11 June 2012

Monday monday

  Today was eventful! First off, I woke up at 7 to an AWESOME email from homespunwithlove, that I had won the RAMSIGN giveaway, woohoo!! That was exciting, my first giveaway woohoox2!! So I will be sporting one of these beauties on my front porch soon :)

wahooox3! That is exciting. I then proceeded to slave away in the kitchen making this home-made breakfast,

just kidding, I went to Mcdonalds. ;) We're packing away here what did you expect!! Jake then went to home depot to pick up some paintin' supplies, as we needed to get started on painting our house today, he arrived just to find out

our paint can was nearly empty. Woo-hoox4! Sorry honey, looks like its back to home depot for you.

Round #2, full paint can, wahoox5!!

  We then proceeded to paint back our house (boooooo) to the original color, (we weren't supposed to paint our rented house in the first place, but this girl couldn't resist a little color!)

I know, put your sports-bra wearin butt away. It was 90 degrees today in San Diego, and we don't have an air conditioner, i'm sorry i'm sorry!

 I got sick of painting, so I made some art work,

had a dance party,

then we took a lunch break,

You can bet i'll be bikini ready with all this fast food i've been eating!!

All in a days work.

  How was your Monday friends? PHEW we have a whole lot to do these next few days as we prepare to move on Friday.  A move on any level is stressful (I once heard the top 3 most stressful things in life are a death,divorce, or a move, I mean moving is stressful and all, but I don't know if I'd put in on the same level as death or divorce!!) but man oh man getting everything organized now for the next 2 weeks is wearing me OUT!

 I guess it makes things easier to come home to flowers and such from Jacob. I guess I can deal with the stress if I get to keep him around ;)

  Tomorrow I have to start our road trip bags, and we have to unpack all of our cupboards, I look forward to sharing some moving and packing tips with you!

  Thank you for reading guys, it means a ton!!

p.s. how many times can 1 person say "woo-hoo" in a blog post?!

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  1. Kylie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is adorable! Good luck with the moving. That is totally stressful. What a cute blog you have.

    Your newest follower, Jess