09 October 2017

What I Wore to Work

Hey, friends!

I haven't had a ton of time to blog lately, so my what I wore posts have gone by the wayside! I've been snapping outfits though the last few weeks and thought i'd pop in with a few.

We're honestly getting to the point where I duplicate outfits, so know that I wear the same thing all of the time! I just don't take pictures of the same outfit twice ;) But you'll definitely see me wearing the same exact pieces week after week.

Pants: Gap Top: purchased from Zulily- here is one similar! Shoes: Nine West

Skirt: Halogen Top: WALMART YA'LL Shoes: Similar

Top: Lush Skirt: LulaRoe which means I can't link it but here is a gorgeous navy one that I want bad ;) Shoes: Similar

Top: Walmart Cords: Old Navy Shoes: Sofft

Jeans: Hudson Shoes: Sofft  Vneck: Madewell Blazer: Express

My LOVE. The only way I could take a photo this day was with my girl. Skirt: Allegra K

I hope you all have the most beautiful week!

Until Next Time,


  1. Great looks! My faves are the jeans and Blazer and the sweet one with your girl!! Happy Monday!

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