23 September 2016

Can a Lipstick Really Last ALL Day?

Happy Friday, friends!

A Friday in FALL at that! It’s been in the 90’s all week here in Arkansas so it’s hardly felt Fall-like, but I don’t care I’m celebrating with pumpkin everything and some deep plum lips! I’ve been talking about Lipsense like crazy over on Snapchat @absolutelykylie but I wanted to pop in here to give my full review.

I should mention that this review is not sponsored. I was provided these products to try free of charge, however, if I didn’t love it…you all would never hear about it again. J

So if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a long-lasting lipcolor that claims it can last up to 18 hours. Yeah, you read that right, eighteen.hours. I’ve read that it really depends on the person and the natural exfoliation of their lips, but I’ve noticed that the lip color lasts more like 6-8 hours on me before it starts to flake a bit.

To apply, you apply 3 coats of the lip color letting each dry 5 seconds or so in between coats. It’s important not to let your lips touch during the drying phase. After your final coat, you finish your look with one of the Lipsense glosses, and then you can rub your lips together all you want!

I’ve tried 2 colors and 2 different glosses. My favorite for every day is Apple Cider, a nude pink color topped with Bougainvillea gloss. It’s such a pretty combo! (and what I’m wearing on Snap today ;) With fall upon us, I’m also loving Napa which is a gorgeous pink-plum color, and I topped that with the original glossy gloss as it’s already such a bright look on it’s own.

I’ve basically exclusively been using Lipsense over the last few weeks, and I’ve noticed it’s important to apply an extra coat of gloss before and after eating to keep your color from flaking, especially if it’s later in the day. The gloss is almost like a protective barrier for your Lip color, and if you’re diligent about keeping it on through the day, your lips will feel hydrated, smooth, and you’ll get the most hours out of your color!

My favorite part of Lipsense is that it’s totally smudgeproof and kissable. Jake kissed me goodbye the other day and went to wipe his mouth off (he hates the feeling of anything on his lips) and was shocked that there was literally nothing there. And with a baby as cute as mine, I have to kiss him at least every 30 seconds and I think he appreciates not being covered in lipstick smooches  from his mama J

So overall, I HIGHLY recommend picking yourself up a starter kit. I think you’ll find that this one tube of Lipsense will replace all of your previously used lip products. (One tube of Lipsense is the equivalent of 5 tubes of regular lipstick) For any of my recently engaged friends who have a wedding coming up-this would be PERFECT for your big day! I wish this existed when we got married!

If you have any questions at all, D’Arcy has been so kind to help me with any help I’ve needed and she has the most gorgeous selection of product over on her website, www.senegence.com/darcyssassylips . Go check her out! You won’t be disappointed J
super fierce embarrassing face wearing Apple Cider

I’ll be checking in on snap all day to share what my lip color looks like every few hours, so be sure to follow me there if you’re still feeling skeptical! @absolutelykylie

Have a good weekend, friends. Will you be picking up some pumpkins? I’m feeling like a trip to the patch is totally in order!

Until Next Time,


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