06 August 2012

Fun facts Friday: first edition

  Okay, so by now you are certainly used to my awesome alliteration. How totally terrific, and completely cool it really is. (I just can't stop myself!)

  Fun facts Friday is where I am going to do my very best to share some good knowledge with you. Some useful tid-bits of information that may come in handy one day. Today I will share with you what a damn-thrifty shopper I am. Whether it's groceries, clothes, shoes, or craft supplies, I ALWAYS look for a bargain. I'm sort of known around my hometown as the coupon queen, and I wear that badge with honor my friends, with honor.

  I have just a few tips for online shopping to give you tonight, (sorry, those of you who were hoping for a long post on my grocery couponing...thats another day) but before I do, check out my lovely shipment I just received today:

What is that you ask? Oh nothing, just 7 pairs of shoes. Oh did I mention I also bought 3 dresses?

just take a guess at what one should pay for 7 pairs of shoes, and 3 dresses online...300 dollars? 200 dollars? And don't even get me started on shipping.

I say Heck no! 

My total was 98.67 SHIPPING INCLUDED! (cause it was free...hehe)

Amazing right?! Thats what I like to call a successful shopping trip. Very successful actually. So how did I do it? Here are my tips:

 This is the most obvious, shop for winter clothes in summer, summer clothes in winter, and stock up on those bikinis at the end of August. This way, you have a constant flow of new clothes to wear, because you will change with the seasons!

2) Join reward clubs. 
 We all hate doing this deep down, I know. Junk mail is junk mail, but when you can get a coupon in that Junk mail for 30 percent off? WORTH IT!

  Never underestimate the power of the coupon. ALWAYS google your store followed by "coupon" before you purchase. A lot of times there is nothing out there, but sometimes you get lucky! (I looked up this store on google, and they just happened to already be having an awesome sale, and I snagged an EXTRA 40 percent off! Can't beat that!) {Pinkbasis.com}

4.) Always check shipping policies.
 If there is a minimum cart balance for free shipping, DO IT! If shipping runs you 17 dollars, wouldn't you rather spend the extra 20 and just get it for free? It almost always equals itself out, and I love an excuse to press "add to basket" on something else ;)

5.) Learn the "oh honey, this old thing? I've had it forever!" excuse. 
 This is an important step. Because with all this money your saving, its very possible you will become a shopping addict {i.e. me}, so you need to learn the art of hiding things in your closet and telling the hubs, " oh babe, you've seen this on me 100 times!" when he asks if thats new. Don't forget this! Its crucial! 

 I hope you can use any of these tips to save yourself some monay monay! (ALSO! All of this was purchased from {Pinkbasis.com} and they are having a RIDICULOUS sale right now, so go check em out! And if you use my email at checkout as a reference {im.kylie@Hotmail.com} we will BOTH get even more discount points, and as you can tell, I love discounts.

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  1. checking out their site now! Way to go on that deal and thanks for the tip!