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  I am having a tough time keeping up with blogland lately! I don't know how either, as all I have been doing is errands/unpacking/ know, the good life. I need to get into some projects ASAP and get to photographin' pronto! I know I keep saying that, but I mean it. I am making a week goal list tonight. Do you have one of those? I've tried the fancy pants planners, but i've learned what works best for me is my good ol' mead college ruled 5 subject notebook. Do I divide it into 5 subjects? No, but it sure does work best for me.

Look at that beauty. In all her glory. Really though, it works, from grocery lists, to "honey do" lists, to projects you want to tackle, its very effective.

see! Budgets and pictures!

Legal forms!

grocery lists, oh my!

Whats the point you ask? Well there wasn't one...really, I just wanted to let you know I enjoy organizing my life on Mead notebook paper.

  On another note! I got the job I was hoping for at a Interior design/furniture gallery here in Arkansas. Can you say DREAM JOB?! I'm not even kidding here, thats like stickin' an alcoholic in a liquor store for crying out loud. My jerk new manager called me after what was an AWESOME interview and said, " After much consideration, we decided to go in another direction" cue tears. "oh, okay...well thank you for your time", "we're just messin' with ya! Welcome to the family! Can you start tomorrow?". cue excitement! I've already been to the mall today (hello sales!) to boost my business casual wear, and I am so eager to go in tomorrow! (I've even joked with Jake that i'm his new suga mama because he doesn't have his first day until July)

  So today, my friends, was a really good day. Oh p.s. did you know that we just passed the day they traveled to in back to the future? June 27th, 2012. COOL right?! Except not so cool!! I just found out that it was a HOAX! Bummer! I was so excited about it. We are still 3 years away from the REAL back to the future day, October 21st, 2015, so don't you worry techies, you still have 3 years to invent flying cars, and cell phones implanted in our brains.

I look forward to a week full of fun posts! (next week..after I plan know, in my mead notebook :D)

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