01 August 2012

No what I wore Wednesday this week..

Are you depressed? I didn't think so. The only reason being all I wear lately are workout clothes, and I didn't think y'all wanted to witness that. Speaking of working out, PHEWW! I am on day 4 of intense weight training and cardio, mixed with a 100% CLEAN diet. What is eating clean you ask? It is basically taking all that processed junk we put in our bodies, and replacing it with nutrient rich foods that not only make you feel amazing, actually work together to nourish your body the way it was meant to be nourished. To learn more about it look here. I started lifting weights because its the BEST way to gain muscle (obviously) and cardio just doesn't do it for me. (Although I have been doing 45 minutes worth every day in the gym...poo!)

  It has been going awesome so far because I genuinely feel the change. I don't feel like I am getting stronger, (mostly I am just sore as hell all over) but I do feel more motivated, and I dont know if that is out of boredom, or its some phase I am going through, but I sure hope it lasts! I took some "before pictures" of myself on my first day of training, just so I can document my progress, and I HATED what I saw! I am a small girl, weight wise at least, and I have been my whole life, but now that I am growing up, I literally have no muscle tone, I have a nasty pooch below my belly button, and I am not happy with what I see. So, I am going to change it. Come along for the ride? I hope you will!

 One thing that totally stinks though about eating clean is that it is NOT cheap. I am meal-planning the hell out of our week (6 meals a day for each of us) and buying organic, non-processed food is expensive. You wonder why America has the biggest obesity epidemic? Because Pop-tarts are 2 dollars and fresh strawberries are 3. Its ridiculous! I am working on a way to hopefully cut down costs, because a 1/2 gallon of Almond milk is still more expensive than a FULL gallon of cows milk. YIKES! Wish me luck friends! For now I will leave you with my post-workout smoothie that is freaking delicious. It really takes my ice cream craving away completely and it is LOADED with protein, to replenish my muscles!

Banana-Chocolate-peanut butter protein post workout meal. (thats a mouthful! lets call it peanut butter surprise)

1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1 table spoon natural organic peanut butter (read the labels! you want the smallest amount of ingredients possible!)
serving size of your favorite chocolate protein powder (I use MRM 100% whey protein in Dutch Chocolate)
and a crap load of ice

Load it into your blender, mix, and enjoy! Packed with protein, and perfect to end your workout with!

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  1. Looks yummy! Have you every tried Shakeology before? It's amazing good and has superior nutrition to anything else out there. Let me know if you want some info on it!