23 July 2012

My instagram Monday

 Hello faithful followers :)

  How was your weekend? Mine was awesome! I worked Saturday, but had today and Sunday off and it was exactly what I needed. (but now I need to fold laundry and clean my house...not awesome) Yesterday and today were pretty darn exciting, Jake and I went house hunting! And this is what we learned:

1) we want a new development

2)its going to take 4-8 months for our home to be built

3) I like cookie cutter homes in pleasantville neighborhoods

4) Jake does not

5) we argue a lot

and 6) we finally found one we totally love.

  I don't want to give too much away about it for a few reasons. One being, its going to be quite some time until we put pen to paper on the whole thing, and two I need to let God lead the way when it comes to HIS timing, and not my own! (and for those of you I know personally, you know, I have a way about making MY own timeline). But thats super exciting news!

The other super exciting news is AWESOME career opportunities for both Jake and I. And thats all I am saying on that too, as to not count my chickens before they hatch, but I can't wait to share that with y'all also!

 We also went to this AMAZEBALLS sushi place here, and were greeted with free rolls to sample, a free bowl of edamame, a free bowl of miso soup, and after we ate our ordered rolls, a free fruit platter to cleanse your pallet. Seriously? I love it here. Beside my insane case of homesickness (I miss my fam/friends) at home, every single day Jake and I are realizing that this was 100 percent, without a single doubt, the BEST decision we could have made for our future, and for our future family.

  SO with all that said, please enjoy some instagram from last week:

This is Jakes new shotgun I bought him for his birthday, he was over the moon!
SWOON! (This is the bathtub in the home we <3)

Margaritas and a pitcher of Salsa

My attempt at healthy lunches! Greek toppin' salad. MM!

I AM PASSIONATE about Andys frozen custard. and I could eat it all day long.

My best friend Bree and I. I MISS YOU BREE BREE!

Sprinkle donut. Did I mention I have no self control?


Arkansas is H O T

 And thats all the excitement i've got for today. Now to cook and clean. yipee to the skipee

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  1. Sooo happy for you and that everything is going so well for you!!! Miss you so much friend and I can't wait to hear all about your exciting things coming up :)