20 June 2014

The Rosiest Honeymoon Part FOUR! (Incredible Villefranche & Portovenere)

Good morning, beauties!

I really hope you're not sick of Honeymoon photos yet, because I certainly saved the best for (almost) last! The morning we ported in Villefranche Sur Mer, I had no idea I was about to walk into the most gorgeous and charming little town. I won't talk a lot, because these pictures speak for themselves!

Villefranche Sur Mer, France

The colors are so incredible! With the most delicious little cafes at every corner.

Exploring the streets with my handsome husband.

Do you see the color of that water?! The entire town of Villefranche smelled like Lavender, and with that view, its like nothing else i've ever experienced.

Real life, that is someones front door, on the side of a little mountain. So charming.

This was a door at the train station and I loved the color so much I had to bring it home with me.

We enjoyed the best afternoon lounging on a beach in Nice, and I had the most fantastic dessert of pineapple sorbet on top of fresh pineapple.

Gorgeous terraces on our way back from the beach.

The town truly is like walking inside a post card. It was absolutely unreal.

This was our view from the little cafe we stopped at for lunch. They serve beer and olives with every meal and we were both in heaven. Plus the view wasn't half bad either ;)

Portovenere, Italy

You've probably never heard of Portevenere, we certainly hadn't, and many people we spoke with in Italy hadn't either. The morning we docked in La Spezia, Italy, we had every intention of traveling into Florence and Pisa to see the leaning tower, and then soak in some Architecture. When we arrived and found out it would be 150 Euros just to get to Pisa, we decided to ask a local where we should go instead.

We were told to jump on a bus that would take us up the coast and to this quaint little town. The ride up was among the worst drives of my entire life. It seemed to be 120 degrees in that bus, packed with two times the limit of people...all with their arms up in the air holding on for dear life. Did I mention drivers in Italy are absolutely insane? Our bus driver even ran into the side of a mountain and kept on going...we didn't know if we would ever make it.

Holy crap are we glad we did. Without question, Portevenere was the most magnificent place either of us had ever seen. The town was magic.

After cruising the town a bit, and getting lost in the streets, we decided to take an alley staircase up just to see what we could see. We were floored when we stumbled upon this Chapel by the Sea that was built in the early 1200'S! Take a step inside with me...

This old door led to an incredible grotto where you could swim, cliff jump, or just breath in the amazing sea air.

This was the view from the top of the Priest's chambers. We didn't take any photos inside the actual Chapel itself, out of respect for the folks observing prayer, but Jake was able to snap some quiet video that I will post in our honeymoon video Monday.

Those are the priests chambers (now its just an empty building, but it was once where he stayed to keep an eye on the church)

These two places were the highlight of our trip. It was like walking back in time, and the natural beauty was like none other. We had the most incredible honeymoon! In my wildest dreams I couldn't even imagine it being this unreal.

I only have one more day of Honeymoon photos to share, everything in Rome! While we soaked in so much natural beauty in these spots, Rome has our heart forever, as we were able to spend days at a time getting lost, soaking in the ancient city, and falling in love with the people.

Next week will be ALL of the wedding photos too, so get excited!! Have an awesome weekend my beautiful friends, thank you for following along with me :)

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

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  1. GORGEOUS! Wow, some of those places look so beautiful, it's hard to believe they're real! I know you're going to have so much fun framing and printing all these pics!

    1. Girl, I wish I could create a snowglobe that was this city and just live in it! It was beyond perfect!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love reading your posts and looking through the pictures...hoping someday I can travel there with my honey!

    1. Hey, Elisebeth!

      It was the most amazing vacation ever! You have to go as soon as possible, you and your man will love it!


  3. LOVE all these photos!! Also, where did you get that cute black romper? I NEED it!

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