19 May 2014

Picture Dump!

Hello all!

 I know I seem like i'm way the heck of the wagon, and I promise, i'm still around! With only 12 short days until the biggest day of my life, my brain is just so occupied! I thought i'd swing on by with one giant picture dump of the past few weekends just to prove i'm still here :)

Puppy eyes slay me.

I grilled my first ever steaks the other night, and they were fantastic.

Summers were meant for fishin'.

Lots of fishin'.

Did I mention, we like fishing?

If you don't have a zoku, you need to get yourself a zoku. Best.invention.ever.

These peonies! AH I LOVE peony season!

Facebooks knowledge of my life is seriously creepy.

Makeup disaster after practicing some wedding looks. I still haven't nailed it down perfectly, but we'll get there...at least I hope so! 12 days to go:)

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful special day! :) (PS: I totally want to save up for a Zoku.)

    1. Oh, Yvonne! You're so, so sweet. I hope its great! I can't wait to share pictures with you. and, YOU NEED A ZOKU IN YOUR LIFE! I use it almost every day. BEST.INVENTION.EVER.

      Have an amazing weekend!