01 February 2013

Wedding shenanagins

What is up bloggy friends?! As promised…I’m here for a little update…nothing that special but I thought I’d share! As I let y’all know last time I actually posted something around here, Jake and I GOT ENGAGED! YAY! 5 years dating, and he finally popped the question. Planning has been an absolute stressful blast, but it totally takes over my life. The first super fun project I got started was our wedding party boxes. We needed to ask our friends in style, naturally. (There is a lot of pinterest pressure these days peeps). Anyways let’s start with our adorable Bridesmaids and Groomsmen:

Could we have a better looking wedding party? Love em all to pieces.

Now on to the part you all actually care about. The boxes!

For the ladies: we had some Champagne, (sparkling cider for my underage cousin), a freaking adorable wine cork with a diamond ring on it, and I made up little envelopes with personal notes asking them to be in our wedding. Also in the envelopes, I added a list of the other bridesmaid contacts, a note about how I’d like the dresses, and some paint swatches to match their dress to.

For the gentlemen: We threw in a little rocks glass, a can of coke, and a little bottle of whiskey (Little bottles of grenadine for my other underage cousin) I also printed little cards requesting their service as a groomsman, and printed their name on the front envelope with a cute little mustache. How much do you love mustaches by the way? Not totally sure where the heck that trend came from…because a man with a mustache looks like a 70’s adult film star, but those little black mustache characters GET TO ME EVERY TIME. I wouldn’t even mind having a mustache themed wedding, no?

I had one heck of a time finding boxes to put em all into. I eventually found some really cute little birthday boxes from Hobby Lobby (I think I’ve mentioned to you before my love for Hobby Lobby), and I just picked up some cute craft paper and hot glued it to the outside to cute-it-up a little. My Mom said it was important to let everyone know what date our wedding would be and since we aren’t ready to send out save-the-dates, I just printed little notes and used em as a package seal. Wrapped in some raffia and to the post office we went!

And that was that. They obviously all were down to be in the wedding, because they all said yes, but honestly…how could you say no to cute little packages like that? So honored to have such great friends standing up next to us on our special day.

I just LOVE love!

We’re headed to Dallas with our best friends for the weekend…hopefully I’ll have some fun pictures to share from THAT adventure when we’re back.

Until Next time-

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  1. how fun is that?!! I am so excited!

  2. Just so you know it is against postal regulations to ship alcohol in the mail.

  3. Really cute idea. What size box did you use?

    1. Thank you, friend! I think everyone loved it. It was a medium takeout box from hobby lobby, I wish I could remember the specifications!