, and packing the hospital bag for the 500th time.

We decided we wanted to have one more date night, but with a 4:00 AM induction, it needed to be the early bird special so we could at least try to get a wink or two of sleep before the big day. My sister was staying at our house with Axl while we were in the hospital, so she came over to hang out with our fur-child, and we headed to Outback Steakhouse (my favorite ever) for a nice steak dinner. Problem was, we both had so much nervous energy for the next day we could hardly eat.

I can't believe how big I was in these pictures! It's crazy what has changed in 2 weeks! After dinner, we were both electric with anticipation, so we went to walk around Target and buy a few things that Lord knows we didn't need, but it was seriously a magical night. We laughed and goofed around like teenagers, and it just reminded me that I married the best guy in the world, and I was so excited for the day ahead.

We were back home by 8:00 PM, and Jake went to reinstall the carseat for the 20th time (someone was nervous) and we brushed our teeth, said prayers for the next day, and tried to drift off to sleep.

October 27th, 2015

2:45 AM: My alarm went off, but I had been awake most of the night. Who sleeps when they know their life is about to change?! I nudged Jake awake and went pee for the 9th time that hour. We slowly started getting ready for the morning, Jake loading the hospital bags in the car, while I braided my hair and snuck in some extra Axl cuddles. We live just 10 minutes from the hospital, so about 3:40, we scooped up our dog, and I started crying kissing him goodbye. (pathetic) Side note- I didn't think Ax would move so low on the love totem pole once Sawyer arrived. Sorry, pups!

I knew the hospital wouldn't let me eat once we arrived, and that I had one hell of a day ahead, but I was so incredibly nervous it was all I could do to scarf down a granola bar. I paid for that later. We pulled into the hospital just before 4:00 and got checked into our room.

Pretty sweet digs, amiright?! I felt like we were in some sort of suite because this place was massive! I got changed into my hospital gown, got in bed, and almost pooped my pants I was so full of nerves.

6:00 AM, after tons of paperwork, getting admitted, and having to go through 2 nurses to find an adequate vein, my IV was finally placed, and a bag of fluid was flowing before they started my Pitocin. By 6:30, they started pitocin, but I really wasn't feeling a whole lot, so we just updated family, and Jake caught a few zz's before the action started.

I give Jake such a hard time for this picture. He really was the biggest rockstar of all birthing partners, but early in the morning, he was barely hanging on ;)

7:30 AM: My pitocin drip was still fairly low, and I was feeling some consistent cramping, but nothing crazy intense. This was when my doctor made her way in to break my water, and then the real fun started! Your water breaking is the weirdest feeling of all time. It doesn't really hurt, you would think someone shoving a crochet hook up your lady parts would be a whole lot more traumatic, but really, it's just a pop and a warm gush. I was surprised that it really wasn't just a single gush, I was gushing fluids These are the things no one tells you! 

8:00 AM Contractions were getting real. I wanted to labor for awhile, until I was at least halfway there, but my nurse informed me that the anesthesiologist's had a very busy day and if I didn't have my epidural placed by 10:00 it might be several hours before I could get one. With the contractions getting more intense, I decided to just put the request in, knowing it would be about an hour before he could even get up to me. Thank.God.I.Did. With all the fluids pumping through my veins, I had to pee something fierce, but the pain was getting a little out of control so Jake helped me out of bed, and I decided to thank him by gushing more amniotic fluid all over his feet. Sorry babe. 

9:00 AM I was in pain. I had progressed to a 5.5, and contractions were about 5 minutes a part. This is when I asked Jake to go out to the nurses station just to make sure that my epidural request was submitted, there was no way I was going to make it another hour. 

