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Can a Lipstick Really Last ALL Day?

Happy Friday, friends!

A Friday in FALL at that! It’s been in the 90’s all week here in Arkansas so it’s hardly felt Fall-like, but I don’t care I’m celebrating with pumpkin everything and some deep plum lips! I’ve been talking about Lipsense like crazy over on Snapchat @absolutelykylie but I wanted to pop in here to give my full review.

I should mention that this review is not sponsored. I was provided these products to try free of charge, however, if I didn’t love it…you all would never hear about it again. J

So if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a long-lasting lipcolor that claims it can last up to 18 hours. Yeah, you read that right, eighteen.hours. I’ve read that it really depends on the person and the natural exfoliation of their lips, but I’ve noticed that the lip color lasts more like 6-8 hours on me before it starts to flake a bit.

To apply, you apply 3 coats of the lip color letting each dry 5 seconds or so in between coats. It’s important not to let your lips touch during the drying phase. After your final coat, you finish your look with one of the Lipsense glosses, and then you can rub your lips together all you want!

I’ve tried 2 colors and 2 different glosses. My favorite for every day is Apple Cider, a nude pink color topped with Bougainvillea gloss. It’s such a pretty combo! (and what I’m wearing on Snap today ;) With fall upon us, I’m also loving Napa which is a gorgeous pink-plum color, and I topped that with the original glossy gloss as it’s already such a bright look on it’s own.

I’ve basically exclusively been using Lipsense over the last few weeks, and I’ve noticed it’s important to apply an extra coat of gloss before and after eating to keep your color from flaking, especially if it’s later in the day. The gloss is almost like a protective barrier for your Lip color, and if you’re diligent about keeping it on through the day, your lips will feel hydrated, smooth, and you’ll get the most hours out of your color!

My favorite part of Lipsense is that it’s totally smudgeproof and kissable. Jake kissed me goodbye the other day and went to wipe his mouth off (he hates the feeling of anything on his lips) and was shocked that there was literally nothing there. And with a baby as cute as mine, I have to kiss him at least every 30 seconds and I think he appreciates not being covered in lipstick smooches  from his mama J

So overall, I HIGHLY recommend picking yourself up a starter kit. I think you’ll find that this one tube of Lipsense will replace all of your previously used lip products. (One tube of Lipsense is the equivalent of 5 tubes of regular lipstick) For any of my recently engaged friends who have a wedding coming up-this would be PERFECT for your big day! I wish this existed when we got married!

If you have any questions at all, D’Arcy has been so kind to help me with any help I’ve needed and she has the most gorgeous selection of product over on her website, . Go check her out! You won’t be disappointed J
super fierce embarrassing face wearing Apple Cider

I’ll be checking in on snap all day to share what my lip color looks like every few hours, so be sure to follow me there if you’re still feeling skeptical! @absolutelykylie

Have a good weekend, friends. Will you be picking up some pumpkins? I’m feeling like a trip to the patch is totally in order!

Until Next Time,

I Swear This is the Cutest Kid i've Ever Seen in My Life

So I’m so late in posting Sawyers 10 month update, that he will be 11 months this week so we’re just going to call this Sawyer’s 10/11 month update cause mama can’t get it together.

You guys, this child is a different baby than he was a month ago! I don’t even know if I can call him a baby anymore. He is mister independent getting into absolutely everything and keeping his daddy and I on our toes 24/7. Sawyer has always been a very snuggly little guy, but not anymore. The only way he will even sit on our lap these days is if we’re bribing him with puffs ;) He did start giving nice wet open mouth kisses this month, though, and nothing melts me quite like that. It’s so funny, if you ask for a kiss, he starts with his lips puckered, but the closer he gets to your face it turns into a nice open mouth drool fest and I can’t get enough.

He crawls so darn fast and pulls up on everything. He will stand independently and has taken one step solo on a few occasions, but I still think we’ve got some time before he’s walking! (at least I’m hoping…crawling is exhausting enough!)

I don’t even know where to begin with all of his little quirks. He loves to dance, or as we call it, the tummy thrust. If a song comes on that he likes he does this thrust & bob with his tummy and it is absolutely HYSTERICAL! Sawyer loves to share everything. He will hand a toy to me, then take it back, then give it to daddy, and the cycle continues over and over and over. It cracks us up. But don’t ask him to share his food. He will pretend he is going to give it to you, but as soon as you get close to the bite he puts it in his mouth so fast you’d never even know it was there!

He is eating everything. We call him our little moo-moo because if there is any food around he wants it. We can’t eat anything without him looking at us, mouth wide open, waiting for a bite. His favorites are cheese, yogurt, black beans, and strawberry chickpea pouches from Target. He downs those in a blink of an eye.

