30 July 2012

My instagram Monday:

  Ohh what a H O T weekend it was here in Arkansas!!!!  It is going to be blazing these next few days too so the air conditioner is a-blastin! I had a really great weekend, even though I had to work yesterday, and I am so happy to have the next couple days off to get things in order before my last week at my hate job (hehe). A couple small things to share with y'all that I just can't contain any longer.

1) I am going to the gym tonight, and I hate the gym. Jake goes every single day, twice a day even sometimes, and I do not. I eat cookies, and Andys Frozen Custard, and consider my work out walking up and down from the lake, (hey! it is a pretty steep hill!) But anyways, I don't wanna be all out-of-shape in my young age standing next to this handsome hottie, so off to the gym I go tonight. I am starting a weight-training routine I read about here. Her results are pretty amazing right? I know it will take a huge amount of time but, if you can dream it, you can do it! Help me stay accountable blog friends, help me!!

2) I should not be sharing this with you. I really shouldn't...but I am TOO DARN EXCITED TO HOLD IT IN!!!!!! Jake and I are potentially building a home. :) EEEEEEEKK! It's a few months from for sure (we're still tweaking and fixing the plans) and waiting to hear from the bank (we just moved here a month and a half ago, so it may be an issue when it comes to a loan since we haven't been "stable" Arkansanians for long at all). But we have picked out lot, our home plan (minus the tweaks) and neither Jake or myself can stop thinking about it! I figure my blog family ought to be the 1st people to know outside of my immediate family. What can you do to help you ask? Pray for our careers, and that if it is Gods will, he will lead the way!  I will post sneaky peakys of the "model" home ours will be based off of later this week.

3) without further adieu, here are my fav. instagrams from the week:

Love photoshoots with my loves :)
We had an INSANE thunderstorm in the beginning of the week, LOVED it!
I told you it was H O T!
I'm sort of obsessed with this child. He is only a few weeks old here. aw
Thimbelina the thumb is here to say, "I hope you have a special day!"
Gorgeous Sky
A glass of Pinot Noir on the lake? Don't mind if I do.

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