12 August 2012

I'm BACKK! My instagram Monday:

  HELLO! My favorite bloggy friends! How are ya?! Anything new happen in the two weeks since we've chatted?! I feel like a TON has happened!! Ever feel like you just needed a blog "break"? Well that was my past 2 weeks. I was out of good material, and I just needed some time to think! But I am back in action, and feelin' more ready than ever to get back to this bloggin business!

  As most of you know, I quit my job a few days ago, and I am so happy to be out of there, however, I am going STIR CRAZY in this house all day! Naturally the first thing I want to do is start organizing, and DIY decor galore, however with the whole no-job for now thing, I think its safe for us all if I AVOID HOBBY LOBBY AT ALL COSTS!! I do however have a 2nd interview at this SUPER SWEET hospital tomorrow, (a second interview is always a good sign, right?!) so keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!

  In other FANTASTIC news, Jake, the if i ever get a ring on it future Hubs, has THE BEST NEWS OF ALL TO SHARE! I shared it with most of you right after it happened on facebook, but...wait for it..wait for it......IS NOW A DEPUTY SHERIFF YAHOOOOOO! Best news ever in the entire world. Did I mention he has wanted to be in law enforcement since he was in diapers? Did I also mention he tried for THREE YEARS to get into some kind of law enforcement in San Diego, (and I tell you he has QUITE the resume) and STILL COULDNT?! Well he got the call this week that he has been accepted as a Deputy Sheriff, (he's been going through the process since we moved out here) and we couldn't be more proud of him. Waita go honey! Watch out Arkansas, there is a new Sheriff in town!!

 Thats about all the updates i've got for ya today, but I promise, there is a lot more Arkansas awesomeness comin' at ya this week!! Thank y'all for always coming back to read, it means everything to me!

Without further adieu, my life through my iphone the past 2 weeks:

  Jake and I went shooting. I didn't do too shabby for my first time behind a gun!

 Yes, it was seriously this hot last week. M I S E R A B L E. Luckily, its been in the low 90's this week, HEAVEN!

 This video, KILLS ME! We were OBNOXIOUSLY singing Kaedyns bible tunes to him, and he was looking at us like "I couldn't care less if I tried" hahahaha
 My sweet baby sister at her 1st job!! I was SO PROUD OF HER this day! She is rockin' it and working WAY more than I ever did at my 1st job. You go sonic girl, you GO!
 After our grocery shoppin' trip last weekend, I took the time to prep and put away all of our produce and to pre-cook some pasta and quinoa for quick healthy meals/snacks for the week.
 Yep, livin' the thug life.
 MY FIRST HAIR CUT!! I could just die he is so cute. He did SO GOOD!! Sat still the entire time. He totally doesn't look like a baby anymore though! Such a little man!
 I made cauliflower crust pizza! Its basically ALL veggies which is super awesome for your body, not the greatest on your palette, i'll be honest. But still an "alright" meal if you ask me!
 I DO believe that is the beginning of a bicep...what do you think?! Hard work seems to be paying off in the gym!!
 My incredibly cute pink blender bottle.
CHEAT DAY!! Jake and I took cheating to the max the other day with some Cajun-cookin'. SOO good! On the top we've got some southern seafood gumbo, on the bottom some crab stuffed ravioli. DIE!
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