06 November 2013

A Cozy Fall Mantel

Disclaimer- These photos are blurry & grainy and impossible! With the grey weather for days...it's just what we're dealing with, folks :) PLEEEAAASEE Santa, Bring me a DSLR for Christmas

One word, friends. Thanksgiving. Let’s just take a moment to let that sink in. THANKSGIVING. Seriously? How can it possibly be here already?

This year flew by in a way I never imagined! Last Thanksgiving I was hoping and praying I’d get engaged. (I didn’t). I remember hoping he’d say something like “This year I’m thankful for my Fiancé” and BAM there would be the ring, and I would jump for joy that he didn’t hide it in the mashed potatoes.
None of that happened, & I’m a psycho for trying to plan it all out in my head like that. (Please tell me I’m not the only one?). I’ll have to share our real proposal story with you one of these days, because that is a good one.
Anyways, I say all of this because I’m about to show you what I’ve got for Thanksgiving. I sure do love the Holiday. I mean, what’s better than eating until you want to throw up, all in the name of Gratefulness? Even though I love it, it seems that my decorations are lacking. You see, I’ve got 5+ boxes of Halloween Décor, and probably 8+ of Christmas, yet for Thanksgiving, all I’ve got is one measly little half full box of a few fake leaves & pumpkins.

I’m determined to make the most of it though, and share the little bit that I did put up. (I’m really just trying to hold myself off until Christmas at this point)

I took it easy on the Mantel.  The “My Barn is your Barn” sign I picked up for $1.00 at a Thrift Shop (I’m gonna pop some tags), and the pumpkins are leftover dollar store pumpkins I used on the Halloween Shelves. I printed some awesome Free Printables and framed them to round out the display.
Is this little pathetic owl the cutest, or what?! Again, another Thrift Shop find. I think he was something like .25 cents.

The little leaf garland was easy to throw together in a snap.  I just hung some fishing line, and tied knots through the fake leaves I picked up at the dollar store. Works for me!

I love double duty décor. If I can use it for a spooky Halloween Mantel & a cozy Fall one, I’m all in!
What is your favorite Holiday to decorate for? Are you decked out in Thanksgiving, or already putting up Christmas? I’d love to know if I’m not the only crazy person around here!

Until Next Time,

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  1. So cute with your hopes for no mashed potato engagement rings, ha! I so hear ya. Totally did that in my mind and somehow the real proposal is always so much better! Love your tday display… I'm too lazy to transition and just wait till Christmas!

  2. Love your fall mantel. It's really nice. I will be looking for that post on your real engagement. I like the engagement story that you came up with. I love to decorate for fall as it's my favorite time of year but there is also something about Christmas. I can't wait, it's just another time of year that I love. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations.

  3. THIS IS SO CUTE. I stumbled upon your blog a couple days ago because I use blogspot for a class and of course my former ASB president is as organized as always. My boyfriend Faro just recently bought a house and I forward him EVERYTHING off your blog. I read it religiously. Keep up the good work ky, and thank GOD jake finally proposed ;)

  4. Bahh haha! You crack me up!!! I was literally LOL'ing at the ring in the mashed potatoes part! You are not the only one to think out those situations in your head, I do the same thing! I LOVE the mantel/ mantle...however you spell that word LOL! I have NO Thanksgiving décor (tear)!

  5. That mantel is ADORABLE! Absolutely love it.

    This is my first time here & I just want to say that your blog header is adorable too! Really caught my eye.

  6. Thanksgiving is my favorite! And I love the mashed potato "dream." :)


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