Rose & Co Blog: 10 Minute Makeup

10 Minute Makeup

Hey, ya'll!

 Today i'm guest posting for the beautiful Sarah, over at Life on Virginia Street. Make sure you go check it out, and of course, don't forget to view some of the other AMAZING inspiration on her gorgeous blog!



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  1. Wow, you got all of that done in 10 minutes?! That's amazing! I need to step my game up! I might time myself tomorrow to see how long it takes me tomorrow. Love your picture for the contouring. I'd love to see your eyes in some 3D Fiber Mascara by Younique!

  2. Gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to make my makeup look that good if I had ten hours to do it, haha! Can I just fly you out to San Diego to do my makeup every morning?! ;)

    Xo, Kayla

    1. You're the sweetest, Kayla!

      I'll make you a deal, i'll totally do your makeup if you style me for the day! I SWOON over your outfits every day!


    2. Looks awesome! Legit better than makeup it takes me even 20 minutes to do lol