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Our 10 person 35 dollar DIY Dining Table

Happy Friday, friends!

I’m about 2 months late on this one-but I finally wanted to share our behemoth table that we were so excited to complete the weekend before moving into our new home!

If you follow me on Snapchat (@absolutelykylie) you watched this beauty transform, and if you don’t, that’s okay because I’m about to share how we created this 8-10 person table for $35.00. Yep, you read that right, thirty five smackers.

One weekend as we were moving out of our first house and bringing up the 167th load of our junk up to storage, we drove by this junky little table that looked like it was solid wood, had incredible bones, and  had a bright white “free” sign in front of it. Ya’ll. The heavens parted and I almost set up some orange cones around that table so that no one would snatch it before we could grab the truck!

Jake grabbed our truck, and we couldn’t get it in fast enough! It was already pretty large, but it had a leaf as well making it easily an 8 person table, which is exactly what I wanted for our new dining room.

Once we inspected it, we knew it was going to need a little extra lovin’, and my dad suggested we add a new tabletop-which is exactly what we did! With lots of his help, we created this rustic/reclaimed table for only 35 bucks in lumber, and a little bit of elbow grease.

We started with different sized planks to give it a more “barnwood” look, and my dad laid those over the top of the table using his nail gun to secure them to the top.

As we did this, all hands were on deck painting the legs annie sloan “ graphite” (the same color we’d like to paint our cabinets when we remodel the kitchen next year!)

Once the new table top was glued and nailed down, we used the electric sander to make sure it was nice and smooth, then we filled the gaps between the boards with wood filler, sanded that down, did it again, and FINALLY got to staining- the super fun part!

 We used 3 different stains, walnut, driftwood, and ebony all by rustoleum. We used driftwood as the base, it’s a nice neutral grey, layered in some walnut, and used the ebony VERY gently with a dry-brush technique to ”age” the wood. Once that was done, we took the sander to it again to really blend the colors and give them a worn appearance, and then hopped in with some white paint and another dry brush for more texture.

I really don’t know the best way to describe this process, my dad is just the barnwood master. He can make new wood look old like it’s a special talent, and we just let the evil genius get to work, and watched from afar!

Once your stain is on and cured (about 24 hours) your patience will really be tried while applying the polyurethane. We opted for 3 coats, to make sure it was VERY easy to clean (it is our kitchen table afterall) and each coat requires 24 hours of curing time, so all in all, it was about 4 more days before we could bring the table into the house.

But friends, it was WORTH the wait! We eat at this table every single night, and paired with our tufted grey chairs, it just makes my heart swoon! These flower boxes were leftover from my best friend's wedding, and make such a cute centerpiece filled with magnolia flowers. (where are my fellow Jojo fans at?)

Moral of the story, never be afraid of a piece of free furniture. Anything can be made new again with a little lovin’, and you just might find yourself a show stopper!

Our main floor is very open-concept, so we don’t really have a formal dining room, so I can’t say we have much more to add to this space. We swapped out the light fixtures, built the table and added the chairs/bench, and I think other than the occasional centerpiece swap-out, we’re going to call it at that.  I mentioned in this post that I’d still like a bar cart, and that stands, but I just don’t know how to go about it yet! I just imagine toddling fingers pulling the whole thing down and smelling like a frat party, although I LOVE the idea of being able to make visitors any drink they choose. Any suggestions?!

Thanks for stopping by-make sure to follow along on Snapchat to view our house progress…we’re supposed to get a rainy weekend, so that means we’ll be nice and busy inside!

Until Next Time,

Sawyer Rose Grows: 6 months

Boy oh boy.

2 weeks ago, Sawyer turned 6 months, and I managed to get his pictures taken, but I’m just getting around to writing down all the feels! Like, where do I even begin putting into words what a joy the last 6 months have been? I keep saying how I want to do it all again. I don’t want another baby, but I want to live Sawyer’s life again, because as much as I wish it would, time just doesn’t slow down. I know that is such a cliche, but it couldn’t be more true. Pregnancy drags on and on and on, and then these babies arrive and they’re like tiny time machines and no matter how tight you squeeze, the moments are like sand slipping through your fingers!

