12 July 2012

Window shopping:the hob lob...and a house update!

  By now, I hope y'all are caught up on my house dilemma of being absolutely taken by a smaller home on the outskirts of town. I imagine days on a rocking chair, sipping sweet tea, listening to the cows moo in the field next door. No, but really, I do. The house was literally freaking perfect inside guys.  I am not even kidding you, I was like peeing my pants with excitement and planning out furniture layouts. HOWEVER, I have this little ishh (as in issue) with getting ahead of myself, and not letting myself logically think and weigh options, so i'm tryin' to takeee it down a notch, and see at LEAST 15 more houses before we make any sort of decision. This is what I learned from our realtor:

1) he is a smart ass. and I loved that. It's hard to come by people out here that aren't sweet as pumpkin pie 24/7 (at least to your face)

2) HE suggested seeing 15-20 houses before even thinkin' about an offer. Which is smart. He even said I am crazy and need to tone it dowwwwnn. (its cool, I get it)

3) the builder will paint the place blue if we really want to (and maybe I bat my eyelashes a little come offer time)

4) if I get my gosh damn license already I can start selling houses for him. (unfortunately California isn't a recipricol state and therefore I have to take my realtor exam again...poop)

So the house was awesome and I wanted to pitch a tent. Here are just a couple of photos I took that are different from the ones I posted last time.

 Downstairs bathroom sink. I knew you were dying to see what that particular sink looked like. You're welcome.
 Member how I said I want to kiss those floors? Well, I do.
 WHO is that devilishly handsome man upstairs?! (hallway off of the upstairs entry, to our right we have an attic and water heater, and to our left we have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom)
 This is the master bathroom. Whichhhh is downstairs. (idiotic) which means it would be the guest bathroom. Whatev..I can deal
 One of the 3 giant walk in closets of the house. Seriously though, storage would be no problem here.

Orange door. Thank you.

So there is that. Just a small little updatearooni. I promise to show you pictures of all houses I feel this passionate about. Because I love you guys, and I think house hunting is fun.

Now for the hobby lobby shopping extraordinair...

  Have you been to this place? Hopefully you have. But if you're reading from back home, you haven't, and I feel bad for you. First off, I am the kind of person that hallmark LOVES. I start decorating and buying wayyy sooner than I really should for the holidays, so when I went window shopping the other day I literally died and went to heaven. (which was cool, cause their was no other way I'd rather go than amongst fab Christmas and fall decorations!)

  But don't you worry your pretty little face there, cowboy, if you're still feeling summer and aren't yet ready for the fall train, I took some pictures of some DIE FOR decor too. (It made me want to move, like, tomorrow! 50 percent off coupon..HERE.I.COME!)

 How perfect on a fall mantle, or coffee table!
 Get on my front porch lace pumpkins.

 This tree is made of creepy feathers. LOVE!
 I love the versatility of both of these pumpkins. (Up and down) put up in October for Halloween, keep up for Thanksgiving!

More pretty pumpkins. Fall colors do it for me big time.

 I want to kiss those rosy little cheeks. Lets bake gingerbreadman, lets bake.
 Love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Seriously, this is how I want to switch up the Christmas decor.
 What a nice couple.
 SO BEAUTIFUL! The real reason for Christmas.
 oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree..
 This plain black sign was SIX BUCKS! umm thanks...can't go wrong there!
$11.00 burlap trees. I see these going all the way up the stairs twinkling lights. YES.

  My thing with holiday decor is I have a TON. (I think when we packed up the garage coming out here we counted 6 boxes of fall/halloween and 7 boxes of Christmas.) thats A LOT. But the thing is, its all bright colored and sparkly and totally fun, but I totally wanna go for a more "adult' theme this year. But thats expensive. So Jakes rule for me was this: we will use what we have for this year, and he will come with me "day after" shopping so we can amp it up a bit and save  a ton as well. Smart man ;)

Here is some general delicious decor. *Husband warning. I take no responsibility for any damage your wife does to your credit card this month:

 Get in my house mirror. I love you.
 Baseball is a BIG DEAL in this family. I can't wait for a baby Rose nursery one day. (one far, far away day)
 hahahaha, this is so Jake, and I imagine many men in your life too.
 Mirror quote! In a small space, LOTS of mirrors and reflective surfaces make everything feel larger. Im all about it!
 Police shadow box. <3
 Don't mind me........baseball bat mirror.
 I LOVE BIRDCAGES! But don't we all? Very trendilicious right now
 We all need this in our home. (10 bucks with 50 off coupon!) So many things to thank the big man for.

 SO gorgeous. I could totally see this on a super chic patio...but then again, who would want to put this outside? I would wanna stare at it all day!
 GIGANTIC clock. I am not kidding this thing was probably  3x5 feet. LOVE!

 So there you have it. The reason poor Jake will be actually "poor Jake" in the future. I love the hob lob, and its important I leave the wallet at home in all instances I will be within a mile of one. 

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