23 June 2012

DIY initial stools

 I am so excited about these! Our Arkansas home is a big upgrade from our tiny California house. Which is hilarious cause its sort of a down grade, (we moved into my parents guest house) as far as movin' on up in the world, but its perfect for right now, until we get our feet on the ground here in this new town. (not to mention I never want to leave this lake view). Our space is very large, but I knew I wanted to for-go a dining table here, because we have such a nice "bar" area, and its only the two of us, so a table usually just becomes space for clutter. Soooo, I needed some stools. My Dad had these ugly oldies hangin' around, and they were the PERFECT canvas for this project!



This project was super simple, only took about 2 hours, and turned out fantastic.

You will need:
1 can of colored spray paint (I used Krylon Ocean breeze)
3 cans of white spray paint (Krylon flat white with primer)
1 can of protectant (satin, Krylon of course)
a printer/silhouette/cricut machine
fine, and medium grit sand paper.

  Start by sanding the top of your stool, and then spraying your colored paint all over the seat

It doesn't have to be perfect, as you will just be coating it in white anyway.

Next step is to print your initial/number/shape that you'd like on either your computer/cricut/silhouette machine. (thats my next purchase! I've been dying for a silhouette)

I taped my down with a little bit of double sided tape.
At this point, I sanded the blue lightly with a fine grit, just to make sure it was even, and then I took the medium grit to the rest of the stool.

now comes the fun part! Break out your white and get to sprayin'. I did one coat of white all over, let it cure for about a half hour, and then coated it a 2nd time.

Now comes the even more fun part! Take your sand paper, and "antique it up" a little. I wanted to strip some of the paint to show the wood beneath, to give it a nice worn look.

Then spray a protective finish all over the stool, and add an extra coat to the seat since it will get the most action anyway!

Let that dry for about an hour, and enjoy your new stools!!

Sorry for the shadowy after photos, I was too excited to wait till tomorrow, and we don't have the best light in the kitchen!

  I hope you can enjoy a nice DIY afternoon like I did. Bedtime for me, we are attending a new church here in Arkansas for the 1st time, bright and early!

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