24 April 2013

5 dollar, no sew...wait for it....DRAPES!

Hey, team!

2 DAYS IN A ROW?! I'm feeling like blogger of the year over here! I've got a tutorial for you today that is so simple, it just may insult your inteligance. Do you love drapes? I do. I prefer them over traditional blinds because they let so much more light in, and let me tell you, the best decoration you can have in your home is good light.

 I love drapes so much, and my future husband hates them. Why? Because they are damn expensive. 25-over 100 dollars for a PANEL. I can't afford that!

So, why not sew em yourself, Kylie? Well, mystery person asking me this question...I...I...(shyly looks down, ashamed) don't know how to sew!! wahhhh, and I also don't own a sewing machine. No worries my friends, I plan to purchase the cheapest sewing machine alive and youtube teach myself very soon. It's on my agenda.

 In the meantime, Hot Glue is my friend. My hot glue gun, Pinky, and I have been through countless adventures together, and I this one may be my absolute favorite.

For 2 panels to frame a window, you'll need 1 twin sized flat sheet from Wal-Mart.
you'll also need an Iron, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and a BUNCH of glue sticks.

First, you need to cut your sheet in half. Want the easiest tip on how to do this? Cut right through the seam, and then RIP! It will be a perfectly even line, and it's WAY easier than cutting anyway.

I just folded the sheet in half, cut through this seam, and ripped down the middle.

Next, take ONE of your panels and lay it out on a large surface. I used my kitchen table!

 As you can see, there is a perfect line along the edge where you ripped, just waiting to be hemmed. Enter: hot glue. But not yet!

Now you need to fold down that exposed edge about 1 inch. However you want it to look will be perfect, I just wanted a small-medium edge.

Unfortunetly, I don't have a picture of the ironing. But I probably saved myself from some burns...Iron this edge all the way down, it keeps it from moving once you start gluing. Do yourself a favor and don't skip the ironing step, it will work WAY better if you just do it.

Hey there, Pink! It's time to start gluing. Take your hot glue, and spread a thin line as close to the rough edge as possible. Try to keep this even. Go slow! We're not in any time crunch here!

After you have "hemmed" the edge, fold the top of the sheet over, just enough to accomodate a curtain rod. Iron, and Glue.

TA-DONE! Couldn't be easier. Seriously. I was so happy with how these turned out, because they are all the way to the celing, and just touch the floor.I also made 2 panels for the living room out of a Queen flat sheet I had lying around, and I just adore the way the billow on the ground, and cover the windows but give enough light to brighten up the room.

Seriously, how easy was this?! It took me about 1.5 hours for 6 panels. Hanging time included! That is totally do-able during a good naptime! (Husband or kids...could be either!) I am always on the lookout for some cute flat sheets now, because I have caught the curtain fever!

 Let me know if this worked for you, or if you have any great suggestions that worked better when you tried it out!

Thanks for checking in!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Oh my! I just might make this happen this weekend! I have a guest room that's currently bare! Thank you for the tutorial! I found you over at SNAP!

  2. Don't feel bad about not knowing how to sew. Even though I have an awesome sewing machine, I still hate dragging it out and getting it set up. It takes so much more time. I avoid it whenever I can! I love using my glue gun instead. Thanks for sharing over at Whatever Goes Wednesday! :)

  3. Kylie,
    Loved reading about your new home and especially how you made your drapes. Also love interior decorating. Drapes can really make a statement and they're sooo easy. May I offer a few suggestions?

    Those matching pillowcases can be used to make a valance to hang between the panels at the top. They usually have seams along only one long side and at the bottom and have a nice tailored hem with a tuft or two. Rip out the seams. Glue the two pillowcases together. Hem each side with the same size hem you used on the panels. Cut the unfinished end off leaving enough to make a hem the same size as on the top of your panels and hem. Valances are usually 12-16 inches. Or make them long enough to hang past the top of your window a few inches.

    And don't limit yourself to sheets. All that fabric at WalMart!! Fabric comes in widths of 36", 45", 52-54", and 60". A nice pair of panels is twice as wide as your window (i.e. if your window is 36" wide - make two 36" wide panels; 42" window, use 45" wide fabric and make two panels, etc.). If you want your panels a little fuller, make the total width of the two panels three times as wide as the window (i.e. 36" window times 3 = 108" so use fabric that is 52"-54" wide for each panel; 42" window times 3 = 126" so use 60" wide fabric, etc.).

    When you use fabric instead of sheets, you can purchase a little more to make accents - all no-sew just like the drapes you made. A square of the fabric can be made to drape diagonally on the back of a chair, in the center of the dining table to set your centerpiece on, to top a small table, to drape on those cute little suitcases you have in the living room, make a bow to tighten up the corner of your slipcover and just use a safety pin (a good heavy one) to attach it. For more ideas, look at the home decorating section of the pattern books.

    I hope you can use some of my ideas. If you get stuck on a project and want some help, let me know. I'd love the opportunity to help.

    Good luck to you and your hubby,

    1. P.S. Welcome to Arkansas. Sorry about all of our naked hillbillies running down the road! That backwoods moonshine does funny things to their brain cell.

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