Every stage is so much fun, but seriously, this stage of Sawyer is the absolute best. He is hysterical. Developing a little personality, discovering the world, and bouncing up a storm. He will talk your ear off, stuff his entire foot in his mouth, and bounce in his jump-jump until he literally passes out. (It’s the funniest thing we’ve ever seen)

At his 6 month appointment, he weighed 20 pounds, 27.5 inches long. 90 percentile for weight, and 95 for height. We definitely have a big baby, but we’ve all know that from the beginning J Breastfeeding is still his preferred  method of eating, despite how we’ve tried to get him on solids! So far he eats sweet potatoes, avocados, big spears of cucumber for teething, and he had watermelon once and I thought he would explode from excitement he loved it so much! We’re taking the baby-led weaning approach with solid foods, so we keep offering them to him at dinner time, and he eats, but it’s pretty obvious he’d still prefer to nurse so we’re following his cues. Plus, I’m not in any hurry to experience a non-breast milk diaper. J

The best part of every day with Sawyer is the first time he sees us in the morning. He absolutely lights up and I just melt. He reaches for everything now, including mama and daddy and I would be lying if I say it isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Separation anxiety has started, and it breaks me. He started daycare one day a week and is doing great, but usually starts crying as soon as Jake leaves. He does drop off because there is no way I am capable of hearing that! Luckily, he is with Grandma the rest of the week and just adores her so we only have to deal with one day of heartbreak. I’m sure it will get much better as he gets used to it there, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

how i feel about working 5 days a week
Being a working mom has become very difficult as I’ve transitioned to 5 day work weeks. I miss my day with him so much it makes me crazy. I was actually doing really well with the transition, however lately it feels like my heart is in my throat all of the time, and I find myself praying that God makes a way for me to spend more time with my baby, and still able to pay our mortgage! I believe in big, bold prayers and a God that answers them, so I’ll continue to pray that and come to work with a humble heart in the meantime. I’m lucky to have a job I love even if I’d be happier with a few extra hours with my kid.

We’re starting sleep training this week, because our darling boy still wakes up 4 -5 times a night and we’re dying. I am so nervous about it, because I am so anti cry-it-out, however, the approach we’re taking is sure to have a few tears and I am NOT good with baby tears. The plan is to nurse him to drowsy, put him in his crib, and get him to fall asleep on his own, going into his room in 5 minute intervals to check on him, reassure him, kiss him, love him, and well, reassure myself if he is crying. I read to say the same script every time we go in, something like “It’s time to sleep, Sawyer! I love you sooo much and we’ll be right outside. See you in the morning, sweet boy.” I’ve read that keeping that incredibly positive tone will help to calm him, and since every other need is being met, my hope is that he quickly catches on to sleeping overnight. Please pray for me, because I know we need to do something, but it is totally going to be rough on us! Update: I wrote this before trying the above...yeah not so much. He cried for 5 minutes, I couldn't take the sad little whimper he gave me when I went in after 5 minutes, and I rocked him to sleep and put him in the bassinet in our room. So yeah, he will be in there until college. He did sleep solid until 5:30 AM, though, almost like "I promise i'll sleep if you don't put me in that God forsaken crib!" So now our sleep training plan is to do whatever works for us which is letting him sleep in the bassinet. Plus, 5:30 AM cuddles in bed is our FAVORITE time of day. I'm not ready to give that up!

On a happier note, Sawyer LOVES his new Lake home. We sit outside or down by the lake every single day and he is in baby heaven. He loves to watch the trees, and LOVES boat rides, even if he hates his life jacket. J Lately, he is completely obsessed with Axl. He reaches for him and pets him, and pulls his ears. He gives us this look like “it wasn’t me!” when we tell him to be soft and it’s hilarious. Luckily, Axl loves him just as much and won’t leave his side.

