26 August 2016

30 Minute DIY Barn Door Baby Gate

Happy Friday, friends!

Now that we have a little mover on our hands, we're quickly learning the importance of baby proofing. A mobile baby is NO JOKE. It's like these little ones were born with a radar for any and all danger, and they go right towards it every time. We were tired of blocking off the hallway to protect Sawyer from the stairs, so we decided to build a baby gate that fit in with our home decor a bit more than the plastic ones you find at your local Walmart.

This entire project start to finish took less than 30 minutes! I couldn't believe how quick it went, and it was super simple with basic cuts, a drill, and a little paint to pretty her up. And pretty she is :) (insert heart eyes emoji) I'm absolutely in LOVE with the way it turned out and I think it's a real show stopper now, rather than an unsightly plastic fence I would want to hide when company came over. I also like that its a bit of a permanent fixture in our home now, since we will be having  babies i'm sure for the next few years, we'll need the baby proofing for awhile!

To start, head to your local hardware store and pickup the following:

(2) 8 foot 1x6 boards
(6) 6 foot 1x4 boards
box of 2 inch wood screws
wood glue
wood filler
sand paper
mounting hardware
Gate closure

Tools required:
Wood Glue, Miter Saw, Hand Drill, Tape Measure

Start by measuring the width and height of the area you're blocking off, and cut 2 of your 1x6 boards to the size equal of the height, and 2 equal to the width. You're building a box frame for the gate.

Lay the wood together to create your box, ensuring all of the corners lay flush together. Seal with wood glue, and then use wood screws through the back so no screws show in the front of the gate.

Next, you need to cut the inside of the gate to size. Using your miter saw, cut the 1x4s to the size of your frame, and using wood screws, drill them into the frame. A tip- make sure you're leaving a little space in between boards for a more "farmhouse" look.

The "x" is the hardest part of the build, but it doesn't have to be perfect, that is what wood filler is for! Measure diagonally from corner to corner of the inside of your gate. On a 45 degree angle, cut your 1x4 to size. Use wood glue to secure it to the gate and screw into place from the back of the gate. To create the "x" you'll need to measure the distance on the opposite corner to corner and cut the ends at 45 degree angle like you did the first piece, and where it will meet the first diagonal, cut at a 40 degree angle. Don't stress if there is a bit of a gap. Fill in with wood filler, as well as any imperfections you'd like to correct in the wood, and let dry.

From here, I painted on 2 coats of eggshell white paint, lightly sanding between coats, and Jake screwed in the mounting hardware as well as the gate closure. Mount it on your wall, and admire your handy work!

Woodworking can seem intimidating when you first start, but there is nothing more satisfying than using scrap wood from your garage and putting together something wonderful and functional for your family! I should note that Jake has absolutely 0 handy experience that he hasn't just taught himself over time. As scary as it might seem, I promise, with a saw and some wood, you can make miracles happen!

Happy Building!

Until Next Time,


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