30 May 2017

Sawyer and Isla's Nursery Reveal

First of all, I can't begin to thank you all enough for the incredibly sweet wishes over the last few weeks as we've bonded with our sweet Isla girl. I have so much I want to share. Her birth story, our NICU stay,  baby stories, how we're adjusting, but honestly, life with 2 under 2 has left me with not as much time as I had hoped, but we're starting to see the light and so i'm eager to get back to typin'!

I wanted to pop in first to share Sawyer and Isla's shared nursery. If you remember from our home tour we have plenty of space in this house, but it's basically the worst layout ever. Our master is upstairs and the nursery is the only bedroom on the main floor, right at the bottom of our stairs. Because we have two in diapers, and they're only 18 months apart it made the most sense to just put them in there together. Isla is really only napping in there anyway at this point and sleeping upstairs with us.

You'll notice that we really reused almost everything from Sawyer's First Nursery. It was so painful to leave that space when we sold our house last year! I knew I wanted to incorporate another wood wall into the space, but this time, something more neutral and totally different from the first.

Jake crushed this one! The herringbone pattern is so fun and the light greywash is exactly what I imagined. I love that handy man of mine!

My dear friend over at Averie Lane Boutique custom made this stunning sign for our Isla girl. I was feeling so frustrated by the fact that every sign I was finding was all about being pretty, or being sweet and although I know our girl is all of those things and more, I wanted something that matched all of the signs we hung for her brother and have a quote that reflected being the strong little girl we hope she grows up to be. I think it's absolutely perfect!

This little nook of the room was super easy to spruce up into a little changing station and extra storage. In a shared space like this, it's so important to really utilize every inch in a functional way, and so Jake added some shelves and we were able to make it a spot to hold diapers, books, toys, and change little booties which we seem to never stop doing these days ;)

One question i'm asked all of the time is "how do you decorate with so much white?!" and my answer is simple- make sure you only purchase washable fabrics! The first time I laid eyes on the biscuit rug by Lorena Canals I knew it was meant for the nursery. It's so soft and the perfect size for the room, but above all, it's WASHABLE! I've never come across a rug that is truly washable without pilling or looking just terrible, and we've already had to wash this one twice with our silly little Sawyer constantly rolling around on it, and it looks as good as the day we opened the box. You can feel good about purchasing a rug from Lorena Canals also, as each rug purchased helps to support the Sakula Project which funds schooling for children in India. It's all natural and VOC free, so even if you have it in a space with an itty bitty newborn like our Isla, you can rest easy.

I absolutely love walking in their room and how it came together. It truly turned out exactly how I imagined. If you have any questions on any of the sources in the room not mentioned, feel free to mention it down below or reach out on any of my social media platforms!

I'll be back at the end of the week with a very special birth story. :)

Until Next Time,