13 June 2016

Spring Family Photos

I, along with most of America am feeling sad this morning. So sad that so many innocent lives were lost over the weekend. So much hate in one person, it’s easy to forget about all of the love that most of us carry inside. When you look at the outpouring of support in Orlando today and yesterday it helps you to remember that love will always and I mean always win. In a time like this, I often hear people speak about thinking twice before bringing babies into this world. I feel the opposite. I feel like more than ever we need to be bringing good, loving, accepting humans into this world because they are the game changers. It’s on us to raise these babies to be world-changers. I look in my sons eyes, the biggest, most curious, beautiful eyes, and I see a face full of so much love. That’s how we begin in this world. Hate is a learned trait, so let’s not teach it, deal?

I had planned to share these photos today, and they fill my heart with so much happiness and joy and I see nothing but love when I look at my little family, so I’m sharing ‘em! Jessica Robinson Photography captured our families so well as usual. What would we do without her?!

 I’m going to breathe deeply today, kiss my husband a little longer, let Sawyer fall asleep on me, and give my puppy extra neck scratches because this is the beautiful life full of love that I was blessed with, and the best thing I think we can do for the victims and their families in Orlando is to live, to be grateful for the life we have, and to preach love at every turn.

Be like Jesus. Love like Jesus. Remember, dark cannot drive out dark, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

God Bless you all today,


  1. Love the photos! Your dress rocks and love your sweet words :)

  2. These photos are beautiful! Sawyer favors you so much!

    1. That means a ton to me! He came out looking just like his daddy so I love that he is starting to look a little more like mama ;)