11 September 2012

Food freezin'

  Hi readers!

  How the heck are ya? Fantastic I hope!

  Before anything else, i'd like to take a minute to really thank our troops, and remember all those who lost their lives after the heartless acts that happened 11 years ago. I am so proud to be an American, and I know all of you are as well, so it goes without saying but, we will never forget!

  Now back to the blog world.

  I have been "food prepping and freezing" for awhile now, and its one of the best ways to save money on groceries. Which are expensive as hell! Granted, I feed 2 people, and many of you have tiny human mouths to feed, which would make your lives even MORE expensive! I do not look forward to the day I have hungry teenagers to feed, no siree.

  Here is how you can save save save in 3 easy steps:

1) Meal Planning. I know, I know, this is stupid and annoying and everyone says you should do this, but there is a reason. It works! I usually jot down 6 meals per week (1 leftover fridge clean out day) and do shopping accordingly.(Use coupons if you can!)

2) Make a DETAILED list, and STICK.TO.IT. DO NOT buy something because it "looks good" at the store. That is the #1 way to overspend at the market!

3) I PREP! I take 2 hours on that Sunday to prep all of the food we bought. I take pantry foods out of their containers and into clear ones, I wash all of our produce in water/vinegar solution (TRY IT! Everything will last 2 weeks longer I promise) and I make every.single.meal. for the next 2 weeks. Then it goes into the freezer/fridge and we are good to go!

No, its not really that fancy, and I don't have some super high tech system, but it works, and let me tell you why.

 First off, we eat everything we buy. By putting it right in front of our faces, washed and ready to eat, nothing goes bad because when we go to the fridge, something is always there to eat. We are also getting much healthier options from our snacking because its so easy to just grab and go.

 Second, I hate cooking when I get home from work. And I am sure all you working parents despise it as well. You want to put your feet up, spend time with your kids (or hubby!) and relax. The last thing you want is to get your iron chef on. (I love you Bobby Flay!) So by making all of our meals in advanced, I am making sure we have something for dinner (thus reducing "eating out" and saving money, and calories!) and its SO WORTH IT!

 We typically spend about 100 dollars on a grocery trip twice a month. This is PLENTY breakfast/lunch/dinner for the 2 of us. So for 200 dollars a month we have 31 dinners breakfasts lunches desserts and snacks, and I really think it is all from food prepping.

  SO there is that! I hope you will consider prepping and freezing your groceries from now on, to live a healthier, cheaper, more delicious life ;)

(P.s. stay tuned for one of my favvv. freezer recipes, "Swedish meatballs, kind-of")

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  1. Great post, I've been planning on trying this method for a while, especially with the new academic year around the corner. I study and work, and my husband also, so we usually end up eating something completely unhealthy for lunch/dinner, because, as you said, we're not in the mood to prepare some real food. So thanks :) Iskra


  2. ok, I need to know your vinegar/water solution and I also want a meal list for the two weeks. i am trying to meal plan to but my sweet Chris will not help me stick to it lol he snacks on the food that is meant for other meals LOL help Kylie!

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