03 September 2012

Beachy Waves (even if your nowhere near a beach)

  Hi readers!

  I am so sorry I have been MIA for a week. Its just, ya know, I sat down to write something , and every time it sucked. And since I don't want you to read a whole bunch of suck-words, I took another week off to acquire some good blog material that didn't have anything to do with real estate.

  So instead of instagram Monday, I will give you a tutorial on my favorite hairstyle that I do practically daily.  You see, I have a mane. My hair is l-o-n-g and it chokes me in the middle of the night, and unless I do something with it, its a gigantic mess-hole. SO I will share with you how I create beachy easy waves, and it truly takes me under 5 minutes. Which I love, since I wake up at 6 am and have to leave the house by 7.

So here we go.

Start with bed head. (no you don't get a picture of my bed head!)

Spray some heat spray all over your hair. (No matter what length/type hair you have, you gotta protect it!)

Use your flat iron to curl the  frizziest parts of your hair. I don't do all of my hair, because that would take all day, and I've only got 5 minutes, but some parts of my bed head are so bad that it needs a little hot-assistance, therefore it gets the flat iron treatmement. *Make sure you curl the pieces AWAY from your face.

You will get something like this. (Oh I have to pin my bangs back too cause they are too long and crazy with the bed head, but of course, this step is optional.). This style would be fine as is, but it won't hold well with my mane, and I like something a little beach-i-er. You know, I just got out of the ocean and my hair is blowing in the wind. Like that.

Next, I take a pea-size amount of anti-frizz smoothing cream, and hair gel and rub them together in my hands like lotion almost. (Your fingers will be sticky and gross feeling, and it will feel like their isn't enough to do anything to your hair, not to worry, the next step will help!)

 Now turn your sink on very low, and dip your hands underneath, creating a wet, sticky, mess, that you can now scrunch your hair with! 

  Dip your hands under the water and scrunch your hair all over until your hair is officially beachy enough for your liking. Then hair spray all over and VOILA!

Ta-Da! You have tamed the mane for at least one day, and it was pretty simple if I do say so myself!

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  1. You have such beautiful, long hair! I love the tutorial and am going to try it out :) Iskra

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