Rose & Co Blog: Dockatot to the Rescue!

Dockatot to the Rescue!

Ya'll, newborns are tough. The sleep deprivation is enough to make you lose your mind, and when Sawyer was a newborn, we were lucky to get 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I knew that was absolutely not going to fly when Isla was a newborn, no way would I be able to function as a mother to both and newborn and a toddler if I was only sleeping 2-3 hours a night!

Enter: Dockatot I'm sure you've seen this little contraption around social media or on some of your favorite mom-blogs, and it was literally #1 on my list of MUST haves for this baby! It's a breathable co-sleeper or playtime lounger than we honestly could not live without.

From the day Isla was brought home, she has slept in her Dockatot, and we're now getting 6-7 straight hours of sleep at night. Can I get a hallelujah?!

I'm always having to set her down to chase around Sawyer and I love that the Dockatot is so portable. First thing in the morning after I nurse her, she goes down for a nap, and it's so easy to move her around the house as needed once she is asleep in it.

As ya'll know, we spend our weekends down at the lake, and its perfect to bring down with us for her to rest while we splash around with big brother, it's breathable cotton and a perfect micro-climate for babies, so I know she is comfortable when sleeping in it.

I'm so grateful to Dockatot for providing us with a safe space for our girl to rest, and for the fact that i'm not completely losing my mind right now with these kiddos! I know that we'll be upgrading to the Dockatot Grand , for babies 9 months +, once Isla outgrows her deluxe.

Believe the hype, add Dockatot to your baby registry and you will not regret it.

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  1. This is on my wish list for when we have baby #2 for all the same reasons! I've heard such great reviews of it! Also, she is beautiful!

  2. Loveee the picture of Sawyer trying lick sleepy Isla! That's a keeper for a future graduation party or wedding ;) (not to start terrifying you for those yet...)