09 August 2012

Tummy is thankful Thursday:

 Garbage pasta. MY FAVORITE meal. I am not even kidding.

 All it is, is everything in your fridge that is going to go bad, so you need to use it before you go grocery shopping. And it is so.so.good. I have awful pictures for this recipe, because I forgot to take any to be honest with you, so I will give you the few I have, and talk ya through this meal!

Start by slow cooking (or boiling, or grilling, or anything you wanting) some meat. I ALWAYS have frozen chicken breast. So I pop it in the slow cooker in the morning with various spices and a onion (and some moisture, usually about a cup and a half of chicken broth)

Saute some veg in a pan with a little EVOO, S&P, and any other spice you'd like. I always throw in some vinegar too for some ZAP!

Boil some pasta while you do this (I use egg noodles because they are CHEAP and the TASTIEST noodles in my opinion)

Take your pasta, and throw it in a large bowl. (drained, of course)

Toss your rabbit food on top

Toss the ENTIRE crock pot (well the contents of it at least) into the bowl

add about a 1/2 cup of cream cheese


garnish with S&P


 I love pepper in case you couldn't tell. I always make a big batch of this before my 1st day at work for the week (depending on if i've gone shopping yet) to clean out the fridge, and it lasts a good 5 days after its cooked, so it makes the PERFECT brown bag lunch!

 I LOVE :)

P.s. I quit my job today, I guess I'll give you more on that tomorrow.

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1 comment:

  1. My family calls this "lickdob". For real! lol It is the same idea in that you take everything out of the fridge you need to use and make it together :) I am so excited to hear about your new plans!!