04 January 2016

The Year Everything Changed

How do you begin talking about the year that changed your life forever?! Like, what sort of opening line does that begin with. "Hey Guys!" Or, "Happy Monday!" just doesn't seem to fit.

I will say this, I wanted this post up last Friday, New Years Day, but as it goes with mom-hood, i'm always late these days so today is as good as it gets.

Since i'm not quite sure how to open this one up, i'm just going to dive right in to the top 9 moments of 2015. (Like those best 9 instagram collages you're seeing floating around!) I've linked any blog posts having to do with the moment, if I had one! You can click to read more. :)

9.  Changing my blog to Rose & Co Blog

This was such a huge decision we literally stewed over for months. But i'm so glad I did it. It was a big change and Absolutely Arkansas will always live in my heart!

8.  Being promoted at work and taking my first ever trip on one of our corporate Jets.

This was a personal one, obviously, but it was amazing! I love my job, and feel really grateful for one that affords me such incredible opportunities. That reassurance makes leaving my baby at home so much easier!

7.  Buying our first ever new Car!

Jake and I made our first ever new-car purchase this year, and we are SO in love with our Dodge Journey! Lovingly referred to as the mom-mobile :)

6. Sawyer's First Christmas

Although he is still a little tyke, the holidays this year were made so much more magical with him in them. I can hardly WAIT for Christmas this year!

4/5. is a tie for our family and best friends coming out for 4th of July and when our family came out for Thanksgiving & met Sawyer

Moving to Arkansas was incredible for us personally, and for our own family. Jake and I were able to really begin our lives out here, but it meant leaving some of our lives & family across the country, which was and still is painful. Finally having that family here was such a highlight! It makes me so grateful for people to love and miss, even if the missing them part completely sucks sometimes.

3.Standing by our best friends on their wedding day

Gosh, this was a tear-jerker! Jake and I are blessed with 2 of the best friends ever, and their wedding was nothing short of breath taking and we were so glad to stand next to them on that day.

2. Finding out we were pregnant

The day I saw 2 lines on that pregnancy test. Phew. There aren't even really words to end that sentence because it was the best feeling in the entire world. It was every emotion you can imagine wrapped up into one. It will live with me forever.

1. The day our son was born

No surprise here! The day I became a mom. The day everything changed. The best day of my entire life.

I wanted to wrap this post up just sharing some of my goals for 2016. Sawyer says, "woo-hoo! 2016 goals!"

Of course, i'd like to save more, spend less, pay off debt. Get healthy and tone up my new mom-body. But above all, I want to enjoy the moments. My entire life i've lived in this space of "what's next?!" constantly waiting for the next big thing. Be it an engagement, a new house, a marriage, a promotion, a baby, i'm always living unsatisfied waiting for what's next. In 2016 I want to slow down. I want to leave the laundry in the baskets and go on adventures with my baby. I want to enjoy the sleepless nights and sweet cuddles he gives me, and watch in awe as he learns to crawl, not yet wishing for those first steps. This year I want to soak in the time that everyone tells me moves so fast, because I know it will pass by all too quickly. And that is my only real resolution.

Thanks for being the best readers in the world, this is the best space to retire to at the end of the day.

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Until next time,


  1. I can completely relate to your last paragraph. I, too, have always looked forward to what's next, but this year, I just want to enjoy each moment!

    1. It's so important now that we have the babies! Before we know it they'll be off to college. I am going to soak up all of the chaos!

  2. Oh wow 2015 has been a great year for you!
    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I am just now reading this and my resolution is the same as yours. I have always been so focused on achieving the next goal that sometimes I completely disregard what is in front of me. With a new baby that is exactly what I want to do, slow down and enjoy the moment. Everything else can wait.

    1. I hope you're sticking to this resolution, sister! It's made a huge difference in my year. :) Thank you for being such a sweet blog reader.

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