9:30 AM The sweet, sweet anesthesiologist finally arrived and placed my Epidural. When I sat up on my bed, more amniotic fluid gushed onto the floor, and at this point I was so humbled by the lack of modesty I had that I didn't even care. The epidural was a breeze! Seriously, it didn't hurt a bit, and I was so hopeful that it would relieve some of the pain I was in. The hardest part was sitting still through contractions while it was placed, but it was totally the easiest part of the day. They placed my bed flat to let the medicine get to work. It only took on one side of my body at first, but I was hardly numb. I had total sensation in my legs, they were tingly at best. They gave me 30 minutes before I was supposed to be "nice and numb" before placing my catheter.

10:00 AM Everything went downhill from here! I could still feel my legs, and although the contractions were bearable, I definitely could feel them as they happened. When my nurse came in to place my catheter, the second she began I asked "am I supposed to feel this?! This really hurts!" She was baffled that I could feel it, but we also think she was a little inexperienced because she just kept on going, even though I was very obviously in a lot of pain! I could feel the tubing up my lady parts and it was so uncomfortable, and something about it made each contraction 10 times stronger. I was beginning to think it was going to be a very, very long day.

12:00 PM Exhaustion had started to kick in pretty strong, and I was praying out loud every 10 minutes or so, "God, give me the energy to get through this day!" A new nurse came in and checked to see how progressed I was, and we were at 100% effacement and 8 CM dilated! Yahoo! This gave me a little extra boost. But then came transition.

1:00 PM Everything really became real at this point. It was clear that my epidural was not working as it was supposed to. Remember how I said the anesthesiologist was having a very busy day? Around 8 CM dilated, I was shaking uncontrollably, bawling my eyes out, looking at Jake and telling him there was no way I was going to survive pushing in this much pain. The only way I know how to describe it is your body being ripped apart from the inside out. We had requested that the anesthesiologist  come take a look at why I was in so much pain, but it was a good hour before he could make it up. 

2:00 PM The anesthesiologist came in and put a sedative/different medication into my epidural. This was a lifesaver. The pain was so horrendous at this point that I was begging them to just take the baby out of me! Once the new meds got to work, I was a little drunk, but finally out of pain. I closed my eyes to catch a few moments of rest, and then I informed the room that if I wasn't already married, I would marry that anesthesiologist on the spot!

2:30 PM At this point Nurse Amy came in to check where we were at, and I could have squealed with joy when she said 10 CM and time for a practice push! Everyone got into position very quickly, and Amy had me push with all my might. Let me tell you, pushing is hard. Holding your breath for ten seconds while giving something all of your strength is not for the faint of heart. She saw his head on my first push, but the subsequent 2 were not-so-great. Amy told it as it was! The problem was the medicine that the anesthesiologist placed just 30 minutes before, was completely taking away my awareness of when a contraction was happening. I couldn't feel the pressure to push, so it was hard to give it my all. Nurse Amy said we could start pushing now, but we might be pushing for awhile. Or we could turn the epi off and sit me up and see if that intensified the feeling. We made the decision to turn my pitocin up, and my epidural off, and give it an hour before pushing for "real." 

3:00 PM The pressure started. I could feel the need to push like something i've never experienced before. I told Jake, "YOU BETTER GO GET A NURSE BECAUSE THIS BABY IS COMING NOW!" There was no physical way to hold in the pushes. It was incredible, really. My body completely took over and knew exactly what to do. I was feeling about 75% of the contraction at this point, which were coming every 1 minute or so, and although the pain was definitely a 10/10, focusing on not pushing helped me get through each one.

3:10 PM My favorite Nurse, Nurse Amy, was in another room with another first time mom who had been pushing for awhile but wasn't progressing very quickly. I told her she better glove up because I can't hold this baby in another minute. She checked things out, and quickly paged my doctor and said "this baby is coming, NOW, hurry!" Nurse Amy looked me square in the eyes and said "don't prove me wrong! I told Doctor Fry to hurry, so make me proud." My competitive steak came out and I was ready to bring out this boy!

3:20 PM Finally, my doctor arrived, and she was baffled at the nurses, she said "I thought we were pushing in 1243?!" Nurse: "We were, but this baby is coming now!" Dr. Fry got prepared, and just a few minutes later, it was time.

