20 September 2013

The Perfect Match

Happy Friday y’all! Woot woot! Another week down…we made it! This weekend I will be decorating the crap out of this place. It’s been fall in my heart for awhile, but I needed some time to group it all together…and the Halloween decorating is officially underway.

This engagement gift is really darn special to me, mostly because my best friend in the entire world is the one receiving it. J 2 of my very best friends to be exact. Bree is my best friend, Tyler is Jakes best friend. They got engaged last Saturday like I mentioned here and I have never been more happy for 2 people in my life! In fact, Tyler is Jake’s best man, and B is my Maid of Honor. Funny how well things worked out around here J

 Bree and Tyler are our family. The 4 of us make our own little family, and I don’t know what I’d do without them!!

Okay, now that this has turned into a sob-fest…let’s get into their engagement gift. That I have had ready for weeks ready to send! I couldn’t wait for Tyler to just pop the question already so I could send it their way!!

I printed up a sweet little tag using my favorite tag printing method …get it? The perfect Match? Ha ha ha ha! I attached it to a little jar full of matches.

To go with the matches, we included a cigar for Ty, and a candle for Bree. (I went with “flower bouquet” again…get it?!) So clever this brain of mine. (so humble too).

I tossed it all into a cute little box from hobby lobby, tied it with some raffia and sent it on its way. They loved it, and it was a small little token of Congrats from their best friends J

The fun doesn't stop there, friends! Because I love you all SO much...I've included a cute free printable for you to use on a tag of your own!

 Or you can use....

All you need to do is right click, and save your image. Save & use my tag printing method to print one of your own. :)

We love you Bree and Tyler! I’ve never been so happy for any two people in my life!  May God give you the most beautiful life together, with more love than you know what to do with! (and lots of cute nieces and nephews for me to snuggle:) )

Until Next Time,

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  1. Awesome gift, hilarious pics...why aren't the boys sticking their bums out?! :P


  2. How cool that your best friend is your fiance's best friend's fiance. (I'm sorry if I made that seem more complicated than it is). =D

    What a cute gift you've made for them too. :)

  3. This is perfect! Thanks for the idea :)

    1. You're so welcome! I hope your friends loved it!