We’re still breastfeeding but the days are numbered. I’m nursing him in the morning and before bed, and he has transitioned down to 2 bottles during the day with my mom. I’m going to keep pumping twice a day this week, and next week I’ll go to once a day and then I’m officially breaking up with my pump! Lord almighty I can’t wait to be done pumping. My supply is basically nothing, and I’ll only pump 4 ounces a day now, so he gets a bottle mixed with half breast milk and half organic whole milk. We called our pediatrician to ask if it was okay to give him whole milk in his bottles and since he is only about a week from 11 months, and eating a very full diet she saw no problem with it as long as he isn’t sensitive to dairy, which we knew he wasn’t based on his incredible consumption of cheese and yogurt J

I would definitely talk to your doctor and get the okay before starting any whole milk, because the general guideline is “not until after one year” but Sawyer is eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks as well as nursing a few times a day, so she said there really was no need for a milk substitute as long as he was drinking his sippies of water and taking in 700-1000 calories a day. However, our child is addicted to the bottle so he still get a little milk with his meals. 

We don’t have any real words yet, you can ask him where mama is and he will look, and where daddy is and he will look but he has yet to call either of us by name. He does say “mamamamama” and “dadadadada” but we’re pretty certain it’s just baby babble.

Our little guy had 2 more teeth break through up top, and I think he has another one up top coming in. Teething is the pits. He has been such a great sleeper since we sleep trained him at 6 months, but when teeth are breaking he doesn’t sleep well at all and it’s like The Walking Dead up in our house.

I say it each month, but this sweet baby is my entire life. I didn’t know I could love so hard and deep until I met him and it’s both heartbreaking and incredible that he is going to be ONE in just a months time. I am biased as hell, but just look at this cutie, HE IS THE SWEETEST MOST ADORABLE BABY I’VE EVER SEEN! And I’m pretty sure I’d think that even if he wasn’t mine J

 As a bonus- I have to share the difference between football makes me tear up inside!! 

Raider Game at 8 weeks

Raider game at 10.5 months. Next step, college. :(

Thank you all so much for following along our first 11 months of parenthood.  xo

Until Next Time,

Professional Teeth Whitening at Home (Mind blowing results & a Giveaway for YOU!)

Good morning, friends!

I’ve been so excited to share Smile Brilliant with you but admittedly I’m a little nervous to share these awkward photos ;) My smile has always been something I’ve been super self-conscious about. I never had braces, I actually still have a baby tooth, and it’s been made worse by yellowing lately caused by my extreme coffee addiction! #tiredmomproblems

A friend of mine recently purchased a professional whitening system from her dentist, and spent close to $1000.00 on the entire treatment! That is just far too much money than I’m willing to spend on teeth whitening. I’ve used the strips you can buy at the drugstore before, but they always slip and slide all over my teeth, and when I taste the whitening gel on the roof of my mouth I literally want to vomit. 

Smile Brilliant is nothing like that! Guys, I know I’ve shared products with you before, but I am literally CRAZY for this one and couldn’t recommend it more. I was skeptical but now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks I’m feeling a little more comfortable with my smile, and the trays are so comfortable I forget I even have them in. Best part? The entire customized kit (including all shipping costs!) only costs $139.95. That is a 10th of what you’d pay your dentist for results that are just as amazing. 

The process starts when Smile Brilliant send you a kit to make your impressions. The directions are super easy to follow and I was able to make my impressions and get them in the mail all with a baby on my hip! Simply mix the base paste and catalyst together, press into the mold and bite down. Throw your impressions into the prepaid envelope and send off to Smile Brilliant and your personal trays will be mailed to you within a week. I’m a sucker for good customer service, and they sent me an email every step of the way so I knew where my impressions were and exactly when to expect my trays.

When I use my trays, I brush and floss and use a towel to dry my teeth, inject some whitening gel into my trays, and pop ‘em in! Because they’re made for my teeth, they are truly so comfortable and I barely have a lisp while wearing them ;) If you’re more into video tutorials, pop on over to this Youtube video to see a full review as well as step-by-step instructions.

You can keep the trays in as long as you’d like, no longer than 3 hours. Obviously, the longer you keep them in the quicker you will see results. I struggle with major tooth sensitivity, so I keep my trays in about 30 minutes, and I always follow it up with the desensitizing gel!

The desensitizing gel is a post-treatment that re-mineralizes your teeth and it’s made a huge difference in my tooth sensitivity. Is there anything worse than drinking something ice cold after a whitening session? I am getting  chills just thinking about it. I use my desensitizing gel even on days I don’t whiten because I really feel my teeth have been stronger since using it regularly.

Okay, are you ready for some mind blowing results?

 BOOM! The lighting is a little bit different as you can see in my skin from my before and after photo, but its obvious my teeth are at least 3 shades lighter! And this is with only 3 weeks of 2-3 treatments a week! I haven’t even made a dent in a single syringe, so I know I’ll be able to keep whitening for the rest of the year and my results will be even better. I’m not the only one who is obsessed with their results either- check out these reviews from other users. You don’t have to just take my word for it!

I am so obsessed with my results that I asked my friends at Smile Brilliant if they’d be willing to do a giveaway for you all, and they agreed! It’s even open to you international readers (although if you are outside of the US a separate shipping charge will apply) this link will take you to the giveaway, or you can visit to enter.  The winner will get their customized trays, and will have the option of 3 whitening syringes and 3 desensitizing syringes, or 6 whitening syringes-your choice! 

Happy Whitening!

Until Next Time,

Cost of Teeth Whitening