3:25 PM I was practically screaming that I was going to start pushing whether they liked it or not. It was 25 minutes from the time I said I couldn't hold him in any longer, but looking back, i'm grateful for the waiting, because it made the pushing so much quicker. With every contraction I pushed with all of my might, listening to Amy count down, 10...9...8...7, and then giving me my quick breather before she said "go again!" It was an out of body experience, really. I could hear Jake and my sister saying "he is almost here! He has so much hair! You're doing so good!" But it's like I closed my eyes and focused on one thing and one thing only, pushing. That is, until all that pushing was about to push all those ice chips out of me. I yelled, "get me a bed pan!" and Jake rushed over with a barf bag, where I took a few minutes to throw up nothing but water before getting back to business. 

3:30 We were back to pushing and all of a sudden I felt the strongest pressure i've ever felt in my life.  His head was out, and Dr. Fry said "you can take a rest if you need to" but I couldn't. The pressure was so intense, those shoulders needed to come out NOW! 

3:35 One last push with all of my might and I heard Dr. Fry say "this is a huge baby! He has got to be a 9 pounder! Where did you keep him?! The best little cry came screaming out of our son, and they placed him on my chest for what I then knew, was the best moment of my entire life. 

Only 10 minutes of pushing, and we met our son. Just over 9 hours of labor. This boy was impatient like his mama, and ready to meet the world! The love hormones started instantly, and the entire day became so worth it in those moments. He laid on me, calm as can be, for an hour before Dad finally got to take his son and give him his first bath.

They weighed and measured our sweet little chubby boy, 8 pounds, 10 ounces, 20 inches of baby LOVE! Dr. Fry was busy cleaning me up, (only 1 2nd degree tear after pushing out an almost 9 pounder!)  and I was aching for them to hurry up and give me back my baby.

Our chubby boy was wrapped up tight, with a cap on his head, and I got to nurse him, which is totally not as natural as everyone claims it to be. But here we are 2 weeks later, slowly but surely getting the hang of it.

Dad  finally got to sit with us for our first time as a family of 3. I've never loved my husband as much as the day I looked into our sons face. This baby looks exactly like his daddy, and i've never loved anything more.

And there you have it. The hardest, most exhausting, most beautiful day of my entire life. Parenting a newborn has been the hardest experience ever, but every time he looks at me with his steel-grey infant eyes, I feel so much adoration for this tiny human, that every sleepless night, bleeding nipple, and tear shed becomes so worth it. 

Thanks so much for sharing in pregnancy with me.  I loved sharing every minute of this with you! If you'd like to read about our first week home, click the link to your left!

Until Next Time,

Our First Week With Our Sweet Sawyer

Hey, ladies!

So somehow, a week has come and gone since we welcomed the most amazing little boy into our lives. Sawyer's birth story will be up later next week (I just don't have the time or the energy right now to type it all out! These newborn babies sure know how to steal up your time ;) ) I just wanted to pop in and give you all the details of our first week as a family of 3. And share tons of precious baby photos to boot :)

I seriously can't even believe how many pictures we've taken of him in our first week. I had to upgrade my Dropbox subscription just to keep up! 99% of them are grainy iPhone photos, but seriously, who can resist snapping a photo of a milk-drunk newborn after a middle of the night feeding? No one. That is who!

WARNING: I'm about to get into the real gory details of what has happened in our first week post partum. If vaginas and breast feeding and all that freak you out, I would suggest just scrolling through these adorable pictures, and not reading any text below this line. I desperately searched high and low to read about the first week home on other blogs, so I thought I might help a fellow pregnant sister out by sharing ours.

Some beginning thoughts:

I haven't used a single pad-sicle that I made before he arrived
Disposable underwear are your friend. Don't knock 'em till you try 'em!
I have gone through an entire bag of Forrest Berry trail mix from Sam's club in 5 days
This was the fastest week of my entire life.

