Rose & Co Blog: Ikea mirror revamp!

Ikea mirror revamp!

 Hello lovelies!

Here is a super simple project that took me only MINUTES (literally) to complete. I took some super cheap ikea mirrors I have had FOREVER and totally revamped 'em into something adorable for our space. I've been wanting to do this forever, and I saw Sarah over at the Winthrop Chronicles remake hers, and I was totally inspired!!

You will need:
paint of your choosing
sand paper
painters tape
protectant spray
cute little frames/lame ikea mirrors

 Start by taping the mirror part, as to not get any on the mirror itself

Next give a really half hearted coat of white (or whatever color your using). You can coat it twice for extra coverage, but I wanted some of the black to show through for a more "worn" look.

Next sand that coat down just a bit, and wipe off your dust

tape out your design, and then spray over it with whichever color your little heart desires.

remove your tape, antique it up a little, spray with sealant, and enjoy your new wall art! Totally revamped right?? I love em in my room! I can't wait to show you the entire room completed, I am LOVING teal and yellow right now.

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