18 September 2013

Love List- Fall Wardrobe Favorites

Hello! And welcome back to another edition of the slowest blog week in history ;)

Just kidding. I'm tryin' to at least keep you giggling around here. Remember yesterday how I showed you how embarrassing my closet was? I hope you've fully recovered from the pain that was that unorganized mess.

One of the things I did when cleaning out my clothes was to take inventory of my clothes, and make some lists of things I need for Fall/Winter. Lucky for you-I've compiled a list of some things I am absolutely obsessed with...and will be so simple for you to snag for yourself, cause they're all online at F21 & Old Navy! ;)

So my fellow blog friends- I bring to you-

Lets start with Shoes, shall we? I love me some shoes. Don't hate me...but I hate heels. I will do whatever it takes to not have to wear them. This Fall i'd like some new flats, and maybe one pair of boots:

Women's Pointed-Ankle Flats
Women's Tall Faux-Leather Riding Boots
Moving on to Scarves and Tights! Gimme Gimme Gimme. I love a scarf any time, really, but for Fall/Winter in the Ozarks they're a must. So are tights! I like to get wear out of my dresses...but you won't catch me dead without somethin' coverin my leggies when the leaves are blowin'.
Women's Animal-Print Infinity Scarves
Women's Microfiber Tights
Blazers & Coats! I love Blazers. I wish I had 5 more. They dress up any outfit, are perfect for Casual or office. Obsessed. I also like to buy one more winter coat each year to add to my collection:
Women's Twill Peacoats
Sweater Dresses. LOVE for fall. Pair with a scarf + leggings and you're as cozy as can be.
Women's Crew-Neck Sweater Dresses
Women's Striped Sweater Dresses

So those are some fall staples i'm loving right now. I just had my ears pierced about a month ago, so i'm really lookin' forward to buying my first earrings for fall too!

I really like to stretch my wardrobe by using summer pieces for Fall. Like adding tights and a blazer to a dress, or styling a Maxi like this:
Wearing Maxi's in the fall and winter.  This is definitely happening for me this year.

Or this:

more here
So cute, right?! I hope you'll go spoil yourself and buy some new fall clothes...cause you deserve it! (Just pull the age old..."Honey I've had this FOREVER" trick when he asks where all your new clothes came from ;) )
Until Next Time,

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  1. I became a boot fanatic and bought 3 pair of Born boots last year. Those pups ain't cheap, but they sure are comfy! I also love blazers but have had a hard time finding any yet this season.

    I saw that blonde chick in the maxi and I thought you went crazy and bleached your hair. Then I saw the next picture and thought, Oh...there you are. :P

    OH! I've been known to buy something, stash it in the closet for a month, THEN wear it. Then I can say it's not new. (Sound familiar??)


  2. Love love love! Great (and affordable) finds! I want those heart tights and the polka dot dress!

  3. "Honey, I've had this forever!" --- OMG yes!!! Haha totally does work!