Day 1: Sawyer's Birthday

Also known as the best day of my entire life.

Baby: 8 pounds 10 ounces of sweet baby chub! He was born without any complications and was a professional nurser from the get-go.  We didn't get all that much sleep the first night, nurses in and out as well as just being high on baby fumes, but it didn't seem to phase this little man.

Mama: High on baby! I pushed out an almost 9 pounder and was bleeding like something out of a horror film, yet somehow I felt absolutely no pain. Part of this was the mild sedative I was put on at the end of labor (more on that next week) the other was just pure baby hormone goodness. I was beyond exhausted after a 4 AM induction and no sleep the entire day, yet somehow, it was easy to keep pushing through every time I got a glimpse of those squishy little cheeks.

Day 2: We're headed home!

Who decided it was a good idea for us to take a baby home? Can we do this? Will he like his new home? Answer, Yes.Yes. and Yes.

Baby: Sawyer kicked so much newborn tail at his first night home. We woke up about every 2 hours to nurse/rock/love on him, and we both looked at each other and said "this is easy! why does everyone say the first night is so hard?!" Don't worry, he paid us back for that one. 

Mama: High baby fumes are definitely gone. I feel like i've been hit by a truck. I can hardly walk to the restroom, which by the way, is a terrifying thing to do after you've pushed a very large human out of a very small place. My nipples are just starting to feel uncomfortable, but we had to start out nursing with a shield so its not all that bad. It hurts to sit, so I spend most of the day laying down. Grandma/Grandpa/Auntie and Uncle come over to love on the baby, and Axl meets his brother for the first time. 

Day 3: Shit hits the fan

By far the hardest day of the entire week. Lots and LOTS of tears shed.

Baby: Has his first pediatrician appointment! Don't worry though, it was after a night he literally slept maybe 2 hours total. He overheard us talking about what a rockstar he was the night before and decided to show us who was really the new boss in town. Mom and Dad are running on fumes! A 2:00 PM doctors appointment is late afternoon for any normal person, for new parents? It might as well of been 6 AM. We find out at the appointment that he has lost an entire pound since his birthday, which is on the high side. My milk hasn't come in yet, so doctor isn't too concerned, but after how much we had been nursing, it felt like a major fail to me. He also has high levels of jaundice, and we had to be readmitted to the hospital for some testing. This leads to some major breakdowns for mom. Our win for the day was when I was going to start trying to wean him from the nipple shield, but to my surprise he is practically a baby genius and just spit it out to get the good stuff right from the source. He doesn't need no stinkin' nipple shield!

Mama: Loses her mind in the pediatricians office. After she tells us the news about his weight and jaundice, I can't help it and I start uncontrollably sobbing in the room. She puts her arms around me and tells me that we're doing great and it will be okay, just furthering the uncontrollable bawling. #hormones. Seriously though, I can't imagine how your heart breaks seeing your child in real danger or fighting a real disease. I just can't. We head to the hospital to have his second jaundice test and it is absolutely terrible. He screams uncontrollably as a not-so-experiened lab tech literally milks his foot for blood for over 5 minutes. I'm crying, he is crying, it is chaos. Finally it's over, I nurse him in the lobby to calm him down, and we head home. Our pediatrician calls us to let us know that his levels are at a 15, which is high, and she'd like to suggest that we put him on a biliblanket starting as soon as possible, to help bring the levels down. She will have it delivered to us first thing Saturday morning. My belly is starting to look somewhere in the realm of 5 months pregnant? It's definitely smaller, but still nice and plump. Kaedyn asks, "sissy, are you having another baby?!" more tears commence. The good news is, this is also the day my body decided it was time for its first poop since birth. Which is as terrifying as you would expect. In the end, all came out alright...if you get what i'm saying. (I warned you things were going to get TMI around here)

Day 4: Happy Halloween! 

