12 July 2012


  So I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who still reads my blog, as I feel I don't put half the effort into it as I did in the beginning. That being said, I still LOVE my blog. It truly is a part of me, and even if it never grows into some magnificent page all over pinterest, it makes me SO happy to have my few loyal followers who care what I have to say.

  I'll start with my job. Its a furniture gallery, as I think I mentioned before, and I absolutely love it. Its definitely not a "forever" job, but such an awesome start while I get my feet on the ground out here in Arkansas. I am the only Woman on staff there, (imagine that, A furniture store with no Women!) but the guys I work with are so funny, down to earth, and its been such a pleasure getting to know all of them.

  Arkansas is still incredible. Every morning on my drive to work, I say my morning prayers, and about the time I'm driving through the incredible canopy, (view it here) I just have to let out the millionth "thank you so much Lord for this incredible opportunity, and this amazing place I now call home".

  Bad news is, i'm starting to lose my fabulous tan that was achieved through a week of non-stop lakeage, and my house is beginning to lose its "model home" charm, as I only get about an hour of free time a day with this job, and I don't want to spend it dusting and reorganizing!! As soon as my regular 5 day a week schedule sets in next week (i'm on 10 straight days right now cause another guy is on Vacation) I know I will be able to keep up with it a little better.

  In the mean time here is my life through instagram: (if you don't follow me, you should! I instagram everyday, blogging however... Kylieh23)

My attempts at a sock bun, finally got it!
Frozen grapes. BEST SNACK EVER
Jakes favorite part of the day
How much Kaedyn has grown this year blows my mind. How sweet is he?
GIANT sparklers the night before the 4th
I dont know why I am frowning.
I LOVE the country.

Also I am ACHING for the "ERS" (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec). They are obviously my favorite time of year, and I am so looking forward to each month. My Grandparents come to visit us in September, our VERY best friends are now coming in October, Jake and I booked our flight home to visit in Novmber (we got a ROCKIN deal), and December is the best month of the year, for obvious reasons.

  I love you all so much, thank you for caring about my sweet little corner of the WWW.

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