12 June 2012

Pass me a tissue please...

 I have a cold. I mean full blow can't think straight, nose is running, throat hurts, cold. And i'm feeling very "blessed" from all these sneezes happenin' as well. I especially hate colds in the Summer time. What the heck is that? Its called a "cold" for a reason, i'd like to at least bundle up with some warm tea or something. Oh yeah and I ESPECIALLY hate colds when I'm moving across the country in 3 days. YIKES! This is my kitchen, in my living room:

well this is about half of my kitchen, the other half is in the garage already packed away, these are the necessities I needed to get by these last few weeks, and i'm sayin PACK EM UP!

  All this packing got too much for Jake so...

 he decided he needed a nice little rest. Don't blame him! And since our days are consumed, i'm tryin 'to get my bloggin' in while I can, so I'm taking a rest too and getting my blog on!

  I thought I would share with you guys some packing tips today. Not like house packing, more like vacation packing. This is how I have always done it and it is SO helpful because I rarely forget something this way.

You will need:
Some cute luggage
construction paper
a marker
and about 5 minutes

 Start out by writing each day on one sheet of paper, for instance, we're going to need to pack for Wednesday (when the movers come)- Monday (when our stuff arrives in Arkansas) thats 6 days, so I have 6 sheets for myself, plus 1 sheet for toiletries that I will need daily.

I know, super high-tech and pretty right?

 I write at the top what we are doing that day. This one is very simple seeing as i'm basically going to be behind the wheel for 8 hours a day and all I need is sweats, but if you were, say, going on a super fab vacation to Jamaica (a girl can dream right?) you would write what your doing that day at the top (going jet-skiing, laying by the beach with a cocktail, getting a massage by a cute cabana boy), and correspond with the outfits/items you'd need for those events. (you know, like sunscreen, a cute 'kini, a nice sundress). Always add pjs, undies, and toiletries to every list.

  When you have a plan in place like this, I find I NEVER forget anything, and I don't over pack either.  You will end up with something like this:

basically chicken scratch

you can see the outfits you have, pack em away, and I always put my list on top of the outfit so I know what is for what day. (I've also seen people go as far as putting each outfit in a plastic bag, so that they literally have EVERYTHING together! I like this, but I don't have the patience or time to go buy plastic bags for this trip)

Here is my week of clothing layed out on my living room floor (i'm so cleanly)

Now toss it in a cute bag, and your ready to hit the road! Or the air! Or the train track!

I also ate my last fantastic Southern California Mexican meal for lunch.

I will miss you greasy rolled tacos, I will miss you

I hope you can use some of these tips on your next Vacation, wherever it may be!

p.s. Tune in tomorrow for my post on "road trip essentials!" I've got some good ones!!

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  1. Great tip Kylie! I have a Google document with everything my family needs to leave on vacation. I find it useful and I don't need to start from scratch every time :)

    HAPPY Moving!!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!

  2. This *might* have been helpful to me this morning when I packed out family of 5 for a quick 4 day trip in under 20 minutes! I always manage to forget something, and it's usually my pjs!


  3. Thanks so much. I can't believe you are posting in the midst of moving. Love the tips. We are doing a road trip this summer and this tip will come in handy.

  4. What great tips!! All the best for your trip!!!

  5. Happy moving! Haha- look at him resting. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Haha I pack the same way with post it notes on everything. OCD much? :) Love you and I'm so happy you made a blog :)