22 August 2012

MY LIVING ROOM! (finally)

 Here it is folks. As promised (a couple weeks ago, ha!) I finally have some updated pictures of my living room. Keep in mind, its still, "in progress" because there are 10 million projects i'd still like to tackle in it. (as well as the rest of my house) but it is perfect for now, and I am so happy to finally get to share!

LOVE this mirror in my entry way
This antique pie table was passed down from my great, great aunt. Cool right?
These home made chalk boards don't work great, but they look pretty!

Sofa table/ Cabinet for extra blankets

A close up of our console table on the back wall
Big comfy couch

Remember my Mississippi mud jars?! They have found their home!

Just a little shadow box of me and my lovey over the years
Have to rep' our PADS!

Our San Diego shrine! These are pictures from our going away, and a letter from our best friends.

The back picture is all of our best friends at our going away party.
My sweet,small little room with a beautiful view

Fisherman ;)

and there she is! So far my project list for the living room is as follows:

-Buy a giant rug to tie the whole space together
-Mount lanterns on either side of the entertainment center
- Buy new entertainment center
-Lay down laminate over the horrible green carpet
- Find more vintage frames to balance out the back wall
- paint pie table white (or another color maybe)

and thats it...FOR NOW! I may be done once this list is checked off, but chances are I won't be. For now though, I need to give it a rest and focus on our bedroom! Which is slowly coming along but has quite awhile to go. I will keep you updated!!

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