03 July 2012

It's nice to meet you, we are the farkles.

  The Farkles are a family who nothin' ever quite goes right for. And that seems to be us lately. Everything is actually awesome, but there is a nice hefty handful of stuff that keeps going wrong, to liven' up any particular day. Let me give you a few examples,

I had my first day of work on Saturday. Which was AWESOME! Another day I will get into how much I LOVE it there, and how awesome my co-workers are and so-on, but for now, I will just say, they are long long days, and I have no idea how i'm going to keep up with a full time blog, now that I have a full time job. (I will do my very best!!). Anyways, my day on Saturday began at 9 am, and I was off at 7, and home around 7:30, and I had every intention of taking pictures of my living room before it got dark, so I can finally share the progress with you lovely bloglanders. But this happened:

That my friends, is a leaking ceiling. Exactly what one would like to come home to after a 10 hour day at work. Apparently, a rusty old pipe burst, and this happened. Turns out it was a very easy fix (thanks God!) and it worked out okay, but it did throw a small wrench in my blog plans of getting my living room post up by today, so lets shoot for tomorrow or Thursday, deal?

  Back to Saturday night, since we couldn't take pictures (darn), we decided to go out to the dock and shoot off some fireworks. Its very stress-relieving, believe me! Take a look at some video action of the dyn-o-miteee!

  Anyways, I have a few posts to look forward to this week, a husband-proof meal that is DELICIOUS, and finally our living room photos! I can't wait to share.
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