15 September 2017

What I Wore to Work this Week

Hi, friends!

I had a few DM's on instagram that this was a well-liked blog series, so I took my selfies this week to keep it going! If we're being honest, if I didn't go into the office every day I would wear what i'm wearing in the last picture all day 'err day, so if anything else, work gives me an excuse to play dress up ;)


September 11th makes me patriotic AF. Don't mess with Americans. Nothing I love more than sporting my love for the US of A from head to toe.

Skirt: Halogen Top: Old Navy, my color is sold out but here is one very similar Shoes: similar here


I'm not super in to this outfit now that i'm seeing it in selfie form. But i'm documenting what I wore so here it is!

Pants: Old Navy Peplum Tank: Off Brand but similar here Heels: Nine West Necklace: Charming Charlie


Blouse: Lush Skirt: Allegra K Shoes: Sofft (comfiest of my life)


Probably my favorite outfit of the week! It is just so darn comfortable and although it is still pretty warm, it felt like fall!

Jeans: Stay white by Old Navy Plaid: Abercrombie and FItch Sweater: Kohls Shoes: Similar

...and to keep with tradition, here is my current look. ;)

Have a happy weekend, friends!

Until Next Time,

11 September 2017

Just Some Sweet Photos

Happy Monday, friends!

Before I say anything, I have to take a minute to remember the terrible day that was September 11th 16 years ago. As Americans, there are few events that have rocked us like this one did, and although I am brought to tears every year we take the time to reflect, I am also incredibly inspired by the way we came together as one. Hate will never win. It's been a tumultuous few years in the US, fueled by division, and it's days like these we remember, we really are just Americans at the end of the day. I hope you hug your family extra tight today.

I so badly wanted to share these photos my friend Jessica Robinson took of our family a few weeks ago. She never ceases to capture us in a way that makes me want to frame every last photo! I love how she always shares some of the outtakes...crying kids, bows over the face, my son eating his chocolate chips that we use to bribe him to sit still...it's such real life. :)

Poor grumpy Isla Jane! hahaha. This is a much more accurate photo of how family pictures usually go ;)

This is going to sound so cheesy, and it is, but almost daily I look at these kids and my husband who I love so completely and I just can't even belief this life is mine. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a wife and a mother. I used to put my "wedding mix" cd on in my childhood bedroom and practice walking down the aisle. I would write letters to my future husband and my future kids, and I spent hours and hours dreaming about what my home would look like one day and how I would make it a cozy place to raise our family.

Living that dream is more than I could have ever imagined. We are so incredibly blessed, and I never take one day for granted. (Even the really freaking tired days because I have 2 under 2 and a baby who never sleeps. ;)

Thanks for following along the journey, friends.

Until Next Time,

08 September 2017

What I Wore to Work this Week

Hey, ya'll!

Remember the days of pre-like to know it blogging? Where you'd check your favorite blogs for some fashion inspiration for the week? Those were the days! I absolutely love to peruse some of my favorite bloggers high-end fashion and drool worthy wardrobes, but a lot of them aren't practical for this mama.

I like to say we're "ballin' on a budget" and while there are certainly pieces I think are worth investing in, my wardrobe is pretty practical for the office, and your wallet. There has been so much interest on social media on putting some work outfits together, so I thought I would just share with you what I actually wear in a week. I work in a business-casual corporate office, and jeans are totally acceptable as long as they aren't ripped to shreds.

I took all of these photos at the end of the day, sweaty and gross, so you'll have to excuse that ;) I work Monday-Thursday so you'll only see 4 outfits a week, but if you really wanna, i'll show you the spit up covered shirt and sweat pants I rock on Fridays ;) ;)

Labor Day! I didn't change out of my swimsuit almost all day! And because I care about your eyes, I won't subject you to that sight ;)


Jeans: Hudson (purchased on discount from TJ Maxx, obviously) Top: Beach Lunch Lounge - i'm obsessed with the peplum and bell sleeve! Shoes: Aldo

Do you notice how weird my feet look in this picture? That is because these shoes gave me the worst blisters of my life that made my feet bleed! They are SO cute, and I learned my lesson and will wear little pads on the heels from now on, but lord did they destroy my toes.


Dress: Calvin Klein (not the right color, here is a similar one for only 28 bucks!) Blazer: Caslon - fits like a sweater, SO comfortable! Shoes: Similar Here (I can't even remember the brand they're so old!)

Thursday: Skirt: Allegra K -18 bucks!! Button Down: Old Navy Shoes: Sam Edelman

For the record, I have about 6.7 seconds to snap these selfies before one of my children are begging to be picked up, so this is what most of the outtakes look like:)

....aaand my current look ;)

This week should be known as the week I needed to tell myself it was okay to wear something other than navy blue! Let me know if ya'll like this segment and i'll keep it going. I don't know that we'll ever get outside to shoot looks with the big camera again, so selfies it is for now ;)

Hope you have the most amazing weekend!

Until Next Time