I never want to forget the way he laughs and plays, his precious voice, and his giant big brown eyes staring across the room at me. Being his mom is truly the most incredible blessing of my life, and I’ll never stop being grateful for every last moment!

Until Next Time,

The Grand To-Do List (Welcome to our home!)

Alright ya’ll…gear up for a long one.

If home décor and DIY are your thing, this post is for you. Over the last month, I have gone though each and every room in our house to photograph it for an updated home tour.

If you’re ready for the big kahuna, the large marge, the epic eric (I made that one up) of project lists, you’ve come to the right place! Because this house is just so much bigger than our last, this list will be updated as I go. I’ll check in periodically to give you progress updates, and I’m sure I’ll change my mind, add to it, take away from it, and scrap some things along the way. So lets get started, shall we?! Let me preface by saying I did not edit a single picture you're about to see. There is no way I will find the time to edit 96 photos, and they're all before pictures anyway so we'll save the nice ones for the future :)

Exterior (Front):

This space is pretty good as it stands. I think that one day we would like to have the exterior painted, but I’m not sure enough about that to add it to the list, so for now here is our “to-do”

-Power wash brick, patio, and driveway
-Hang “welcome” sign
-Change out screen door for glass door
-Add some potted plants
-Updated Wreath

This garage is epic, which is SO super exciting for us as it’s where the majority of our projects happen. For now it just needs:

-A good cleaning
-2 garage door openers
-Add garage door safety laser
-Organize tools/scrap lumber

Entry Room:

DIY In progress!

When you first walk in the entry, you have this cool little room that really opens up the space. We’d like to:

-Update drapes/rods
-paint-in progress
-paint banister white- in progress
-rip up carpet/tile, continue hardwood
-Replace outlets with white

-Decide on décor
-pick out runner
-paint all doors white
-rip up tile, continue hardwood
-Replace outlets with white
-Replace light fixture

Hall Closet:
-Fun Wall paper
-Paint Door
-Organization System to be determined

Laundry Room/Mud Room:

-Vinyl waterproof flooring
-Build laundry roll-out shelves on opposite side
-Build Mudroom cubbies
-Build Axl Cabinet
-Replace outlets with white

Laundry Room Bathroom Transition:

So, just opposite the wall of this large and bizzare layout, is a bedroom, so since we already have a random shower/sink in the room, we’d like to add a toilet, build up a wall, and create a guest room suite attached to the 2nd floor bedroom.  This will be awhile down the road but here is the plan for now:

-Build wall to create bathroom
-Close off wall to living room
-New Shower
-New Sink
-New Toilet
-Lay flooring
-Add door to bedroom
-Replace outlets with white

Living Room Hallway:

-Rip up carpet/continue hardwood
-small runner
-Build baby gate for upstairs
-build baby gate for downstairs
-Replace outlets with white

That takes you to the revolving nursery/guest room. Because it is directly at the end of our stairs, its going to be Sawyers nursery/all our babies nurseries for awhile! It will probably be a good 6-7 years before this becomes a guest room, so for now the plan is:

-Paint trim/doors white
-Hang Décor
-Organize closet
-Replace Carpets with hardwood
-Buy rug
-Replace outlets with white-in progress

Outside of the bedroom you’ll find our main living space that I LOVE and there just isn’t much I need to do, but we do have a short list-

-Replace carpets with hardwood
-Large Rug for space
-Decorate coffee table
-Paint walls- in progress
-Paint Built-ins white
-Organization system in cabinets
-Decorate Built-Ins-in progress
-Replace outlets with white

Dining Room:

I don’t really have anything to add in here. I love love love x100 this space and the beautiful table my dad built for us. My only adjustments are:

-Change out shades on light fixture
-Build/Buy dining bench
-consider bar cart? –worried about this with toddling hands! We’ll see what the solution ends up being
-new bar stools
-Replace outlets with white


The kitchen layout is amazing! We absolutely love it.  Having lived with it for a few weeks now, it’s totally ideal and I love being able to do dishes and still interact with the room. We do have some plans in this room though, as it’s just not really our style.

