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Well happy Monday to you!

Oh wait, it's Tuesday. This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but in true I can't get my shit together didn't get scheduled properly!!

This weekend was one for the books, and I just wanted to pop in with a little life lately update and share what's been going on in the Rose household.

Friday, I came down with one of the worst stomach bugs I think I have ever had. I thought I would die! It was just a 24 hour thing but I was quarantined the entire time in hopes it didn't spread to Jake or Sawyer, and luckily, no one is showing any signs of being sick. Jake mentioned to me on Monday that he was feeling pretty queasy, but I think we'll just chalk that up to being overserved on football Sunday ;)

Saturday I was super weak and tired from being so sick the day before, but we had an appointment with a minivan and I was not going to miss it! Yeah, you read that right. Aint no shame in my mini van game! We are officially those parents and I couldn't be more proud. You guys, I don't care what people say about minivans, this thing is like first class inside. From the powersliding doors that I can control from the drivers seat, to the leg room and ease of putting babies in carseats, it literally doesn't get any more practical. I'll have to give you a full tour of the van sometime in the future, but let me just tell you, it doesn't suck.

On Sunday, we took my mother in law out to lunch and then my heart broke into 1000 pieces when Sawyer got his first hair cut!! I don't know what it is about a baby getting their first cut, but he is like 5 years old overnight. Not only does he look like such a big boy, but he is just acting like a totally different toddler. It's truly like he grew up in a blink. The haircut didn't go quite like we hoped...he screamed bloody murder the entire time. Until we got him a lollipop which turned into a blue, sticky, drooly mess that hair was sticking too. Glamorous day at the salon, ya'll.

But I can't even stop oversharing the pictures of him since his haircut. He is just too darn cute for words. I honestly think that sometimes my heart is going to break in half I love him so much.

Always has a stick in his hand. Such a boy!

In baby girl news, this pregnancy is just flying right on by. I'm going to post a full update for you on Friday, but we're almost 25 weeks, and heading right into the 99 day countdown. Other than an insane amount of clothes, we haven't purchased a thing, or even started fixing up the nursery, so we better get our acts together pretty soon here. It is so true what they say, when you're becoming a second time parent, everything feels like less of an emergency. I feel like it's all going to work itself out one way or another, and as long as we have some diapers and a carseat by her arrival we're golden!

We've been trying to teach Sawyer about baby sister, and he is very fascinated by my "button" so whenever he wants to see it we tell him baby sister is in there and ask him where his baby sissy is at. He couldn't give two flying you know whats, but hey, we're trying. I think we're both in denial that another baby is going to be here so soon. Since Sawyer is still so young, we vividly remember the first few weeks home (also known as hell-month in the world of parenting) and so we're trying to block out those memories and live in some ignorant bliss that we'll fall right into a routine and everything will be peachy!

As far as home updates, we had planned on completely remodeling our kitchen before the baby comes, but have decided to put that on hold until later in the year. The hospital bill that comes with birthing a child is no joke, and we're really practicing being debt free in 2017. So we've decided to take all we saved for the kitchen to pay that off and start from scratch. Bummer, I know, but we're going to fit in lots of "phase one" mini projects throughout the house to hold us over. First on the list is decorating this nursery and making it functional for 2 babies 18 months and younger, and then we'll move outside to do some sprucing up of our backyard and garden and some major toddler proofing of our deck before Spring comes and we spend every waking second outside or on the water. I also plan on a phase one mini-update of our master bathroom that is going to make me love it up there SO much more!

I can't believe this time last year we were just weeks away from putting an offer in on our dream house. We've almost lived there a year! I'm aching for warmer weather and celebrating our second summer on the water, nothing compares!

I guess I better wrap up this Sunday night word vomit, thanks for popping in as always :)

Until Next Time,

Valentines Gift Ideas for Your 12-18 Month Old

 Happy Hump Day, ya'll!

Remember on Monday when I promised to bring you valentines gift ideas all week long? Well i'm here to share a few picks that you little one might love!

I tend to be a little one-sided here and only focus on boy must-haves, so I was super excited when my friend, Sarah at Sweet Miles wanted to collaborate to share some baby girl picks as well! Sarah had Adeline 5 days before Sawyer was born, so we're basically mom besties. We kept in touch throughout our entire pregnancies, and I would have lost it without our late night (and all day) text messages during our first year of motherhood! Head on over to her blog to get some awesome ideas for the baby girl in your life. :)

Does anyone else feel like they're still drowning in toys and stuff from the Holidays?? Sawyer's birthday is in October, and then 8 weeks later was Christmas, so he is literally set until college with all the gifts he could ever need. But who can resist putting a little festive something together for their little?!

