28 August 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Good morning, readers!
 I am still thrilled about this amazing blog design. Did I mention that? I say "goodnight" to it every night....creeeepy. ;) Today I have a fun little party garland for you, that is a little time consuming…but so worth it on the adorable factor! You may remember this garland that was posted a LONG time ago. This is really similar, but I think way prettier. I love the illusion that the hearts are "floating", & using the fishing line really does that!

 We may be using this in our upcoming wedding…(cough cough…we totally are). I’ve had this struggle with how much of our wedding I should blog about. Trust me folks, I’ve got some solid material here, but I can’t give away the surprise when the big day comes! There will just be a series of fantastic posts after May 31st, 2014. (How many days now?! I can hardly wait!)
I'd also like to mention, it's tough to photograph these in small quantities. We've got well over 300 strands for our wedding...ah I can hardly wait to show you!

For this fun little project you’ll need

old books (I used some of Nora Roberts Finest)

Clear fishing line

Hot glue

I’m willing to bet you have these things lying around your house.  Really, it’s simple.  Cut your hearts. I find this to be easiest if you have a good template. I printed a nice size heart out on a piece of cardstock so I could use it to trace. Once you’ve stockpiled your hearts, (I used over 2000, and had hand cramps for a week) all you do is glue them to the fishing line. Dab some hot glue on a heart, place the fishing line in said glue, sandwich it between another heart and voila! Seriously, couldn’t be any easier.

It really helps to use the most Vulgar old-lady sex books you can find...HAHA!

Please excuse my bony-alien finger!

I can’t wait to show you how we use these on our special day. For now I have to go nurse my finger burns. (Kylie+Hot Glue= a mess everytime).

Until Next Time,


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  1. omg it is coming soon! yay! I can't wait to see and hear all about it!