11 November 2013

Thanksgiving Round Up

Happy Monday, All!

 Great news...only 5 more days until the weekend. :) So, last week, I sort of let the ball drop on my Thanksgiving posts. This daylight savings crap ending really messed with my photo taking times, and it was just not happening. The only post I was able to get out was our Thanksgiving Mantel, and even those pictures suck. So today, i'm here to share with you EVERYTHING...all in one wrapped up little package. :)

Since you already saw the Mantel last week, we will start in the kitchen

Just a few layered printables with some pumpkins on the table. Nothing too impressive, and by now you probably feel as though you LIVE in my kitchen with all of the different pictures I always post of it ;)

Moving onto the entry...

I shopped the house for this one big time. I really wanted to save money for extra Christmas d├ęcor this year, so I just threw a cute printable in a frame, and some leaf garland & called it a day. (Another giant apology for the quality of these poopy photos)

We make a quick stop to check out a baby pumpkin in the living room...

He actually has a small spider on him so technically he is for Halloween...but if you flip him around...no one will ever notice :)

Don't forget to check out the wreath on your way out!

My Halloween Mums died, (big surprise there with my black thumb) so I just brought the pumpkins in, and bought a 7 dollar 70% off wreath at HomeGoods the day after Halloween. It even lights up at night!

Remember when I said Thanskgiving decor wasn't my passion in life? I mean, I think this little bit of effort counts for something...but I am truly already counting down the putting up our tree.

But WAIT! The fun doesn't stop there. Gather yourself some awesome printables from the bloggers below :)

Give Thanks Turkey @ My Fabuless Life
I Am Thankful For You @ Landee See, Landee Do
Grateful Heart @ Stay at Home Artist
Grateful Plate @ Landee See, Landee Do
Keep Calm & Gobble On @ Craftily Ever After
Full Thanksgiving Collection @ TomKat Studio

I hope you enjoy! Go decorate a little...if anything to hold yourself off the 44 days until Christmas :)

Until Next Time,

xo Kylie

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  1. Ok will you come decorate my house pretty please?!? (: I LOVE all of it!

  2. It is all so cute & perfect!

  3. Awesome Thanksgiving stuff. When should you expect me for dinner?


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