27 August 2013


Get it? Like “selfie!” Maybe not so much, seeing as my kitchen shelves can’t take a picture of themselves, being that they are inanimate objects and all. I won’t have a ton of words for you in this quick update post, but I can tell you that Jake hates me every step of the decorating-way.

 I really believe that decorating is a process. You put something somewhere, and then in a month you might realize it looks so much better somewhere else.  That’s happened several times in our kitchen. I made a simple chalkboard using an old picture frame and some paint (no tutorial necessary…I think you can imagine how we put it together) and hung it horizontally above the table.
I have thought from the beginning that it would look so much better vertically so…I changed it. And dang right…it looks way better.  Jake hates my ever changing mind though. Because he gets most of the work ;)

Anyways our dining room is practically non-existent. It’s TIIIINNNY so I’m faced with creating an impactful space with small things. No buffet or adorable china hutch in here. Shelves are an easy, cheap decorative solution that I think pack quite the punch.

 I just love how they turned out! I picked up knick-knacks here and there, mostly thrifted or from home-goods. 

I just love the beer print. “You’re just like Beer, you make everything better”. Ain’t that the truth?

I also added a little Ikea spice jar to keep chalk in. (It's hidden behind the napkins) Simple and free since I already had it on hand.

I am obsessed with this little sugar tin. I found it at a thrift store for ONE BUCKAROO. I snagged it so quick, and looked around to make sure no one else saw me grab the best thing in the place.

These letters were a fun little project i'll share with you this week. Best part is...the whole thing was under 3 dollars.

How great are giant Mason Jars?! I saw one that was a whole gallon the other day and almost snagged it up. This one is only a half gallon...but I loveee it none the less.

My chalkboard secret is this: be a copy-cat. I am terrible at chalkboards. I just melt at Jessica over at Little Baby Garvin and her ability to just dream up an amazing, beautiful creation. Nope, not me! I go on Pinterest or Etsy and search chalkboards prints and try to draw them out myself. {Usually unsuccessfully…teach me to be as creative as you ladies!}.

This kitchen has a long way to go. It’s probably the most complete room in the house, yet we have big, big plans. Don’t worry, Jake, you’ll have plenty of time to hate me along the way. J

Until Next Time,

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  1. lol hope you are using Hercules Hooks! I leave so many holes in the wall w my ever changing decor :)

  2. Love how you decorated your SHELFIE! Love the mix of old and new and I actually like how you pushed the table against the wall Kylie! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Hi Kylie, thanks for visiting my blog. I love how you decorated the shelves. My favorite is the painted mason jar with the flowers. It's really pretty. You did a fabulous job on this whole area. Really nice :)

  4. Love this space!The shelves add so much interest! If you get a chance, please link up to my link party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/08/sunday-linky-23.html

  5. This looks great!! I'm co-hosting Tell Me Tuesday this week and you should come link up with us at www.craftdictator.com!!

  6. This is...stunning!!

    OH MY GOSH I am sorry if you feel like I'm stalking you haha I just love your blog so much!


  7. just stumbled upon your blogs and I am smitten!! You now have a new follower!!

    Cindy @http://momraisingherboys.blogspot.com