A great nights rest makes everything better!

Baby: Sawyer did great this night. He woke every 2 hours to nurse, but getting into the routine is pretty easy.  Jake gets him out of his bassinet, changes his diaper and brings him to me. We work on our latch for a few minutes until he finally gets it. It's real painful, not going to lie, but he doesn't care :) We go on our first family outing to Target, and little guy sleeps the entire time. He is the cutest little bear you ever did see! Friends and family come over for our annual Halloween happy hour, and we take the kids trick-or-treating. Sawyer finds this buckets of fun and snoozes the night away in his stroller. He is sleeping around 20 hours a day, no joke! This kid can knock back some zzz's like nobody's business! The biliblanket isn't ideal because I just want to cuddle my baby, but it's a small device that wraps around his little body emitting a blue phototherapy light that is supposed to help break down the biliruben. He has to be naked except a diaper, which I hate, and so we wrap him in a swaddle, he doesn't mind one bit!

Mama: Feeling okay, but I definitely overdid it this day. We walked Target, and then walked the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, and the bleeding that had started to slow came back pretty dark red and heavy again. Remember when I said disposable underwear and diaper pads were your friend? Well they are! Take what the hospital gives you, you'll be glad you did. My belly is starting to look more like 3 months pregnant, but my milk is really starting to come in, and holy hell is it painful. My nipples are a cracked, bloody, insanely painful mess. Sawyer got a Sophie the Giraffe teether at our baby shower, and i've claimed her as my own, I have to bite down on her every time he latches. I could literally scream in pain. I am starting to wonder how we will survive nursing, no joke. Jake is an awesome support and we get through the night. I'm SPENT after all that walking, its insane how sore everything is after childbirth, but then again, there is that large human small hole thing. I'm feeling good about our exercise but ready for sleep!

Day 5: Shit gets real again

Nursing is the hardest thing i've EVER done. 

Baby: Is a hungry hungry hippo! I swear this kid wants to eat every 30 minutes to an hour, and it is exhausting! We're on demand feeding, hoping to get his weight up before our next peds appointment, as well as knock out his jaundice. Nothing really new to report on Sawyer front this day. He sleeps a whole lot, and spends at least 20 hours of this day in his 4moms or bassinet snoozing with his biliblanket on. 

Mama: Major.breakdown. My boobs are so engorged I can't even breath without wanting to cry. When you get that engorged, it makes it impossible for baby to latch, so I have to give in to pumping just a little to soften things up for him. This is not what I wanted to do at all and I end up crying my eyes out because of the pain of the pump, as well as the pain of engorgement, and that I DO NOT want to feed my baby out of a bottle yet. I call my le leche league leader crying my eyes out asking what I should do, and she recommends reverse pressure softening mixed with pumping just a bit to pull out my nipple. This works like a charm! It is painful as hell, and it takes me a solid 10 minutes to prep for a nursing session, but we're getting through. Baby boy gets the food he needs, and I get a small amount of relief from the horrible pressure of way-too-full boobs. Engorgement is only supposed to last 24-48 hours, and i'm praying it ends as soon as possible! My belly is down even more, maybe a large chipotle burrito at this point? Other than the nursing pain, my hoo-ha is healing wonderfully, and I even decide I don't need stool softeners anymore because everything seems to be working just fine in that department.

Day 6: A really, really great day!

Our hungry hungry boy really IS a hippo!

Baby: We have our follow up pediatrician appointment today! He slept like a champ in between feedings so mom and dad are feeling pretty good. This little moo-moo put on TWELVE ounces in 3 days! Once mom's milk comes in, doctors are looking for them to put on about an ounce a day. So in the three days since our appointment they're looking for him to put on 3-5 ounces at most, he puts on TWELVE! I told you this baby was a hungry hippo. I'm so relieved for the weight gain, all the painful nursing is paying off! Plus, I just love my baby a little on the chunky side ;) He also has to have a follow up jaundice test, and to our joy, the tech is much more experienced this time, and baby boy barely even cries getting his heal pricked again. Such a relief for mama! His numbers have gone down to 12.5, which is a little but not a whole lot. Our pediatrician wants us to spend lots of time in the sun and have one more day of blue light therapy, and then he can be done!

