19 June 2014

Honeymoon Part Trois; Marseille, France & Barcelona, Spain

Good morning, friends!

 I am floating on air today! We got our wedding photos in last night, and I have been obsessively reliving that magical day through the photos. If you follow me on Instagram (Kylieh23) you saw a bunch of sneak peaks yesterday, and I promise, more to come :) 

In the meantime, lets go a little out of order and get back to Honeymoon pictures, shall we? Today i'm sharing with you Barcelona, Spain (one of the best cities i've ever been to!) and Marseille, France, which was also incredible. Lets start with this amazing Barcelona Beach.


We were SO excited to be at the beach. With such an adventure of a honeymoon, it was SO nice to spend a little time soakin' up the sun and relaxing.

Some very...er....impressive? Sand castle art on the beach.

I spy a wedding band ;)

We ordered guacamole and chips on the beach (heaven) and it was made 100% fresh right in front of us. It was devoured before we could even pay the guy.

More beach lovin'

The streets were unreal. Barcelona was without a doubt the cleanest city we were in, and getting lost in the narrow streets was totally a highlight of the trip.

It was a Sunday when we were there, so we had the treat of getting to watch all the adorable old Spanish women coming out of these incredible churches, probably off to make some Paella for their families :)

We both agree Barcelona is not a one day city. You need a minimum of a week to enjoy this gorgeous place. The architecture is unreal. We spent the majority of our day lounging on the beach, so we didn't spend enough taking in the incredible  buildings. We put Barcelona on the "must vacation again!" list for the future.

Marseille, France

The city from our short boat ride into town.

Hands down one of those buildings that just makes your jaw drop!

Seriously?! It absolutely blows my mind that this exists. The attention to detail is like nothing else.

A way to a girls heart is most certainly, French Macaroons :)

We had so much fun adventuring with our friends from Missouri. We met them the 2nd night of the cruise, and spent the remainder having dinner together each night (along with lots of Karaoke and fun!) Simon is a Chef for the St. Louis Cardinals so he helped us navigate the menu at this little cafe. (It was all in French and we had absolutely no idea what we were ordering)

Some Wine & Beer. Marseille is known for it's Rose (unknown to this Wine-dummy...thanks for the tip, Simon!) and it was perfect chilled with our meal.

Okay, ya'll...let's talk food.

Our meal in Marseille was to.die.for. Every bite better than the last. Above is Jakes Veal Burger, between a potato cake bun, along with tortellini filled with fresh cheese, and a delicious side salad. Who said the portions were smaller in Europe?

A funny story about ordering in France, we had no idea what we were doing. In Italy & Spain we were able to communicate at least a small amount due to our limited knowledge of Spanish, (and Italian is pretty close to the language) however, in France, we were lost. Our server spoke almost no English at all, and when describing Jake's Veal burger to the best of her ability, she said "baby moooo-moooo!" and we were dying laughing. Whoever said the French weren't welcoming and kind never met these people! We had the most fantastic experience with every person we met in France.

My salad was unreal. The most fresh and delicious produce you've ever tasted, topped with prosciutto filled with olive and anchovie tapenade, and wontons filled with fresh mozzarella and fried. To.die.for.

And to end the meal, Jake absolutely had to try a local beer. I have to say, we didn't have a bad beer the entire trip. In fact, i'd be the happiest girl alive to see Peroni here in the states!

Only 2 more Honeymoon posts to go! Tomorrow i'll be sharing our two favorite cities, Villefranche Sur Mer, France (unreal) and Portevenere, Italy. I might even sneak in another wedding surprise :)

See you all tomorrow!

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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