09 December 2015

Sawyer's Christmas List + Gifts for a New Mama!

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Are you all getting in the Christmas groove? This year getting out and about is a little tougher thanks to our scrumptious little sugar plum, so my Christmas shopping has been done primarily online. I wanted to share with you some products that have SAVED me in the last 6 weeks. (woah...6 weeks. when did my baby become an adult?!) I've also had family members and friends ask me like crazy lately what they can buy Sawyer for Christmas, so I wanted to share a few things that are on our newborn's wish list.

For the new mama:

1) Lalabu Soothe Shirt:

I LOVE this tank. I've used it since I got home from the hospital. Its tight, and it sucks in that tummy that is a little jiggly in those early days. (okay, it still is a little jiggly) There is no need to wear an additional nursing bra with it, and the best part? It has a sweet little kangaroo pouch to hold your little! It's a baby carrier, nursing bra, and tummy sucking undershirt all in one, and any new mom will absolutely love it.

2) Hempz Lip Balm:

My lips are crazy dry in the winter time, and since i'm wearing next-to-no makeup every day, this lip balm gives the best moisture and a little shine at the same time.

3) Kate Spade Water Bottle:

I have 150 of these, but can never have enough! I love this gold Kate Spade glass water bottle, its so cute, and doesn't get water drops everywhere. Plus, if your a new nursing mama, you know, the thirst is REAL!

4) Adult Coloring Book:

Every day, I have a 'to-do' list of 1039 things, however, in those rare moments Sawyer is napping in his crib, sometimes I just need to take some time to let my mush-brain decompress, and these adult coloring books are SO much fun! I love to reheat my coffee, because let's be honest, when do you get to enjoy a warm fresh cup these days, and plug in my favorite podcast while zoning out on some DIY artwork.

5) Comfy Pajama Set:

I don't want to be stereotypical, but it really is hard to get out of yoga pants 6 out of 7 days of the week. Those early, early days I didn't even get out of pajamas. It helped so much to have pj's I felt cute in, even if the rest of me looked like I lived under a bridge. Plus, the button down tops are PERFECT for those middle-of-the-night nursing sessions.

For baby:

1) Bumbo:

Sawyer is already sitting in his bumbo a few minutes a day, and he is JUST PRECIOUS in it! Its great for neck control, and he loves to sit like a big boy for a few minutes so I can actually feed myself. :)

2) Black and White Book:

We've been trying to establish a night time routine, and Sawyer couldn't give a single ef about the books I am trying to read to him. However, i've heard GREAT things about these books capturing baby's attention with the graphic pictures, and being great for their newly focusing eyes.

3) Wubanub:

This should probably be #1 on this list. We don't go ANYWHERE without our Wubanub and we've asked each family member to get S man another! These paci's stay in baby's mouth so much easier with sweet little animal, and they've helped with Sawyer's motor skills too as he is always grabbing the little animal!

4) Stroller Toys:

At this age, it's all about distraction. Sawyer hates his car seat and hates his stroller, but he is so distracted by his stroller bugs most of the time that he doesn't realize how miserable he is. So tough being that kid, I tell you :)

5) Jump Jump:

I know it will be another 2 months or so until we're able to use this, but if family is offering, accept their offer to knock out some of those big gifts you might need in the coming months! I dream about the day Sawyer can work out his sweet chunky thighs while giving mama some hands free time. :)

What's on your Christmas list? Any must-have item for your infant? I'd love for you to share! Even though I know it will be awhile until our pumpkin cares about opening gifts, but mama can't help but buy a few things to put under the tree for our newest family member.

I'll be back Friday with a Christmas home tour! Happy Hump Day!

Until Next Time,


  1. Wubanubs are so cute! I loved these when I used to nanny!

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    1. They are a LIFESAVER! We have one with us at all times.