Mama: My lady parts are still healing just fine, so that is a plus. Jake yells at me because I haven't used a single padsicle. I need to use at least one before everything is working as it should down there! Our hospital provided us with an insane amount of lady-healing products so I haven't needed my own supply yet. Jake said he is sick of opening the freezer to see bags full of feminine hygiene products ;) My boobs are still outrageously engorged. Today marks 48 hours with boobs that are hard as rocks and at least 3 cup sizes larger than normal. Its painful as all get out! I'm hoping it starts to soften up soon! Little guy is still loving them, though, nursing every 2 hours, and making me cringe with the first few seconds. My nipples are wrecked, ya'll. My belly looks almost like a normal belly, but after Thanksgiving dinner, so i'm happy to report things are finding their way back into place. The human body is seriously amazing. My stretch marks I acquired over my 40 pregnant weeks are not even close to fading, so even though i'm getting back to normal, there is nothing normal about my belly when my shirt is off. I thought this would really bother me, but honestly, i'm so amazed that my body made this little being that I don't care. Plus, I locked my husband down, and he loves me anyway. :)

Day Seven: No more blue light special!

As of 3:35 PM today, our little angel baby is one week old. I've already cried twice and it's 9:15 AM.

Baby: Up every 2 hours to nurse, as per usual. I feel like we're really getting the hang of it, though. He latches right on almost every time. He poops after every single feeding, and i'm so grateful for Jake who gets up to change every last one. In Sawyer's first week of life, i've literally changed ONE diaper on my own. Such an awesome husband, he really has been the best baby raising partner this week. We're so excited to get baby off of his biliblanket and try to grab his attention with some things while he is awake. He still sleeps about 20 hours a day, but I love his inquisitive little face when he is alert. He really looks like he is just soaking it all in, and I can almost see his brain growing!

UPDATE: Sawyer's umbilical cord has just fallen off. Next stop, college. (crying as we speak.)

Mama: Boobs still awfully engorged. Feeling pretty good overall, though. Last night the every 2 hours really got to me and I thought I would fall asleep standing up. I'm emotional that my little guy is officially a week old. It has been the best, and quickest week of my entire life. Hormones have hit me HARD. I just started sobbing while looking at him last night. I couldn't believe he was so cute, so perfect, and ours. I couldn't stop thinking that in 11 weeks I had to go back to work and leaving him was going to be the worst thing ever, and that I might never stop crying again. Then the tears made me extra sleepy and I passed the frick out. And here we are now. :)

Closing thoughts:

Pick up your favorite snack in bulk if you're going to be nursing. It makes you insanely hungry and having that to munch on in the middle of the night makes the sleep deprivation a little more bearable.

Milk will get in your baby's neck rolls, make sure you clean it out after each feeding, or else they start to smell a little funky, and you've got a stinky spoiled milk baby on your hands.

Make sure your local cardiac surgeon is on-call, because your heart might stop working from the amount of love pumping through it this week. You will be so insanely, over-the-moon, uncontrollably in love with this tiny little person, that sometimes it makes you feel like you will go into cardiac arrest and just die, because how is it even possible to love someone so much.

This week has been hard. The hardest week of my life. Hell-week in the world of parenting. But boy, has it been good.  Like, so, SO much better than I could have ever even imagined. Loving this baby and providing for him the best we can is such an honor, and I probably thank God 150 times a day for giving us this precious responsibility. 

That's everything about our first week, folks. It became a lot wordier than I expected, but I know i'll look back on it glad I wrote it all out, hoping to never forget. Thanks for reading, and for sharing this journey to parenthood with us. :)

Until Next Time,