17 September 2013

The Great Purge!

Good morning my favorite friends!

 I need to let you know something about this week before we get into the rest of it-it's going to be a slow blog week around these parts. As I mentioned last week, my Gram Gram is in town, and so the DIY is definitely slow around here, while we soak up as much time as possible together. :)

With that being said...let me jump into some embarrassing pictures. I'm talking shut-the-door don't-let-other-people-see-it, embarrassing.

Last week, Jen over at iHeart Organizing talked about her Monica Closet. You know, that one space in your house that has absolutely no organization, or rhyme or reason for being so terrible?! That would be my dresser drawers & closet. They are terrible.

We're so lucky in our house to have 2 master closets, so Jake has one, and I have one. And most of the time...mine looks like this:

(Please don't pluck out your eyeballs)

I know. How hard is it to really put your shoes away?

I have big plans for this closet. I'd like to clear it all out, paint it, add some sweet baskets and a new hamper. And get rid of the horrible light fixture for a Chandelier.

So those are my plans. So lets consider this After a "before 2.0"-

I even kept it color-coordinated!

 I went through and purged big time. I got rid of TONS of stuff, in preparation for my annual shopping trip with my Grandma, and I went through and organized it all up. Which helped a lot...but this closet still has a long way to go.  The OCD in me is especially embarrassed that my hangers don't match. About 80 percent of them do, but the other 20 are hodge podged from when I need a hanger quick and i'm all out. I need to just bite the bullet and go buy another 50 pack of my favorite huggable hangers.

I also cleaned out my dresser drawers and folded them horizontally...which is basically the smartest tip I have ever read. Look at how much more room there is for activities: (name that movie)

Holy crap! It makes such a huge difference. Seriously, I am not even going to scare you with the befores in these drawers.

Of course, no Purge is complete without the depression that follows when you realize that you don't fit in some of your clothes anymore...

This is sad. I couldn't even pull up my $200 dollar size 24 True Religions over my knee's. What the eff, man!

And if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see my Hollister-Hoochie shorts that I just couldn't get rid of...you know...cause of the memories. ;)

Call me old fashioned, but I'm pretty sure that shorts are supposed to cover your vagina...Bright side is if I wore these in public now-adays I might score a new job as the Fashion Advisor for Miley Cyrus.

All in all, I was able to donate easily over 100 pieces of clothing to Goodwill, which is always nice to do.

I can't wait to show you guys some closet progress in the coming weeks...i'm ready to make it fancy pantsy and organize the socks off of it. (well...socks can stay in there...you know, cause that's where socks go & all).

Tomorrow i'll be sharing some serious fall-favorites. I can't wait to go shopping this weekend...and I took major stock of my closet so I know what to buy! I hope you'll come back despite the slow DIY week ;)

Until Next Time,


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  1. Gah! I need to clean my closet out so bad!

  2. My closet looks pretty much the same. I purged and donated a lot of clothing before we moved, but I think I have to do it again! PS: Isn't the worst when your fav/expensive clothes decide they quit you? Bummer.

  3. I love a good purge but for some reason it always seems to fill right back up, have a great visit with your grandma ~ Lisa

  4. you're inspiring me to do my closet! I DID get rid of a lot of stuff. If by "get rid of" I mean I decided to get rid of it and it's in a pile on some other side of my room.
    Hopefully I can get to it and get my closet organized!!

    Have a great week with your grandma!!

  5. Aww man I had to purge 95% of my closet when Adam and I made the move from Boston to Phoenix!! We only brought 2 suitcases when we flew, and did not have anything shipped to us. We donated all of our furniture, clothing, etc to the battered women's shelter near our old house. Purging FTW!

    I miss my grammy so much--glad I am headed home in October to be with family!

    PS. Your closet look superb now! Hard part is keeping it like that, am I right?? Haha

  6. I'm such a dang yo-yo (I almost typed ho-ho). I have clothes in about 4 different sizes. I get rid of the skinny clothes, then I lose weight. I get rid of the fat clothes, then I gain weight.

    But were you in your undies? I thought so. You're very brave. I miss being young and skinny. :P


  7. Can't wait to see your closet makeover. I am sure it's going to be very nice.