-Paint/repair cabinets (I think we decided on deep charcoal grey!)
-New quartz countertops
-subway tile backsplash
-new fixture above island
-Add farmhouse sink
- New faucet
-Replace outlets with white

-Line in pretty paper
-New flooring
-Organization system
-Replace outlets with white

Kitchen Bathroom:

Its completely bizarre that we have a random bathroom in the kitchen area of this house, but as of now it’s the only bathroom on the main floor which means it’s used constantly!  It has a little mermaid seashell sink, and a wobbly toilet so this room is going to be a fun little gut job

-Add wainscoting
-New bathroom vanity
-new toilet
-Add  fun shelving above toilet
-Replace outlets with white


I’m getting tired and we haven’t even gone up or downstairs yet! PHEW! This room is gorgeous. It needs nothing except a tiny bit of TLC.

-Paint-in progress
-Find coffee table
-Replace outlets with white

That wraps up the entire 2nd (main) floor! I am now wishing I decided to break this post up into multiple entries because it’s getting nice and lengthy, but lets continue…

Top Floor (Master Suite


-Replace Carpet
-Paint Walls
-Paint Banister


-Paint Built-Ins white
-Decorate Built Ins
-Plank Ceiling
-Install new light fixtures
-Paint Doors

Master Bedroom:

-Hardwood Flooring
-Reupholster window seat
-Build/Buy side tables

Master Closets:

- Organize system
-Paint/Wall Paper
-Additional Shoe Shelving

Master Bath:

Gut Job to be determined :)

The bath upstairs leaves a bit to be desired, but it will work for a few years until we've saved up enough for a complete gut job. I'd love a stand alone bath, a glass enclosed shower, new flooring, a double vanity...the list continues! I'd also like to gut our master closets and see if we can move them to the master bath. I absolutely HATE having a closet on either side of our bed! It doesn't leave room for a side table and it is quite honestly the worst. I'd like to gut this completely and move our bed to the back wall, extending the bathroom and adding closets...but you know, money. So for now, we're living with it!

Okay...moving downstairs. This entire space is basically going to be just one big "to be determined" because it's impossible to even think what we want to do with the space as we haven't grown into it yet. But I do have some ideas floating around in my head. :)


-Remove Mirror
-Remove carpet on stairs


-New hardwood flooring

Guest Room:

-New Carpeting

Guest Bath:

-New Flooring
-double bathroom vanity
-new glass shower door
-new shelving
-new toilet seat
-new shower head
-paint trim/door

2nd Guest Room:

-TBD I cant even begin to think of what to do yet

Downstairs Mud Room:

-Also TBD...but i'd like to add some french doors :)

Downstairs Bath #2:


Unfinished Basement Space:

-Another TBD, but we'll finish it off into a playroom hopefully sooner than later!

We're rounding the finish line, folks! Lets hop outside, shall we?

Top Deck:

-Replace Safety railing every 3 inches apart
-Replace deck board
-reinforce under deck
-buy rug
-plant herb garden
-outdoor sectional
-order outdoor pillows
-install bulb lights
-powerwash outside
-plant additional plant

Bottom Decks:

TBD- I haven't even begun yet! Everything does need a good powerwash, though

Boathouse/Party Deck:

-New outdoor rug
-bulb lights
-outdoor lanterns
-outdoor drapes

Swim Deck:

-Storage solution for rafts
-Storage for towels

And folks...that just about wraps it up! Was that thorough enough for ya? Hey, at least you got a ton of pictures out of this post! As you can see, our new place will keep this blog afloat for YEARS to come! I feel so proud of how far it has come in the month we've lived there. It really does feel like our house now. Although i'm sure we'll be pulling our hair out through some of the work, I feel pretty darn blessed to get to enjoy the view along the way. :)

Until Next Time,