08 July 2012

Happy Independence day! (almost a week late!)

  This is just another lame "update" post. (Mostly for friends and family back home), so if your looking for some fantastic craftiness, your going to have to come back tomorrow. We had our first 4th here in Arkansas, and it was FANTASTIC! What an awesome time we had. We ate and ate and ate, oh did I mention we ate some? And we set off fireworks (something i've never had the pleasure of doing as you can't even say firework in California without a fine). We drank beer, and enjoyed the awesome weather. Pretty much what every person should do on the 4th. Celebrate, and be eternally grateful for this amazing country we live in. (well you know I'm not too amped on Obamacare, but thats another blog post).

 Here are some pictures of our awesome day:

My dads old "members only" jacket from highschool. It totally fits! wink wink

SUNS OUT GUNS OUT! They LOVE their white-trash cut offs here.

How darn cute is this baby?

if the jacket fits....

It was seriously the best day. I wish I captured more pictures, but of course I didn't. The next day, also known as July 5th, national hangover day, we all woke up early and had a giant breakfast burrito bar, which was completely FANTASTIC!

I can't think of a better way to cure July 5th than this bad boy in your belly, am I right?!

Back on the subject of Independence, that night we watched the film, "Act of Valor", which was hands down one of the most awesome movies i've ever seen. Not only is it completely bad-ass watching the seals do what they do best (not going to lie...I was caught chanting "USA USA" a few times)  but it also really brings home the truth that so many of our men do not come home. Did you know that the Seals in the movie are ACTUAL Navy Seals, not actors? Most of the movie is based out of San Diego (my hometown) and many of the actors are friends of friends. It was really awesome to see just a small glimpse of what they do day to day. How blessed are we to have those incredible individuals who sacrifice their lives, their families, their EVERYTHING so we can continue to be this amazing place. SIGH! I feel so fortunate. All you military families, and military men and women THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

  Thats it for tonight. I am pooped! (I forgot to mention that i'm stuck working 10 days in a row...EEEK! How am I going to keep up with this thing?! Time to break out my pink mead planner!)

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  1. I am still laughing at the members only jacket. I have never seen one w patches :) he made it hard core!

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