23 April 2013

An empty home tour!

 Well,  hello there!
 My last post was on Februrary 1st. It's April 23rd...(now that's embarrassing). I am a terrible blogger. I have dreams of blogging, and I take 1 million pictures that I am sure will make a fantastic blog post, and then nada. Nothing. Too lazy. Thanks for checking, but no.

 Today will not be one of those days! I have a post CHALK FULL of pictures (did I use the right "chalk" there?). Keep in mind, not a single one of these pictures is edited. Most of them were taken during the escrow phase of purchasing our new home.

Wait one second here, NEW HOME? You didn't say anything about a new home! Oh palease...Mom, I know you're the only one that reads this blog anyway...and I know you knew all about it. :)

At any rate, yes! Jake (my fiance...I did tell you we got engaged...so I am not THAT much of a failure) and I bought a home! We signed the offer papers in the beginning of Februrary, and then we waited. We waited, and then we waited some more. Our escrow took 48 days, WAHH! But hey, who's counting, we're in our house now, and I literally am smitten.

 Here are some fun facts about our sweet little starter home.
It's all brick. So hopefully a tornado wont be blowing it over anytime soon.
It has 3 bedrooms. and 5 bedroom closets. Perfect! 4 closets for me 1 closet for Jake :) (I kid..sort of)
2 bathrooms
A gigantic Fireplace
and its full of lots of love because we live there!

 Okay, sick of words yet? Without further adieu...the Rose Home:


Give our dead grass a break! It's almost summer, and getting greener by the day. :)


Living Room

(Hi Jacob, and Inspector man!)

This is the aftermath of lots of boxes. :)

I am literally dying to rip this carpet up and lay down hardwoods.


No drinking problem over here!

So this is cheating, because this isn't the kitchen completely empty. It's pretty blank...but we did paint it from the horrible sage green, to a stone grey, that I am totally obsessed with. If you couldn't tell, I also had some issues deciding on the placement of the table. Don't worry though...when we do the REAL kitchen tour, you'll see what we decided! (Because I just KNOW it's going to keep you up at night)

Laundry Room

Nothin' special here, folks. It hasn't even been painted yet! But I do love this washer and dryer with my entire soul. :)

Guest Rooms

Again, nothing special. They both look exactly the same, and you can really tell how horrible the sage/avacado/baby poop green that the ENTIRE house was...in these photos.

Guest Bathroom

This is the color it has been painted. Its the most lovely taupey grey that I just adore. Of course, better pictures to come!

Me risking my life to paint the top of the vaulted ceilings!

Master Bedroom

Mid-paint, obviously.

Mid-Mess, Obviously.

Master Bathroom

Jake's yucky boy closet

Kylie's beautiful girl closet :)

And that my friends, is that! I promised pictures I didn't say they would be good pictures.Now you know what our blank slate looks like. We were very lucky to buy a brand spankin' just built  new home, so our project list is small compared to some. I can't wait to show you our home unfold. And I PROMISE to do so! I wont be a bad blogger, I won't be a bad blogger! (I will not tell lies, I will not tell lies...name that movie...AND the character :)

I hope you enjoyed. I promise to come back before Christmas. ;)

Until Next Time,


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  1. KYLIE FRELM!!! I read your blog all the time!!!!!! I know this blog was especial for me :) Im so glad I got to see your new love nest! Now no babies yet. You have thousands of DIY projects to do before you do BABY DIY projects! Love you!

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