25 June 2012

Our first week in Arkansas, in review


  We made it through our first week!! What an extreme adventure it has been. The fam and I were floating in the lake earlier, enjoying the fact that it is FINALLY cooling down, (by a degree or two, I mean I thought San Diego was hot, HAH! it is nothing compared to here!!) and we were feeling so content and at peace, like we made the 100 percent right decision coming out here. That being said, I had my first bit of homesickness today. Jake and I were sitting at Hooters of all places, enjoying a beer and some fried pickles, and it hit me and I just started crying! Don't ask why or how or if it made any sense at all, 'cause it didn't, but it happened, and I started thinking how I need to book a trip back home to visit asap!!

  I am absolutely loving it here though, infatuated really. I can honestly say I would NEVER of thought I would end up in ARKANSAS of all places, but it is so pretty here, and I have a feeling deep in my soul, that this is now "home". Let me share with you a few fun events from the week:

this is the paper the movers used to wrap our things, in a pile, on the floor. INSANE! It took a total of 12 trash bags to contain it all. And a very nice man named "Swifty" came to pick up our boxes. (ha! Swifty, only in Arkansas). Thank goodness tomorrow is trash day, because we need to UNLOAD! Our home is finally feeling like home, and I am so excited to share with you pictures as it is completed.

we turned this little munchkin into a fisherman! How darn cute is he with those poles?! My heart just melts!!! I love his chubby little tummy more than words can describe. He LOVES the water out here, he will kick kick kick and splash splash and I swear its just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

We "facetimed" with our very best friends. Which was awesome because it was almost like they were here with us!! We miss them so much, and they are planning a trip out sometime in September, so naturally I already have a countdown started.

 The unthinkable happened and I turned into a fisherwoman!!! Each night I have easily been smokin' my Dad and Jake, catching anywhere between 2-4 fish before they even catch one!!! It comes with a price though, bugs love me out here, and I counted today, I have a total of 37 bug bites on my legs and arms. ITCH! Any tips on how to keep em away from me? I don't know how much longer I can stand this!! (oh and don't get any ideas on the jug...its sweet tea I promise!)

and to wrap up our week, we attended our very first church service Sunday, at Cross Church, and we LOVED.IT! It was as Southern and Southern can be. You wouldn't know it by how HUGE and beautiful the church is, but the preacher is just about as Southern as the day is long. He has long pauses between words, "church, can you give me an AAAAAA       MENNNN!", he has a very strong accent, and he seems to be a very, very good man. We are so excited to go back next Sunday, and we are looking into joining their "young couples" bible study on Tuesdays.

  Overall our first week here has been beyond words. It still feels like we are on an endless vacation, but we are so eager to begin integrating with the community, and already feel we are home. I can't wait to share more adventures and projects along the way!!

p.s. I think I may have FINALLY found a job out here! It seems like a really great one so keep those fingers crossed for me!! (or say a prayer, I could really use the big man on this one!)

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  1. Try random things like those LIVE STRONG like bands from Dollar General. I think once they get used to you, they will leave you alone :)

    and don't worry... September will be here before we know it. Friends and COOL WEATHER!

  2. I'm so proud of you guys for making it through your first week. Sorry we didn't facetime today :( We miss you guys like crazy and cannot wait for Septemeber to get here. Love you! :)

    love bree!

    oh p.s. I saw on the tv today a commercial for crunch candy bars. they are girl scout flavor. I am so getting myself one asap!

  3. Good luck on the unpacking.. that's a lot of paper!! And good luck with everything else too - jobs, etc. :)