18 June 2014

Honeymoon pictures part II (The Royal Caribbean Experience!)

Good morning, readers!

Is it hump day already?! This morning on my drive in to work I reflected on how quick and easy the week seems to be when you aren't counting down the seconds to some big life event :) I have so much more room for activities! (Name that movie)

Today I am sharing part 2 (of what will probably be 10 parts) of our Honeymoon photos. Our honeymoon was amazing in that we took part of it on a Royal Caribbean cruise (the best way to travel in my opinion) and the other part we stayed in hotels on land. 

If you've cruised before, you know there is nothing like it! You're treated like royalty and it's the absolute best way to hit lots of destinations, while enjoying the travel time :) Okay..enough talking lets get to the pictures already!

We traveled on the Liberty of the Sea's, and we have cruised on this ship class before, so it was awesome to have the chance to see the attractions we haven't in the past.

The royal promenade full of shops, restaurants and fun nightly parades and dance parties. (and you'll see in our honeymoon video...the Mr. & I LOVE to get our dance on)

Jake looks so tiny in the picture. But dinner every night was fantastic. I'm going to miss having 3 different desserts in one sitting.

This was the start of our formal night...and it went downhill quick. ;) One too many  cocktails...

The bartenders at our favorite bar on the ship. For the remainder of our cruise we made an effort to stop by and see Mark & Hubert every chance we got.

This is the aftermath of too many cocktails. HA!

This was one of the professional photos taken (mid cocktail...if you couldn't tell) we CRACK UP at this one, it looks like it should be on a booze magazine ad. Oh...and I spy with my little eye a wedding ring on a handsome fella ;)

Having a few glasses of champagne on the Royal Promenade before dinner.

We were so lucky to meet some really awesome friends we did a lot with on our cruise. The couple directly behind me got married on the same day as us and were also celebrating their honeymoon, and the couple behind Jake are a super fun married couple for Missouri that we've vowed to go visit in the future! This is right before Jake & I brought down the house with some awesome Karaoke performances.

Hot DAMN my husband is good looking. ;) Here are the boys enjoying a whiskey and cigar in our ships cigar lounge. So sophisticated ;)

Seriously, I don't know if I can say enough how much fun we had. Just looking through these pictures is making me a grump because I'm sitting at my work desk rather than enjoying vacation. How many days to retirement?

Tomorrow i'm sharing our adventures in Marseille, France and then on to one of our top favorite cities, Barcelona, Spain! Make sure you come back :)

Oh...and a wedding photo or two might creep in in the next few days...and I can HARDLY WAIT to share them with you!

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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  1. Cruises are TOTALLY a lot of fun! P.s. gurrrrl I have been there with the too many cocktails on a ship. I have *been* there. It's strange how cruises can do that and give you this feeling like "but you're on vaca..just have another!" lol love your pics! Cannot wait to see more!


    1. Cruises are the BEST! I am not a drinker in my real life, but for some reason, "just one more" is totally acceptable on vacation!


  2. Looks like so much fun! Love the professional cocktail photo :)
    I'd love to see an entire post done on cruising in itself. I have yet to be able to find one anywhere that gives all the info that I have been researching for before booking ours.

    1. Girl, totally email me and i'll answer all of your questions! We LOOVE cruising! In fact, I am already booking our next one. Hey, they say the best way to get over vacation depression is to book another, right?! :)


  3. Oh, and the fact that your hubby took the reins on the trip is aweseome. I always have to do the planning and packing, still waiting for that "surprise" trip where I don't have to organize or initiate. Perhaps someday!travel now pay later