23 June 2014

The last of the honeymoon fun...(ROME!)

Happy Monday, readers! Welcome to our last installment of Honeymoon pictures. 

I know you are all sick of these and ready for wedding photos already, and I PROMISE those are coming so very soon! As in, tomorrow by 8:00 AM that shiz will be posted and ready for your viewing pleasure. 

But today I will share 52 pictures full of ancient Roman goodness. This city is absolutely to die for. Also, none of these pictures are in order, so bare with me.

Getting lost! The best thing to do was just wander and take in the sites. While making hourly gelato/beer stops of course.

This was Jake feeling like a creative genius wanting to do an entire photoshoot on our hotel balcony.

The Colosseum was breath taking. I just kept touching the walls because it felt impossible that we were actually there touching it. It's such a bummer how blurry these photos turned out. My camera must have been on some weird setting without me noticing. I really tried not to "live through my camera" so we could soak in the moments...but now I wish I would have at least peaked at the pictures while we went!

Above is the Altare della Patria, which is straight out of Gladiator. The thing is palatial.You can't tell, but there are two giant bowls of fire blazing above the steps. It was built as a celebration of Italy, and I would say they accomplished that task.

These photos were right after we were picked up at the airport. After the worlds most insane travel day (think 2 canceled flights, lost luggage, and a 10 hour delayed flight) we were beyond to finally be in Italy. It was like Christmas + Birthday in our hearts.

You could see this little Italian bistro from our hotel window, and we ended up going there for our first Italian meal. It was scrumptious!


Every meal ends in limoncello...our new favorite. It sure does burn going down, but the aftertaste is so refreshing.

This was one of the best meals, and most incredible service we had in Italy. The restaurant was gorgeous and we were treated like royalty from beginning to end of our 4 course, 3.5 hour meal.

I meant to snap a photo of this Caprese before we dug in...but it was too good to wait.

Fresh pesto fettuccine with sauteed shrimp.

Swordfish ravioli in a brown butter herb sauce. The Italians KNOW HOW TO EAT. Almost everywhere it is expected that you get your own appetizer, (antipasto!), followed by your pasta course, followed by your meat course, then dessert, all mixed in with Bread, Wine, and sparkling water. In this restaurant I couldn't finish my pasta as I was already too full, and the chef came out himself asking why I didn't like my meal! I was embarrassed and apologized that it was just that I was full, but the meal was delicious! They really take quality to heart, something we might be lacking in a few of our eating establishments here in the US ;)

This was our first view of Vatican City, which was unlike anything i've ever seen.

Pizza Diavola. The Italian version of an American Pepperoni Pizza, but so, SO much better :)

Did I mention I ate a lot of Gelato?

One of our favorite parts of Rome was that no one judged us for Breakfast Beers/Breakfast Ice cream. In FACT, when I ordered my fruit salad for breakfast, our waiter offered ice cream on top like that was totally normal. You don't have to ask me twice. ;)

Our time in Rome was HOT. The kind of Hot that makes you melt a little with every step. As we were walking into Vatican city, there were these vents blowing out sweet, sweet cold air, and every 10 minutes or so we would stop just to cool our jets. It was heavenly. (Total Pun intended)

The Basillicas we saw while in Vatican City were gasp-worthy. We both stood in awe, trying to soak it in. We didn't take many pictures because we wanted to really be present in the moment. There were so many people from all over the world who had come there to pray, to observe, and to stand in amazement, and it was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen.

Oh and these guards were pretty cool too ;)

I was so sad that when we got to the Trevi Fountain it was drained and under construction. WAH! All I wanted was to be like Lizzie Mcguire and throw a coin in, so Jake told me it still counted if it was empty. I ended up throwing one in the empty fountain, even if it wasn't the same ;)

Our last night! We both drank every last drop of our new favorite beer, Peroni, and got a little adventurous with our appetizers.

Yes, my friends, that is octopus. And for the record, it was awful.

Spaghetti with Goat Cheese, Parmesan, and black pepper. And of course, I had to end our trip with 4 scoops on the way back to our hotel. It may have given be a belly ache, but it was worth every delicious bite :)

Thank you so much for coming along this adventure with me! We were blessed beyond words with this amazing trip, and we truly had the time of our lives. Married life rocks. I love being married! (#newlywed)

Tomorrow will be part one of our wedding photos. And for all of you so not interested in this personal mumbo-jumbo, we spent the last weekend knee-deep in DIY...so more of that is coming your way :)

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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  1. Just passing through and spotted your blog. I was in Rome in September and fell absolutely in love with the city. My daughter and I stayed in Trastevere, and were previously in Florence and Milan. But I do want to let you know that the building that you have tagged as the Roman Forum, is not. It is the Altare della Patria. Sometimes it's known as the 'typewriter' building or 'wedding cake'.


    The Roman Forum is actually on the road to the left of that building. You pass the Forum as you are walking/driving towards the Colosseo.


    I know you had TONS of fun! I hope to return soon....as I'm sure you would like to, as well. (wasn't the food FABULOUS?!)


    1. Hey there!

      Thank you so much for pointing out my mistake! With so many gorgeous buildings, I clearly got some mixed up :) Im so glad you enjoyed your time in Italy! It was certainly the best trip of our lives, we did not have enough time in Rome to soak it all in! The food was out of this world!


  2. Lovely pics; looks like you had SUCH a good time! My husband and I went in 2009 and are going back in a few weeks. SO sad when I found out, today, that the fountain is under renovation, but still so excited to go back to that beautiful place!!

    1. Such a bummer! I seriously almost cried when I saw the fountain was under renovation! That was almost 6 months ago, they must be making it amazing! Thank you for coming by, friend!