16 June 2012

Day 1...

  Today was our first day of our 1600 miles to Arkansas! We drove our first 490 miles, 8 hours today! (8 hours was really 10 hours with all of our stops)

Here's the lineup:

3 cars
3 adults
1 moody teenager
1 crazy toddler
and 2 big smelly pups

Sounds fun, right? NOT! I am so tired!  I am already an anxiety driver, and this was probably the roughest of days as far as terrain, up and down and all around and I basically was sweatin' bullets driving through it! 

 Today was adventurous to say the least, I felt like the freakin' Farkel family every time we stopped at a gas station, cause the dogs would trample anything in their way to use the restroom, and the baby would spin in energized circles yelling at the top of those tiny tot lungs, just because he was so happy to be out of his car seat.  I was too! My booty was a flat pancake today!

 The scenery in Arizona is actually pretty beautiful! We've driven through Phoenix a zillion times before, but now that we're in Flagstaff, its totally new territory!!

  How did you keep yourself occupied you ask?



and we wrote signs to passing cars :)

I don't know how we did it! But we made it to this lovely hotel, and as my eyes are slowing getting heavier, I knew I just had to share with ya'll about our first adventures of the day.

 ALSO! I certainly know we aren't in "Kansas" (California) anymore...because there are NO TOILET SEAT COVERS ANYWHERE!! What in the heck is this?! Can you explain to me why the rest of the United States wouldn't like a sanitary seat for their tush when nature calls?!

 Good news is, we stopped at a gas station and

toilet seat covers!!! OHH yeah baby, I am over the moon, I smuggled out a whole handful, and hopefully that takes me through our 9 hour 45 minute drive tomorrow :)

  P.s. I KNOW how behind I am on this thing, there was so much I was hoping to update ya'll on before we hit the road but, moving is RIDICULOUS! I haven't had a minute to shower yet alone write a pretty post. (Just kidding kinda...i've showered!)

  I am so grateful for your sweet comments, and views, and subscriptions lately, I am so sorry I haven't responded yet! As soon as its my turn to be passenger tomorrow, I am determined to get back to each and every one of you! I am so excited to share with you what tomorrow holds.

  In the meantime, if you find yourself feeling blue as a Kangaroo tonight, look at this splashin baby, and i'm sure you'll feel a little better :)

I felt better immediately after I saw this happy squeaky clean little munch ;)

Anyways, everyone is sleepin', I guess I shall catch some shut eye too, 600 miles to go tomorrow!  I look forward to sharing.

oh and P.s.s my sweet sweet friends and family at home:

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