I really tried to focus on some experience type gifts, as well as practical things I know he will really love rather than more toys to just add to the clutter. I should mention, this post is in no way sponsored, I just really like the products! I also made sure they were all available on Amazon Prime, free shipping for the win!

Sawyer has totally become Mr. Independent in the last few months, and he has to hold his own spoon or fork at every meal. I love that these come with a convenient little carrying case to throw into the diaper bag if we'll be out, and the plastic won't hurt his mouth when he inevitably bites down way too hard.

2)  Experience Gift Cards (Amazeum, Little Giggles)

This is my favorite and what we're telling any and all family members to get Sawyer for the next year. We have an incredible Childrens museum in our area, and a fun place called Little Giggles that we can take Sawyer when it's too cold to play outside, and gift cards give you no excuse but to get your booty out of the house and have some fun!

I'm not sure that this is the technical name for these things, but we don't take a bath without them! It's our favorite way to practice colors and Sawyer claps and squeals as they fizz up and change his bath water.

Any other mamas out there with kids obsessed with coloring? Sawyer wants to color EVERYTHING! (Including the couch, the walls, the table) The problem with regular crayons is that his chubby little baby fist breaks them almost immediately. I love how thick these crayons are, and ya'll they're seriously indestructible. He chews on them, tries to break them, and drags them all over the house and we haven't had one broken crayon yet. I also love the cute little carrying case they come in, it makes clean up much easier. (That is, when I can actually find where he hid the red crayon)

Speaking of coloring, these Melissa and Doug extra large coloring books are perfect for little toddler hands. He needs something nice and large he can scribble all over, and these fit the bill. The pictures are nice and big, and I love how darn affordable they are too. It makes it a little less painful when he rips a page to shreds. :)

Sawyer will drink water all day long if he has a big boy cup and straw. Most of the time he ends up stealing ours, but these are awesome because they come in a two pack (am I the only one always searching for a sippy?) and they're leak proof. 

Another thing our little guy is obsessed with is packing things away and toting around his treasures. This backpack is absolutely adorable, and toddler sized to boot! Sawyer will be starting part time Montessori school at the end of summer as well, so this little backpack will be perfect for packing up some things from home to make him feel comfortable. Bonus that you can pack up their entire Valentines gift inside, and let them unload one by one!

That's that! I can't believe our tiny Valentine is about to celebrate his second day of love. I mean, where did this little squishy baby go?! 

He will have my whole heart forever!

Don't forget to head over to Sarah's blog Sweet Miles to get even more toddler gift inspiration!

Until Next Time,

I love my husband and he loves JORD

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is going to be the first in a series of Valentines gift ideas i've got for you this week. Starting with my cute husband.

I have to give you a little back story. My husband doesn't own a lot of nice things. He is just a real simple guy, and takes care of the things he has, and never asks for much. For Valentines day this year I thought it would be so special for him to get a really, really nice watch that he can feel proud of and maybe feel a little fancy ;)

Because I am partnering with JORD Wood Watches on this post, Jake knew a special gift was coming, and he was over-the-top excited. I picked the KOA & Ash Watch for him and it is absolutely stunning. When the box arrived in the mail, he was so excited to open it he didn't even say hello to me when he walked in the door from work! I can see why though, it's a gorgeous, timeless design and it's basically the manliest men's watch you could ask for with the rich wood and unique face.

He only ever takes it off now when he is showering or sleeping, and his favorite feature was this gorgeous wood box it comes in, that actually acts as a humidor to keep the wood in tip-top shape.

I'm super jealous of this gorgeous timepiece, but lucky for me JORD also sells beautiful women's watches so if I have any fellas out there reading, it could also make a wonderful gift for your lady. :)

JORD has been such an awesome Rose & Co partner, and they've agreed to giveaway a $100.00 gift card to one lucky reader to splurge on their own unique watch. You can enter the giveaway HERE, but don't worry! If you didn't win, JORD is offering $25.00 off any cool watch on their site to Rose & Co readers. Just enter the giveaway above and your coupon code will be provided!

I could write an entire novel about how Jake deserves every nice thing in the world, but i'll spare you the mushy-gush (for today at least) :)

Until Next Time

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