24 June 2014

Our Wedding Day; Part One

Good morning, friends!

 The day is here! I am going to share some of our incredible wedding photos with you, and i'm just so darn excited for you to stroll along memory lane with me. All photos were taken by the absolutely incredible Kris Skurja Photography, and if you're in the Southern California area, and in search of a wedding photographer, I absolutely couldn't recommend her more.

Today i'll be sharing the pictures from our wedding morning. Getting ready, and the boys and the girls. Some of my all time favorite wedding pictures are the ones taken in the morning, while nerves are high, and so is the hair ;)

I just love those girls so much! My absolute best friends, the girls I know will be there through thick and thin, no matter what.

Jake and I had our best man/maid of honor drop of gifts and notes from each other before the wedding, and it was emotional to say the least.

I had wanted this Kate Spade "Mrs" necklace forEVER and I thought there was no way Jake would remember. and he did. and I wear it every day :)

But wait! There was more! Chloe "Roses" is one of my favorites, but I didn't own it so I hadn't smelled it in forever. The name was perfect, and so was the scent. Now every time I smell it I remember that amazing day.

Ooooh, but it didn't stop there. Long story short, Jake and I have said "I Lobster You" in place of "I love you" for years. It all started when he was too chicken to say the L word to me, so we replaced it with Lobster, only to find out Lobsters mate for life (thanks Phoebe!) and it's been our thing ever since. That picture in the frame was taken when we were a 15 and 17 year old sophomore and senior in highschool, and the tears just kept on flowing after that one ;)

I made my bouquet from flowers and brooches I had collected throughout our entire engagement. Wrapped in lace and pearls. It sits on my makeup table now as a constant reminder of this amazing day :)

This is my engagement ring and underneath is my "promise ring" Jake gave me for my 16th birthday. I still wear it every single day on my right hand.

Pep talkin' my little buddy. I love this kid so much :)

Dress time!

My dress is Allure 8800.

Two of the most important girls in my life. My sister, Kassidy, and my sweet Maid of Honor, Bree.

My first look with my Dad was almost as emotional for me as the one with Jake. I don't know what i'd do without him!

This is one of the best pictures of the day. I was having a TOTAL "about to get married i'm going to crap my pants" meltdown, and my sister grabbed my shoulders looked me in the eyes and said "you've got this, sissy, go marry the love of your life." This picture is so us. Me freaking out and being my high-strung self, and her calming me down, reminding me to not take life so seriously. I love my baby sister!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures, EVER. In fact, it now sits framed on my nightstand. I can't believe I tricked Justin Timberlake into marrying me ;)

Jake said the minute he opened my letter he just started bawling. It's so sweet to see this emotion on camera. I'm so lucky.

I gave Jake a humidor with his Monogram on it, and inside were 5 of his favorite cigars.

Kassidy, my baby sister

Bree, my best friend and Maid of Honor

Izzy, my sweet cousin and Junior Bridesmaid. Isn't she gorgeous?

This drop dead beauty, Shelby, my other best friend

Brookie, Jakes cousin and my new cousin who I love dearly.

Those are some STUDLY gentlemen if you ask me. :)

The guys bouts were made from shotgun shells. Jake's has a key wrapped around it, and I had a lock hidden in my bouquet.

The best morning ever. And friends, there are SO MANY MORE PICTURES TO COME! And my favorites, the first look pictures between Jake and I. Without a doubt, the best moment of my entire life.

Thank you so much for strolling with me, beauties! Make sure you come back tomorrow for more wedding goodness :)

Until Next Time,
xo Kylie

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  1. I seriously can not get enough of you two! Gives me the chills looking at these pictures! You guys were glowing on that day! Absolutely beautiful and PERFECTLY captured! Can't wait to see more :)

    1. Oh girl, thank you so much! She was an incredible photographer. I can't help but smile so big when I look through the pictures. It was without a doubt, the best day ever!


  2. You guys are too much! I love it! You can see how excited and happy you both are and it is infectious :)

  3. I just ordered the same dress.....did you do ivory or white?? I love it!!! Im so excited about it and did you have to do any alterations??

    1. You picked a great dress, my friend :) I did do some alterations! I had to take it in quite a bit, and I actually wore it with a mermaid slip underneath to add fullness. I loved it in white! But Ivory is just as gorgeous! Congrats on saying "yes to the dress!" :)