11 October 2016

Tips for Decluttering Your Closets

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With the changing weather upon us, I am reminded that the “season of stuff” is upon us, and some de-cluttering is in order. Over the weekend, I took to my closet to rid it of anything I wouldn’t need through the new year, and fill it back up with cozy coats and blanket scarves to survive the cool winter!

As I was decluttering, I came across a ton of things that I really didn’t need to hold on to anymore, so I thought I would share with you a few tips for cleaning up your space!

1) I love to start clearing space by emptying it out. It helps to visually see a closet empty before filling it back up! You don’t have to take every last thing out of your closet before starting, but I would encourage you to be ruthless and anything you know won’t be staying, must come out!

2) I utilize the bin system! I separate my clothing by season and store it in clear plastic bins, and as the month's change, I refresh my wardrobe with what is in storage. I love doing this because it helps me make quick decisions when getting dressed in the morning (fewer choices = no decision paralysis!) and also, taking my clothes out of storage is like shopping! I find things I have completely forgotten about, and I usually fall in love with them all over again. (This weekend it was time to say goodbye to my pretty summer dresses, and hello to blanket scarves!)

       3) Purge, purge, purge! This is my favorite part of decluttering.  Repurposing or selling items you no longer need. For example, have you ever thought of selling your Wedding Gown? When space is limited, this is one piece that is probably taking up A LOT of precious real estate, and by listing it on a site such as PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com, you’re making another bride’s dream come true, and making some money off of your initial investment! It really is a win-win for everyone.

      I pulled my wedding dress out of storage and held it up to myself, admiring the beading I fell in love with, and I knew it would just make someone else's day perfect. It seemed sad to me to leave the beautiful gown hidden in my closet when it could be part of someone’s special day!

      Here's how it works, I browsed PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com and found that when a gown is well described, and well-priced using their wedding dress cost calculator, the dresses sell FAST! The Wedding Dress Value Calculator is a great way to find out how much your dress could be worth. It's not the price you have to set for your dress, but it's a great starting point!

       I also like how they don’t take a large percent of commission from your sale, rather, they take a flat $25.00 fee, meaning you make the most money back on that pricey wedding investment. It might seem crazy, but selling your wedding dress really is the modern thing to do, and you'll be making another bride's special day in the process. I absolutely loved my wedding dress, but it definitely felt like this was the perfect time to let another bride enjoy it! Wear, love, and share!

Remembering that special day :)

4) When I take a look at my home, I really do like to repurpose whatever I can. Diaper boxes make EXCELLENT storage containers, believe it or not! Wrap them in some pretty paper, and they become the perfect storage solution for your scarves or belts.

5) Be willing to part ways. This is sort of an extension of #3, but it really helps to be honest with yourself and ask, "will I really need this?" If you really aren't sure, move it to a storage bin. Chances are, if you haven't missed it all season, you'll be ready to part ways on your next clean-out!

I hope this helps ya'll get your closet space in check! There really isn't anything groundbreaking about it, but sticking to these few rules really will make your space far less cluttered, and leave you with plenty of space to shop for the changing seasons. :)

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  1. I love that you were able to make another bride's dream come true by selling your wedding dress. It was such a beautiful gown and I am sure another bride must be ecstatic right now. #client