18 July 2012

What I wore Wednesday: first edition

  Hello my favorite friends!

  So as I was saying last week, blogging has become very difficult for me since my work schedule began. So I am doing my best to sort of stick with the same theme, each day, to make myself blog more often!! So I debut, the beginning of "What I wore Wednesday".

  For 3 years before this job I worked in a place where I got to wear the same ole' uniform everyday, and literally didn't get to have any style what.so.ever. SO, I was one of "those girls" who dressed up to go to the Market, just because I was desperate to get to wear my closet somewhere! So, when I began this job, and I had to opportunity to "business casual" it up every day, I was STOAKED! YIPCYCLES!  I get to exercise my fashion ability (its not strong I promise you) and try new outfits.

 Also, I must warn you, I have a GIGANTIC jewelry box full of things I never wear. I am SO bad at jewelry. I just always forget to put it on, get annoyed with things clangin' around on my wrists, and I am just terrible at it, so as I am sharing my outfits with you lovely viewers on Wednesday, I am going to do my very best to use jewelry more often. Its my goal, and challenge to myself, to put on at least one piece with every outfit. (engagement ring not included) (oh wait, I dont have one of those yet) (HEY JAKE...if your reading....)


 The look I am premiering today is very casual, yet nice enough for work, depending on the atmosphere you work in. It was super comfy, easy to work in, and still "professional" enough to count as business casual.

There ya have it. Nice jeans, some flats, a tee, and a nice cardi. I dont think it gets easier than that, do you? 

I got everything at:

Cardi: Charlotte Russe (long time ago!)
V-neck Tee: Victorias Secret PINK band. (BEST TEES EVER!)
Jeans: 7 for all mankind (I usually shop at really cheap places, however there is something about 7 denim, it fits right, it LASTS, and it is SO worth the money)
Flats: Target, on sale baby!  I believe they were only like 3.50 on sale! SCORE!
Watch: Its Joan Rivers Collection, I actually snagged it from my great grandmother before she passed, and its one of the few pieces of jewelry I actually take the time to wear.

  See? Simple outfit! Thrown together in a rush, (because I was late that morning as usual!) Thanks for tuning it again guys, I will try to keep it fricka-fricka-fresh in the upcoming posts! 

Lots of love kisses rainbows and butterflies,

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